Google Is America's Number One National Security Threat

google censorship

There are three factors which could cost Donald Trump a second term as President

  1. Failure to secure the border and a series of domestic terror attacks or a pandemic surfaces which is traceable to illegals crossing our border, especially those being infected with contagions. Paul Martin and myself are breaking a story in the next 30 hours about an ongoing operation designed to do exact what is described here. 
  2. Voter fraud and election manipulation could steal the next election. Part of the problem overlaps with Trump's failure to secure the border as many illegals will be voting in blue states where anyone can register to vote in places like Illinois, New York and California. Next will be Colorado, Texas, Florida Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia, Washington DC and about a dozen others.  Election fraud starts and end with George Soros. Google is his partner as identified in the Veritas video. 
  3. Further election manipulation will occur because Trump has not controlled the abuse of truth-tellers, who are all Trump supporters. Through his inaction, Trump is risking defeat in his re-election campaign.  It is estimated that 50-60% of the likely voters will not make up their minds on who to vote for until the eve of the election arrives. Yes, these are beer-drinking, ignorant, fart-filled public that could not identify who the Vice President is, or find Washington DC on a map. And if the only voice they hear is dominated by CNN and the controlled opposition of Fox News, then they will be voting for Google's preferred candidate who will be a Leftist, Marxist dictator. And God help up in 2021. 

Trump has had ample opportunity to take action against social media censorship, which is the site where most people now get their news. He has failed. His social media summit is a joke and left out key participants. Nothing will come from this summit. 

This article will focus on the third point made in the preceding paragraphs. Google will soon run America and very few of us want to live in that world. Inf act, most of you who read this article in its entirety, will conclude that Google is the number one national security concern related to the continued existence of the United States as we know it. 

The fact that Big Tech companies flagrantly disregard the law everyday with impunity speaks to the lawless nature that has befallen our nation. Big Tech Social Media does not want to break the law, they seek to unilaterally create the law. We are indeed, as I stated a couple of weeks ago, the United States of Google. 

Lawbreaking With Impunity

Will perjury be punished? The Big Tech Social Media repeatedly lied to Congress about censoring conservatives. On their newsfeed, news said that the allegations of censorship are untrue and everyone is treated the same. Is this why Mercola and Natural News were taken down by Google?  I go through censorship every single day.  Lies, lies and more lies and nothing is done when Big tech violates Section 230 of the Open Forum laws and routinely violate laws related to anti-trust legislation. Nothing is done.

Nothing was done when the Veritas video came out and Google executives were saying how they were going to interfere in the 2020 election so that Trump could not get elected. This is illegal and it is worse than what Trump was accused of in the so-called-Russian-Collusion-Delusion. And yet, the Commander-In-Chief does nothing about it except to hold meaningless social media summits and leaves out the main players. Who would the main players be? They would be Steve Quayle and Alex Jones. They are the number one and two figures in the Independent Media and they have both been horribly abused by social media. Not inviting Quayle and Jones is like having an NBA All-Star Basketball game and not inviting LeBron James and Michael Jordan. When I saw the list, and there are a FEW significant contributors who were invited, I was horrified as to who was left out. Who should have been on the list? For starters, anyone who was identified in 2016 as being Russian spies by the Washington Post. That would have been a good start. Who else should have been invited? Mike Adams and Dr. Mercola whose natural health care sites were deplatformed by Google in a clear violation of restraint of trade which is illegal. 

If one objects to vaccines based upon scientific evidence as to the life-changing side-effects that can occur, websites are deplatformed. 

If one talks about immigration in a meaningful way, these people are censored into oblivion. 

If one expresses conservative Christian views about post-term abortion murders, they are deplatformed. 

If one expresses support for the Second Amendment, their First Amendment rights are taken away by the big tech social media monopolies. 

Fakebook has given the green light to commit violence against conservatives. 

Youtube demontises any admonishment of Antifa when they engage in domestic terrorism. 

If one mentions Alex Jones on Fakebook, they are deplatformed. One man had his account terminated because of an old photo he had taken with Alex Jones. 

Everyone of these actions are not just unethical, they are illegal as I mentioned earlier in the article and nobody is holding these law breakers accountable. 

Ignorance should be a crime because the majority of the people fail to recognize that when their truth-tellers, not the liars of the MSM, lost their First Amendment rights, the masses are being pushed into a false reality that nobody wants to live in. The social media purge is setting the stage for the emergence of the Anti-Christ and 666 and the prohibition of not being able to buy and sell. So when we are looking for the ultimate force behind the curtain, it is none other than Satan himself. That is who these companies ultimately serve. /this is a spiritual problem. 

Google Is a National Security Threat to the United States

When will the people rise up as we moving headlong for the installation of Google's Social Credit System. People are going to prison in China for what they put on the internet, or even where they go. It is illegal to use a VPN in China. When one goes to prison in China, they risk never coming out. Organ extraction is common among certain groups and individual backgrounds in China. Google is a partner with Communist China as they devised the social credit system that is coming here. Google will not rest until America is a Leftist, fascist controlled dictatorship. But it gets worse than that. I recently published an analysis of leaked Communist Chinese document in which the Wei Fenghe stated that China's is to commit genocide, by using bioweapons and genetically based designer engineered deadly viruses, against America and occupy our country with Chinese colonists. 


The fact that Google has set up the Communist Chinese Police State Surveillance grid, one has to assume that Google is going to, or already has partnered with Communist China's genocidal intentions toward America. 

Google promotes the collapse of our borders through their censorship. Google destroys alternatives to Big Pharma who kills 800,000 people per year through what is known as death by doctor. Google is manipulating our elections and admits to it on the Veritas video which was taken off of the internet (can't let the people know the truth). Google is partnered with China in its most evil endeavors. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that Google Is the number one national security concern for all constitutional supporting Americans. And what do we do? We hold meaningless social media summits and leave out many of the key players. America you need to watch what is happening in Hong Kong, Paris, Mainland China, South Africa, London, because it is all going to happen here before the next war in which the CIA think tank front group, Deagel, says 80+% of us will die.  "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6) and Google is leading the way.

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