An "Unseen Hand" Is Governing Earth for the Purposes of Depopulation and Colonization-Mike Adams-CSS


I recently conducted a very interesting interview with Mike Adams. Mike has a fabulous reputation as a hardcore researcher in the areas of health, personal preparedness, politics and now, the possibility of ET influence over the events occurring on our planet. Yes, that is correct, Mike Adams has ventured out on the limb of extraterrestrial life and its possible interaction with humanity, or at least humanity’s self-appointed leaders. And I must warn the audience that the news on this topic is not good news for the current residents of this planet. There is no question that when Mike says the planet is being terraformed, he is correct and the evidence is irrefutable. I have written and broadcasted the same terraforming process myself and I have likened it to 1997 movie, The Arrival starring Charlie Sheen.

If this alien infiltration story is accurate, it is easy to conclude that Google is not serving humanity, but rather, they are serving a higher entity and Mike and myself both think that transhumanism inspired immortality may be the enticement for the cooperation of entities such as Google and certain world leaders. Before you judge, I would encourage you to listen to the interview.  


The audience may recall that my father, after working on installing first nukes on navy ships, was assigned to work with captured German scientists in an effort to decipher their advanced level of physics and attempt to apply the theoretical to the workable. And when none of the developments ever appeared in NASA, my father correctly concluded that there was a secret space program, which we know now is true.

My father asked the German scientists how they received such detailed and advanced level of physics and they said it came from aliens. My father asked them if they ever met aliens and they said "no" but they were told their superiors did. My father rejected the answer as a cover story. I was influenced by his lack of belief on the alien influence in the 3rd Reich. However, more recent events would suggest otherwise and I believe my father would have developed a different opinion if he knew what I have come to learn.

I interviewed the late Jim Marrs 17 times before his death. In our last interview, together, he departed from the topic at hand and said “one cannot understand the New World Order without looking at the ET question”.  I was shocked because all of our previous interviews were on strictly political topics and the existence and composition of secret societies. I spoke with Jim about two months before his untimely death. He told me he was writing a book on ET influence over the governments of the world and he would come on my show when the book was done. I have no idea what the status of the book currently is at. Jim’s passing was such a loss to the Independent Media.

I am also friends with Chris Kitze, the former owner of Before Its News. He is a major player in bitcoin and other financial instruments. He is also very knowledgeable about China and we have done interviews on the topic. I had a “Jim Marrs experience" with Chris. In a recent interview, Chris said that he believed that there were about 5,000 ET’s influencing world events and world leaders. Chris is one of the most logical people that I know and he is rationale and not given to flights of fancy. I trust his research and respect his knowledge and I was, therefore, taken back by his stunning revelation. But Chris and Mike are not alone, I have had many intelligence officers, such as former NSA agent Vance Davis, tell me the same thing and until now, I have let it bounce off of me, but I can no longer the ever-increasing mountain of evidence.

Now, whether these entities are fallen angels, aliens from another planet, time travelers, or extra-dimensional beings is another topic of discussion, but clearly something is going on and I think Mike Adams makes an excellent circumstantial case, backed with some interesting collaborating data, It is difficult to not conclude that there is a decided ET influence on this planet.

The Agenda

Over the last two decades, I have noticed a globalist agenda that is decidedly anti-human. Every lifestyle that promotes zero or negative population growth is promoted as desirable. While normal male-female sexual reproduction is strongly discouraged to the point of murdering babies as they are being born.

We also know that this globalist worship of lifestyle deviance coincides with the globalist agenda, for which there are many quotes, that the population of the earth must be reduced by 90%.

The following interview with Mike Adams picks up at this point. Potentially, this may be the most important interview ever conducted on the CSS. Forgetting that I was involved in the interview, I listened to the interview as soon as I published it and I was enthralled by what Mike had to say. Even if you are not convinced in the existence of ET’s, the subject material is compelling enough to the point where I believe that this will be the next big focus of truly independent journalists.

Mike Adams will be attending and presenting at the GENSIX Conference in September of this year. The conference will sell out and I suggest securing your place and reservation in Branson, MO., while there is still the chance to do so.

The following interview with Mike Adams is offered to the public for critical review. If this interview raises any questions for you, please make plans to attend the Branson conference, as I am, and I predict that we will have a lot of these questions answered.

The Mike Adams ET Interview with Dave Hodges