Trump will win – here’s why


 by Howell Woltz


Words fail me to describe the profundity of this news:

Legendary Special Forces (Green Beret) hero, Christopher C. Miller, has been appointed Acting Secretary of The Department of Defense by the President, following the sacking of Mark Esper.

I just watched the ceremony and announcement of this momentous move on the Hallowed Grounds of Ft. Bragg in my home state of North Carolina, where monuments to Special Forces heroes past, stand in remembrance.

Only a handful of insiders knew this move was coming, and Mark Esper—fired Secretary of Defense—was apparently not among them, though I’m sure he suspected his sacking was on the way.

In fact, Esper might be considered the enemy for publicly opposing the president’s use of The Insurrection Act of 1807 to put down the Marxist  BLM/Antifa/Democrat riots over the summer with military forces—if needed.

The president never invoked this centuries-old Act, but Esper outed himself as a Sleeper for the Deep State with protestations against his boss—over something that never happened—which served the Marxists well.

But the jaw-dropping moment for me, was just before Special Forces Legend, Chris Miller’s speech, when the young man introducing him came to the podium.

I was just writing about him—former Undersecretary of Defense, Ezra Cohen-Watnick—and I did a double-take.  It was the same man in my script.

Without getting too deep in the weeds as they say, this brilliant young man began his career in the only Constitutionally recognised intelligence force in America—Office of Naval Intelligence—which I found so interesting.


Ladies, Gentlemen & Patriots—let me introduce the man we believe to be ‘Q’—Trump’s secret weapon—Ezra Cohen-Watnick

He was then ‘trained’ in Defense Clandestine Services and by the CIA in ‘tactics’ (I now believe to observe them), then moved to work in the Defense Intelligence Agency under Lt. General, Michael Flynn—all within about a decade after puberty.

He’s that smart, so when General Flynn became Director of National Intelligence and moved to the White House, he wisely brought Ezra Cohen-Watnick with him.

Deep State hacks who prompted General Flynn’s ouster—including President Trump’s Chief of Staff, Red-loving H.R. McMaster—also tried to have Cohen-Watnick removed, but President Trump would have none of it.


A RINO Globalist or Chinese flag is more appropriate for McMaster than one from America—which you may notice is missing—no PATRIOTIC AMERICAN GENERAL would allow such a photo—but an Obama globalist did

President Donald Trump knows talent—and this young man went to his alma mater, University of Pennsylvania—so perhaps he had his eye on Ezra.

Trump refused staff recommendation to fire Flynn’s protégée and moved Ezra to check out the Department of Justice—which many including myself believe was to keep an eye on Jeff Session and the hapless gang there.

His mission was not a job, in my opinion, but to gather evidence for what appears to be this very moment in history—a Reckoning with the Deep State.

Born in 1986, this brilliant young man at the age of just 34, is the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence—and was, in my opinion—symbolically chosen to introduce the new Department of Defense boss, Chris Miller, to send a signal to the rats that their days are numbered.

And he introduced this guy—a no nonsense legend:


This real warrior, Christopher miller, will be protecting the president and our nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic—which seems to be a very long list

So let’s connect some dots—but not in order.


Recognise the lady who has fought relentlessly for justice for general Michael Flynn—and seemingly knows more about Scytl and the Democrat vote fraud than anyone? That was a clue

Here’s Clue 1

Attorney Sidney Powell is a relentless warrior whose shaking voice warned the Deep State last Thursday night in Trump’s litigation team’s press conference that she would ‘release the Kraken’ on them for what they had done to her country.

This fine lady was visibly and audibly upset by what she had just witnessed.

Attorney Powell has taken on the Deep State like none other, and is doing all of this on her own—not being paid by the president or his campaign—yet clearly knows more than any of the president’s own attorneys about what actually took place with the international ‘switching’ of votes to elect Biden.

More forbidding to the bastards hiding in the dark, Sidney says she has ‘the receipts’ now to prove it.

And from what we’ve discovered from our sources here  in Europe, we believe her, as CIA insiders have admitted providing her the goods—because she was protecting General Flynn—but we have nothing from Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

He is invisible and incommunicative—perhaps a wise choice as the most pursued man on earth.

Lt. General Flynn has been so corruptly and terribly destroyed by the Obama Department of Justice, the Courts and the Deep State, that it is amazing he is still alive—but it is doubtful he could have been the source for Sidney Powell, as he has been precluded from involvement by those who tore up his life—over nothing.

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