The Planned CHICOM Depopulation and Occupation of America Just Cleared Its Biggest Hurdle


The Democrats have successfully stolen an election. And many Republicans are complicit in the treason being perpetrated by the Democrats. All of America is now on big swamp where nobody is safe. The CHICOMS have their President, their puppet, their biggest ally in Biden-Harris. 

One intelligence source, that monitored the live results of the General Election told me that Trump received 103 million votes and Biden 37 million votes. Trump won all states, except for New York. The scale and scope of this fraud was deeply embedded within both political parties as well as international interests as well. This certainly reflects the crowd size at all rallies that we witnessed during the campaign.

The control of our court system, including the Supreme Court is so complete that not one ounce of evidence for voter fraud was considered by any court. Not one opening statement was offered, not one affidavit was read into the court record, not one witness was deposed. No official body has ever considered the massive evidence of voter fraud and the biggest perpetrators are under CHICOM control.

Nearly all the senior state and major city elected officials in Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Washington DC are totally compromised by both the Deep State and the Communist Chinese.  Even Montana and Texas are experiencing takeovers and will be totally compromised and complete by 2024. If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of these states, you are living in occupied territory. America has been totally conquered. The American government is no more. It is a provisional government run by the new world policeman, Communist China. The globalist puppets are in place and America is about to experience its darkest days.

America has crossed the Rubicon. One is either a persecutor of traditional American values, or one is, or is about to be persecuted. There is no middle ground Please allow me to remind all Americans that the Deagel Report has clearly spoken out on this issue. By 2025, at the latest, only 100 million Americans will be left alive

 United States of America Projected Changes from 2014-2025

Year:  2013

Population:  316 million

Gross Domestic Product: $17 trillion GDP per capita: $52,838 Budget: $5.8 trillion Military Budget: $726 billion


Forecast 2025

Population: 69 million

Gross Domestic Product: $921 billion GDP per capita: $13,328 Military Budget:  $8.0 billion


The general breakdown of this projected United States calamity is as follows:

GDP Reduction represents nearly a 1700% reduction. America is on the way to being totally broke and this would make it impossible for America to even spend their way out of the Greatest Depression.

Based on per capita income, Americans will be making approximately 25% of what they were making in 2014. No doubt that the so-called pandemic and the resulting lockdowns played a role in this travesty. However, when one looks at the following, clearly the US is destroyed in a subsequent war. With numbers like these, one would expect severe food vulnerability for many in the population. The dollar will be destroyed and precious metals will be unaffordable. Crime rates will be off the chart. Gangs associated with resource acquisition will proliferate in all urban areas. Traditional “blue cities” will resemble the conditions in Bosnia in 1992. Some urban areas will be so violent that not even President Harris’ storm troopers will be able to enter. Under Continuity of Government programs, I expect these urban areas to be cordoned off by the federal government in order that some of the resulting chaos and spin off effects will be somewhat contained.   `

Military spending in 2025 is projected to have reduced by over 900% by the year 2025. This is catastrophic and renders the United States incapable of defending themselves.

What Happened to Our Country?

First and foremost, the Chinese took the long-game approach. Since the days of Nixon and Kissinger, the CHICOMS have worked at penetrating America’s economic system and political structure. A clear example of this penetration can be exemplified with two relevant examples. Senator Dianne Feinstein entered the Senate as a millionaire. However, with the sweetheart deals that her Senate position offered her husband’s business affairs, she will be retiring, of dying in office, as billionaires. This family has made major money in trading with the CHICOMS. And please don’t forget that Feinstein was discovered to have had a CHICOM driver, for 20 years, that was later to be determined to be a Chinese spy. Yet, nothing happened to Feinstein. There was no investigation because this is an accepted practice in today’s America. Clearly, with the Feinstein family’s CHICOM business ties, added on top of the spy incident, she should have been investigated as a traitor. However, her ill-gotten gains is ignored by the MSM as is the same with Newsom, Ducey, Hobbs, Kemp, and let’s not forget about those politicians who actually are sleeping with the enemy.

The CHICOM long-game approach was in evidence during the Clinton Presidency when Vice-President, Al Gore, got caught passing Silkworm missile technology to the CHICOM military. Nothing happened to Gore. Today, the Biden crime family has passed F-35 technology to the Chinese in 2015 and many think that the components of the COVID were passed along by Hunter Biden and Burisma in the same year. Joe Biden is clearly implicated by eyewitness revelations as well as the infamous laptop revelations. Nothing ever sticks to these traitors who represent the CHICOM regime.

The Chinese have infiltrated Congress, our Universities to brainwash our young adults, the NBA and Hollywood. We used to mock China for the live organ extractions of various persecuted groups in China. Now, no criticism of China is allowed. The CHICOMS were even allowed to change the invading force in the remake of the Red Dawn movie from the CHICOMS to the North Koreans. Over the decades, the CHICOMS have even managed to penetrate state and local politics. The governors and Secretary of State personnel associated with the states of Caifornia, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and several others have allegedly received cash payouts, campaign donations through American corporations controlled by the CHICOMS and through CHICOM based interests administered by George Soros. In an upcoming article, I will be covering 10 American corporations controlled by the CHICOMS that will shock the readers.

The CHICOMS are involved in Dominion voting machines, the vaccines, COVID testing, etc. The coronavirus is an act of war perpetrated by China. The lockdowns carried out by CHICOM friendly governors and mayors are part of the Chinese long-strategy to destroy America’s ability to carry on a prolonged war against the CHICOMS by destroying the industrial base of this country. Also, the so-called election of Biden/Harris will see free trade agreements reintroduced which will bolster the CHICOM economy while devastating the America economy.

What is Next?

I am going to write a series of articles which will project what lies ahead for America in great detail. However, in this installment, I want to point out the near-term strategy of the CHICOMS.

First, it was Antifa and Antifa-related interests that led the assault on Congress. However, many MAGA supporters got caught up in the group think and attacked as well. MAGA supporters should not have done that because conservatives can now be called domestic terrorists and this will be used as the pre-emptive reason to incarcerate many Americans in FEMA camps disguised as COVID isolation camps (ie medical martial law). The extermination that will follow will no doubt contribute greatly to the population reduction of the United States.

In the near term, Biden-Harris will push and push their radical agenda until America breaks and yesterday’s events become common all across the country. When that happens the civil war will be on. This plays directly into Chinese military strategy. In the short-term, the Chinese need to secure Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Vietnam with the Philippines, New Zealand, Canada and Australia are next. The ultimate prize, in the long-term, will be America, with no Americans left.

When the civil war commences, CHICOM troops in great numbers will cross both our northern and southern borders. This will be designed to occupy many American troops from intervening in Asia and the South China Sea, specifically. Once the CHICOMS secure much of Asia, then they will turn their attention on carrying out their genocidal plans for America followed by a massive Chinese repopulation of North America. Can anything repulse this planned CHICOM invasion and subsequent extermination of Americans? I can find no evidence that a resistance can mounted to the level needed to save the country and the citizens within it.

In the next installment, we will look at the domestic controls that are about ready to be experienced by all Americans by the Biden-Harris communist interests.