The Chiapas "Infectons" Are Crossing US Border with Implanted and Deadly Diseases

chiapas infectons

In Part One of this series, through a brief review of a previous give part series, itw as revealed that the Chinese fully plan to use bioweapons in order to exterminate as many Americans as possible as a potential prelude to a massive Chinese colonization of the United States. Much of this information was obtained from a 20 page leaked document containing the contents of Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe’s intentions to takeover America.

In Part One of this series, it was revealed that there appears to be a three part plot involved in the takedown and planned obliteration of America and its inhabitants.

  1. The commencement of, at minimum, a regional conflict with Iran, and possible even a world war.
  2. The simultaneous weakening of the US through domestic terror attacks of various types.
  3. The active commencement of a Red Dawn invasion once the USA has been sufficiently weakened and its air power severely compromised.

In this part of this series, this article is going to focus on Part Two, the bioweapons attack upon the United States. At this time, I am certain that I do not have information that encompasses every aspect of the plot

The Use of Weaponized Immigrants (ie "Infectons")

There is strong and multiple confirmations that a relatively small number of illegal immigrants purposefully being infected, with injections, a deadly pathogen that the US medical people, including the CDC have never seen before.

Selected immigrants are chosen to become what Steve Quayle calls “infectons”. These people are purposely infected with deadly pathogens, south of the border, and then “allowed”, through willful and purposeful admission of these infectons across our border. Quite obviously, infectons are are people who are unwillingly infect with dangerous diseases who are weaponized against the people of the United States. 

It has been well documented that a whole host of pathogens are being introduced to the American people through illegal immigrants and it is intentional. For example, and the most serious development to date involves the fact that many health experts have stated that LA is on the verge of a Bubonic Plague outbreak and it will emanate from the epicenter of the massive homeless population in the city, much of what is comprised of illegal immigrants. This is a catastrophe in the making and the outbreak could, at minimum extend regionally throughout the Southwest.

The revelation of these huge human rights violations in our backyard begins with the work of Marilyn Rupar.

The Details of the Plot

The following is happening all across Central America in places like Chiappas in Southern Mexico.

The ruling authority shows up to a village. They occupy the roads in order to prevent escape. In Southern Mexico, the National Guard is providing the impetus, yet they don’t get their hands dirty as they maintain plausible deniability by not entering the village in question. They only prevent escape by the locals. Subsequently, the associated cartel members and/or paramilitary trained forces shoot up a village. The often shoot indiscriminately into the village often destroying the walls of structures. Many are killed by the random gunfire. Resistance results in mass casualties. The survivors are allowed to leave with only the clothes on their back as they are forced to go north, to the US-Mexico border. I should say some of the survivors are allowed to leave. As is also the case in Honduras, as reported on the CSS radio show by Kathy Rubio, the surviving males are often conscripted into the Mexican National Guard or the cartel related interests including their paramilitary forces which are often trained in El Salvador.

There Is Always More to the Story

The information on the Chiapas holocaust comes from the research of Marilyn Rupar. We are both going to be interviewing for both of my radio audiences in the next 24 hours. Marilyn is using original source material from the local Mexican media and uses material translated into English. Some of the material, is already in English. But there is far more to the story.

First, it is important to note that the United Nations trained the newly formed Mexican National Guard. Their tactic of surrounding the villages, thus preventing escape, and then using proxies to carry out the dirty deeds, was the strategy employed by UN forces in Rwanda during that country’s genocide. When President Trump reached an agreement with the Mexican President, I raised the question as to why the Mexican would deploy 6,000 soldiers on Mexico’s southern border (eg Chiapas) and stationed 15,000 on the border with the US. I did a podcast in which I stated that the opposite should be true. In light of this revelation, I understand why this is indeed true. The Mexicans are deliberately forcing people to come to the United States. In a recent interview with the CSS, Pastor Sam Honnold, who resides in Mexico, he stated in our interview that 2.8 of 6 million people, originally from El Salvador, are now in the United States. This is happening in Southern Mexico and soon it will be happening in Guatemala. This is part of the invasion that I have spoken of that is an attempt to collapse the infrastructure of the United States. We do not know the exact number of immigrants, but it is in the millions. This is a cultural and economic invasion. Soon, it will be a military invasion. A DEA source has confirmed about 90% of what is printed in this paragraph.

Second, some of these forced immigrants are being infected and then sent across the border.  When the Border Patrol, ICE and DHS encounter these people, they are told by the victims that they were instructed that if they are made to look a little sick, they will increase their chances of getting to stay in the country and they will be medically treated. I spoke with a federal official, at length about this practice and he provided chilling details as to the practice referenced above. I will not reveal the agency of the agent for obvious reasons. However, this agent related to me that they have encountered infected people deliberately giving themselves up for arrest. They are often infected with an injection in the thigh. At the time of arrest, they appear to be normal. However, they soon become violently ill and are treated. These immigrants have been infected with some kind of fungus that does not even have a name. This is clearly a designer contagion. The person’s flesh Is eaten alive and an amputation is performed. By the next day, the unidentified pathogen has spread to the organs and death quickly results. Independent of this agent, I have learned that first responders are scrambling to find hazmat suits to don before treating. What’s the purpose? From the sources I have spoken with, the purpose is two-fold. First, this is an attack upon first responders and it is designed to instill fear with a purpose of trying to get them to quit, which they are. Second, this is a beta test as to the response capability of US medical forces on the border. I fully expect to see more of these attacks and they will certainly grow in intensity and frequency.

The site for these events in the El Paso sector. The site for the infecting of these immigrants must be near to the border because of the rapid incubation period. I took this problem to a DEA source and h3 stated that medical facilities are maintained at a previous identified terrorist base camp location which is only 8 miles from El Paso. The facility has a medical operation and is run by ISIS and the drug cartels. This was identified by Judicial Watch four years ago along with a list of potential terrorist targets. It should become the target of the US military who would be following President Trump's orders. 

I will add to the list of suspects. As I am learning, there is nothing that happens with the cartels without the Chinese being involved and usually in control. There is almost nothing that happens politically in Central America with the Chinese being in control. I looking at bridging this gap with Chinese influence. However, these events are very consistent with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feinghe’s announced intention to kill as many Americans as possible with bioweapons.


It is hard to report on this issue without expanding the issue to other parameters of influence AND this is exactly what has happened. Child Protective Services has entered into the equation. I am now receiving reports that some of these youthful illegal immigrants are going into CPS in places like Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, New Mexico and Colorado. They are trafficked though adopted “foster families”. Some are trafficked. And certainly, some would be excellent candidates to become the next infectons whose designer diseases would be disseminated further inland designed to infect people in the interior of the United States. Before you say “no way” I am working on a parallel story which demonstrates children, both citizens and illegal alien children, are being used to test pediatric drugs. These unfortunate children can just as easily be infected with contagions under these circumstances. I will leave you with one thought” Think China, as in China  and the Chinese are the United Nations selection of the subjugating force to collapse America on the way to the satanic New World Order. A few weeks ago, I did a podcast in which I identified UN cultural and economic programs in which the control was taken from the Americans and given to the Chinese.  

The murder of State Senator, Linda Collins-Smith comes into play here. She was investigating CPS for child sex trafficking when she was murdered in her home. 

We are at war and this fits perfectly into Phase Two of this plot which was identified in Part One.