UN Backed Obrador, MX National Guard, Sinaloa's vs Federal Police, Related Cartels In Unfolding Mexican Civil War


Dave Hodges and Marilyn Rupar

In Part One of this series, I alleged that the newly formed and UN sponsored and trained Mexican National Guard would one day become our FEMA camps guards. In Part One, I painstakingly detailed, through an overview of EO 13603 and FEMA camp manual, FM 39.4, how foreign troops would become our captors. Before the newly formed Mexican National Guard, backed and trained by the UN, can become a threat to the people of the United States, they must first win their emerging civil war. 

There are events transpiring in Mexico in which the cartels and various law enforcement agencies are actively warring with each other for control of law enforcement and ultimately, control of the executive branch of the Mexican government. In Part Two, this mini-civil war will be described. Part 3 will deal with how the UN will take advantage of this situation and deepen its hold on Mexico. There are two effects associated with this situation. One, will the UN, through Mexican President Obrador be able to control Mexico and complete the development of the Mexican National Guard and their intent to gain control of the Mexican government and will be used at some point to carry out the UN's will on American soil and their actions will target conservative Americans. Two, if Obrador and the UN are successful, this will open the door for a Red Dawn invasion with Mexico as a prime player. Hint all Americans must root for the Federal Police, as corrupt as they are, because the alternative is ugly. 

President Trump's Fake Tariff/Immigration Deal

President Trump has been duped by President Obrador in Mexico. The Mexicans promised to interdict illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States. The Mexican National Guard was assigned this task, supposedly. However, the newly formed Mexican National Guard has been active near the Mexican border. However, they are not interdicting illegal immigrants as per the agreement with Trump. However, Border Patrol and DHs sources inform me that there has been no change in the numbers of immgrants. 

There is a mini-civil war going on the area depicted on the following map. 


jpg - Villahermosa - map = SE Mexico .jpg

The Unfolding Civil War: The UN Destabilizing the Entire Region

In Part 3, we will document how the UN is as the heart of everything that follows in this article. '

There is a revolution going on in Mexico. It is being expressed in a three-way conflict. On one side is the UN trained and sponsored Mexican National Guard (MNG). The MNG was designed to replace the Federal Police which comprises the second side. On the third leg of this conflict lies the cartels. The Sinaloas and the Juarez cartel have been tagged to be the dominant drug traffickers in Mexico's main export to the United States. The other cartels have been cut out and the expectation is that the MNG will either kill, incarcerate or absorb the rest. The other cartels, especially in the area depicted by the map, are resisting. Here is an example of the resistance that Obrador's new troops in the MNG are being met with by the Federal Police and the displaced cartels. 

jpg_cars burned be cartels - SE MX - manta (sign) against National Guard -.jpg


jpg_cartels burning truck blocking road - SE Mexico.jpg

 Some of you are asking yourself about why the mainstream American media is not reporting on this. If you are asking this question, you have a lot to learn about the New World Order and their designs upon America and Americans. 

The following is the message delivered by the drug cartel headquartered in Tabasco, Mexico. They created signs which said "Nartel Narcos, Welcome National Guard-"Let's see how many of you come of here alive". The resulting road blockades resulted in mass car burning. The cartel had the locals display signs that had direct threats against the MNG. One of the signs stated:


“Welcome #GuardiaNaciona We know that you’re coming with everything but let’s see how many come out of here alive, align yourselves or we’ll do it for you. Atte: Pelón de Playa…Rosa (Illegible)” was what could be read on the narcomanta that was found by authorities at the blockade.

AMLO gave a fireside chat on his twitter (7/3/19) explaining...   https://twitter.com/lopezobrador_
Here's some of the comments on AMLO's Twitter - fireside chat explaining his actions in disbanding the Federal Police 
 - this person believes the Fed Police protests are being set up by former Pres. Felipe Calderon
-   "It is necessary that the President begins to imprison conspirators, seditious and social destabilizers, this is becoming a problem of national security,
           they attack from all sides,
 - and they are saying "It is now time to proceed criminally against the former presidents."
-  if the elements want to be re-assignment and pass the examinations required for the new security corps, then this is all within the law.
-  There are rebel elements inside the Federal Police and they must be eliminated.
-  One person thanked AMLO for calling out the corruption and taking the bull by the horns.
 - on the subject of the Federal Police, AMLO stated  "They are extortionist patrons of narcos and kidnappers."

AMLO forgot to mention that the UN is waiting in the wings for him  to defeat the Federal police and the dissident public. 

Fire in the hole, the Mexican National Guard and the Federal Police are actually fighting each other. Although to date, most of the violent interaction has been manifested in each sides cartel affiliations. 


jpg_FP protest.jpg

jpg- FP - outside of bldg.jpg


The signs migrants are saying appear to be stating, "Support migrants forget your people"    and "Get Out, Durazo!" This is clearly in response to the fact that the MNG is supporting illegal immigrants instead of intercepting them as they told Trump they would do. 
   (Alfonzo Durazo is the Secretary of Security and Protection.)

The conflict between the Federal Police and the MNG has spread where 5,000 police strike in Michoacán calling for their boss's head. 3,000 officers remain on duty in the state, where violence has spiraled for over a year. A DEA agent recently stated that the cartels are slugging it out for control. 


jpg - MX police strike threatened.jpg


Isn't it shameful that we had to go to the Mexican media, use an online translator device in order to present the truth about what is happening in Mexico? 

According to the local news accounts. Obrador initially sent in 70,000 MNG's to the Tabasco area. Obrador announced that the number would soon grow to 160,000 troops. Presumably, the MNG, is supposed to intercepting illegal immigrants. However, that is not the case.

AMLO (ie Obrador) and the cartels they represent will likely win this conflict. However, this has the potential to become very violent and widespread. The immediate effect is that this will produce countless more refugees which will stream north to the American border. Along with unfolding revolutionary events in Honduras, this has the potential to inflame the entire core of Central America and will produce millions of illegal immigrants which will be coming America's way. 

Win AMLO wins, and he likely will, this will allow the UN to use the MNG in any way they want and this is where every American should become very nervous. 

Part 3 is where the dots get connected.