Extraordinary Energy Discoveries of Kennth Shoulder-"Saving the World"- The Other Side of Midnight-Richard Hoagland



On the Shoulders of Giants ...." The Extraordinary Energy Discoveries of Kenneth R. Shoulders ... and How They'll Save the World.

"Isaac Newton" - Guest  https://www.theothersideofmidnight.co...

Our guest tonight, “Isaac Newton,” is an obvious pseudonym — because the revolutionary research he’s going to unfold for us can be, among other things, personally dangerous! Previous researchers in this field — now loosely termed “breakthrough energy” — have literally been murdered for revealing a lot less ….

So, what’s the big deal? “Isaac” is going to detail the work of genius physicist, Kenneth Shoulders (whose “shoulders” we’re standing upon tonight …) who, in the 1980’s, stumbled across perhaps the most revolutionary “particle” discovery in modern physics, the EVO (Exotic Vacuum Object): That, in an EVO, “electrical charges” can be, despite the “like charges repel” mantra of mainstream physics, packed together far beyond “classical charge density equations” — thereby creating a MASSIVE new particle (the EVO) capable of totally transforming the physical and energy world around us. Unleashing– Limitless, pollution-less energy resources; the ultimate control of gravity; the extension of human lifespans many times over, to hundreds of productive years …. These are only a few of the revolutionary possibilities behind Ken Shoulders’ serendipitous, paradigm-shattering discovery.

Join us tonight … and “Issac” … as we “stand on the shoulders of a giant” … and see a whole New World. Richard C. Hoagland=