The Failure to Understand the Psychology of the Chinese Is Leading to the Destruction of the United States

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In the past 24 months, I have immersed myself in Chinese culture, government ideology and military strategy. What I have learned is frightening. We are facing an enemy that is totally amoral. They have no conscience about widespread death and destruction. The CHICOM Party is the posterchild for the ends justifies the means. Government is the CHICOMS substitute for God. Anything, and I mean anything done in favor of advancing the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) is divinely inspired.

What most Americans, including some of our leaders do not realize is that the Chinese leadership strategy is the antithesis of America’s leadership strategy. Wall Street thinks in terms of quarterly earnings. The Chinese are willing to take several steps backward if they can see victory in their approach even if it takes 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 years in the future. Since the treasonous Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon opened up China for trade in the 1970’s, the Chinese began designing their long-term strategies for not just subjugating America, but committing genocide against all Americans, save the 12 million Chinese that reside inside the United States. I wrote a five part series 11 months ago that I feel that every American should read and take extreme warning from. I am not promoting this five part series because I was the author, but rather I was in the right place at the right time to receive this information courtesy of John Moore and Paul Martin. The Chinese goals of global domination will not be realized until all Americans are dead and replaced by 300 million Chinese colonists that will be sent to our former country to harvest the vast amount of wealth contained in our country. I wrote an article which detailed that America has an estimated $128 million of underground mineral resources that we have not touched and that could be used to pay off the debt. With this underground wealth we could overcome the 80 days of lockdown due to the overexaggerated coronavirus and restore the economy and then some. However, the wealth has been promised to the CHICOMS. As I have previously written, the wealth is controlled by one American bureaucratic agency, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM is like so many other federal agencies that have followed in the path of the Federal Reserve banking system. The agency is only quasi-governmental. Most Americans still mistakenly believe that the Federal Reserve is part of the government. Although it is true that the Federal Reserve, the CDC, the NIH,  the unconstitutional Department of Education, the BLM, etc., do work for the government, they are very much profit-seeking institutions. The Uranium One fraud and treason, perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation to illegally extract highly enriched uranium, under the auspices of the BLM and then gift the product to the Clinton Foundation as they committed treason in selling it to our potential enemy, the Russians, is a classic example of how American citizens are betrayed by their federal bureaucracies.

Frequently, the actions of these federal bureaucracies are outside the control of the President and Congress. All of these agencies make up their own policies without much Congressional oversight and they all share one thing in common, every single one of these federal agencies are compromised by the CHICOMS.

In the second part of this series, I will describe in detail how the Chinese have penetrated some of the most sacred and critical institutions in our country who are now operating for the benefit of their CHICOM masters.

If the leadership of Black Lives Matter only understood what my two years of research have taught me, they would be putting a good portion of their resources in opposing ANY CHICOM involvement inside the United States. Although I agree with that police brutality (eg George Floyd) needs to be examined and the abuses corrected, the real threat to America pales in comparison to what awaits every American at the hands of the CHICOMS. The CCP may be the most racist entity on the face of the earth. They are exclusionary, they are genocidal in their approach to justice and they have put EVERY America, whether they be Black, White, Middle Eastern, Native American et al., in the crosshairs of their planned genocide for America. The CHICOMS routinely perform live organ extractions from the persecuted Fallon Gong. They have imprisoned over a million Muslims in No. China in their version of FEMA camps where torture, degradation, denial of citizen rights and execution are commonplace. Yet, our government still does business with the animals from the CCP.

From what I have learned the CCP has the following operational goals:

  1. Infiltrate and control as many American institutions as possible and collectively use this massive influence to bring down America and turn into a failed state. As I will demonstrate in the second installment in this series, it would be difficulty to name a major post-secondary institution in the country that has not been deeply infiltrated by the CHICOMS.
  2. CHICOM infiltration extends to controlling various institutions including the Democratic Party leadership (eg Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff, K Harris, Schumer, Nadler, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Newsom, and many other federal, state and local Democratic Party politicians.
  3. The CHICOMS control the embedded elements in this country that will soon enact mass casualty events upon our citizens in order to further destabilize the country.
  4. They plan to release as many viruses as necessary, the next one more deadly than the previous one, until the economy is nearly wiped out and America is in a state of bedlam.
  5. In order the legitimize the coming CHICOM invasion of the United States. They will do so posing as a humanitarian operation when, in fact, they will be doing the opposite. Their clear intention is genocide and only genocide as they ready their 300 million colonists. Use the search engine of the CSS and look up Wei Fenghe's CCP speech from last summer. It will open your eyes!

In the next part of the series I will elucidate the nearly complete control the Chinese enjoy in several areas which should solely reserved for American leadership. As a teaser for the next part, and to impress upon the reader how extensive the CHICOM control over this country currently is, please consider the following:

  • The Chinese don’t just dominate Hollywood, they control it.
  • The Chinese with their 80 million basketball fans controls the NBA.
  • With the Chinese control over most of our medications, they dominate new advertising budgets with nothing but nonstop ads on various news outlets (eg CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc). I know that some will say that I am referring to Big Pharma in this instance. I would respond that in today’s medical world, there is no difference. Big Pharma and the Chinese medical manufacturers are in bed together. What could go wrong?

The main difference between the psychology of the CHICOMS and the Americans is one of patience. Americans become highly agitated when they flip the switch and the light does not come on. The CHICOMS are unfettered by such events, they simply adapt and plan the demise of America in the dark, no matter how long it takes. Our failure to understand the Chinese psychology is the major reason that America is on the brink of destruction.