The Biden Administration Crackdown on Trump Supporters Will Be Swift and Severe- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges

concentration camp

The CSS had a most interesting interview with Steve Quayle.  Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle discussed what their relative sources said about FEMA concentration camps for dissidents in which COVID isolation is the fabricated excuse. The particular topic is filled with multiple variables that great complicate this issue. However, Steve, Robert Griswold, Paul Preston agree that contrived and severe food shortages will likely be the entry point for a tyrannical regime attempting to gain total control. For example, food can be traded for outlawed guns. When the gun ownership is gone, the agenda can continue unabated.  

This interview explores the whole totality of the problems America will face under a Biden administration. 

The issue of Sidney Powell camp up with regard to her apparent removal from the Trump legal team. Later, after the broadcast, we determined that Powell was never part of the team and this had to be made clear because she was going into areas that the Trump team might not be able to. 

This most informative and interesting interview can accessed by clicking this link