When Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

empty streets

When is the cure worse than the disease? We have certainly reached that point. On one hand we have a legitimate and authentic virus that is spreading across America. To those that would say that this is one gigantic hoax, you are in error and that is a foolish position. However, to those who think that you have authentic numbers, think again. I have had over a dozen conversations with doctors and nurses that are basically told that if someone did not die from gunshot, or a car accome fromcident, or were a stage four cancer victim, then they died of the Coronavirus. In fact, I had one conversation with a doctor whose patient died from kidney failure resulting from diabetes. He later discovered that the cause of death was changed to the virus!

The very best research on the virus has unquestionably come from Mike Adams and he has documented the irrefutable fact that this virus is real, it is dangerous and the velocity of the virus is far beyond the regular flu. Yet, there is the fraud factor that is unquestionably at work and of course, there are the ridiculous restrictions which have absolutely nothing to do with the transmission of the virus. There is the unreasonable restriction factor of enforcement that I have detailed all week long, and we must consider the following examples when deciding as a public how we are going to ultimately respond to this crisis in the long-term.

Of course, and without question, we have some excellent examples of extreme fraud in assigning cause of death to the virus. In Baton Rouge a dying mother gave birth to a baby that we 22 weeks premature. This baby had zero chance for survival, yet the cause of death was listed as being from the Coronavirus. Then there was despicable Governor of Connecticut who bemoaned the death of a young child from the virus only to have his parents countermand the Governor’s fake remorse by revealing that their child died from an accident at home. For the record, every case of fraudulently recording the cause of death as being from the virus, when it was obvious that it was not, occurred in a “Blue” Democratically controlled city, every single time, with not one exception! It is clear that the Democrats, across the nation, want you to hate your life, be miserable and hope that you will take out your vengeance on Donald Trump’s candidacy. They are so committed to this philosophy that they are willing to risk running America’s first dementia Presidential candidate. I am predicting that there will be no Presidential Debates, because Biden simply cannot do it as Trump would destroy him. Instead, we are already seeing  a steady stream of campaign ads, that overhype the virus and blame Trump by quoting him out of context. Democratic ads which showcase Biden will be limited to one sentence phrases that will probably require a multitude of takes to get them right.

So, what is the correct response to the virus? There are a number of strategies as I have researched this issue. Again, we need to be mindful, that

  1. We could round up the infected and quarantine them. This has been a very popular approach in past history. However, there is no proof that this works. And since many/most people who test positive for the virus are asymptomatic. Therefore, unless we test everyone, there can be no expectation of success by defaulting to this approach.  
  2. We could mass quarantine everyone. However, this will never work in America because too many people live alone. Many would starve or would die from medical neglect. The resulting casualties from this approach may very well exceed the virus itself even if the world had no restrictions.
  3. The death curve numbers from Brazil and Sweden favor relaxing the restrictions all together. However, this may not work because it is difficult to determine where each nation is on the rise/decline of transmission compared to the United States. It is clear that the two nations are attempting to enact “herd immunity”. However, as Mike Adams has clearly stated, it is not possible under the present conditions because not enough people are infected to successfully reach the levels that herd immunity.
  4. We have chosen to shut down the economy and business as the approach is to practice a soft-“total”-quarantine. This is absolutely ludicrous on its face. The exception that we have built into the equation is that we make exceptions for shopping for food and prescriptions. Yet, we have most of the community, from the same zip code visiting the same small confined area. On its face, it defeats the purpose of a quarantine. Further, DHS testing has determined that safe social distancing is 21 feet not 6 feet. Further, we know that expelled particles live on various substances for various lengths of time and they also linger in the air. How do we know that wearing masks will mitigate all threats? Further, when one visits Walmart, a typical customer may pick up a product and place it on the shelf and it could become contaminated with the virus before the next unsuspecting person handles the same product. And how do you know that when you take home products, that they are virus free? That fact remains is that you do not know. Never before have we ever shut down our economy. The airlines are saying that if the economy returned to normal now, it would take years to recover. We cannot just flip a switch and recover from the devastation. It took only 60 days to destroy all of Trump’s economic gains. This is why the conservatives are so quick to point to conspiracy theories related to virus origin and how severe the virus is. The fact remains, we can mandate masks and we should. We can permanently isolate Americans from each other, but that won’t work either due to a lack of compliance and a whole host of other factors. I will not submit tyranny and we have plenty of that to go around. I will not fully trust the numbers that are presented on the nightly news like the baseball scores we no longer have. The fact remains, there is not single answer to this dilemma.
  5. America should declare its independence from the CDC and World Health Organization. “Frosty” Fauci and Birx have a business relationship with vaccine peddler, Bill Gates, while collecting my hard earned tax dollars in this blatant conflict of interest. Further, “Frosty” has publicly criticized the President for his preference for the anti-viral drug, while maintaining his preference for the unproven and possibly endanger millions of people. Unless, through the scientific process it is confirmed that the vaccine is safe AND effective, I will not be taking it, I do not care what the consequences are.

The Deep State believes in never letting a good crisis go to waste. Did you know that one of the leaders of the WHO has threatened to forcibly enter your home and take your children? Before you say that will never happen, consider that in the next part in this series, I can clearly demonstrate that this is exactly what some segments of our government are actively preparing for. And there is no proof that Trump has anything to do with this. Stay tuned.