They Want Us To Have Fewer Babies As They Thin The Global Herd



Have you noticed that large families are being greatly discouraged these days?  Our movies, our television shows, our major news networks and even our textbooks encourage us to put off having children for as long as possible and to have very few kids if we do eventually decide to become parents.  Those that choose to rebel against the conditioning and have lots of children are looked down upon and are often ostracized.  You see, the truth is that the global elite and their minions do not consider human life to be valuable.  Instead, they see us as a giant herd of carbon-emitting bio-machines that needs to be carefully managed.  In their minds, the more people that there are on the planet the worse “climate change” will become.  And since they believe that “climate change” is the number one crisis facing humanity, they are quite interested in thinning the herd any way that they can.

So a lot of time and effort is being put into convincing women to prioritize “education” and “careers” over motherhood, and ultimately all of that propaganda has been quite successful.

In fact, fewer women in the United States are choosing to have children than ever before

Just over half of women under 45 are having babies in the US, according to official data that lays bare the country’s fertility drought.

From 2002 to 2019, the share of women aged 15-45 with at least one child dropped from 59.9 percent to 52.1 percent, a fall of an eighth.

The figure dropped from 46.7 percent to 39.7 percent among men in the same time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) national survey.