The Cartel Takeover of Local American Communities


There is a new business model which is sweeping America and this new business model threatens to take over much of America. This article reflects the changing political and law enforcement landscape of the "New America".

The Common Sense Show has decided to make reporting on drug cartel activities within the United States, that are disruptive to the local law enforcement and local political control of duly elected government officials, a priority in its reporting endeavors.

The reasons behind this emphasis in reporting has to do with the fact that the cartels are following an established Agenda 21 model, which is based on local control of a political process, which results in dramatic bottom up control.

Agenda 21, now morphed into Agenda 2030 focuses on replacing local LEA’s (Law Enforcement Agencies) in favor of new, and friendly, "on the payroll" personnel. Also, we are seeing obscure individuals brought in from other communities in order to assume positions of leadership in the LEA/local political community.

Since I covered the takeover of Humboldt County, CA. by the cartels, many first hand accounts have came my way. Upon investigation, what we at CSS have discovered is that in Humboldt County, and for that matter, in several other communities across America ranging from Ohio to Florida to New Mexico and to California, is that there is compelling evidence of cartel control of many local communities.

Revealing Communication Which Reflects the New Business Model

The following copy of an email the CSS recently received is typical of over a dozen of emails like this with regard to the Sinoloas and their complete control over many local communities. This new business model is exploding across the country as evidenced by the following communication.

Every little village in NM has a cartel rep in residence, is what the locals/natives tell me and they all know who that person is. The individual keeps an eye on what is going on in the village and attitude toward cartel, and notes any talkers. My friends who evangelize in MX told me that's also the way they operate in all the little villages in MX, so no one dares say a word against/about the cartel. In NM, anyone who gets crosswise with the cartel tends to disappear. It's just like MX here: no one wants to be on the roads at night when it's mostly drunks, poachers, or cartel very late and/or very early hours. I'm sure it's the same situation all across the rest of the U.S..

Since the cartel moved into this county, most of the long time deputies at the SO (Sheriff's Office) have left and been replaced by new/young guys. A couple are married to women from the cartel families. It's assumed the SO is compromised, and residents don't report/share any problems.

I've been reading on FB all the comments about the recent border incidents by people far away from here, people who are clearly unfamiliar with the character and culture of NM. NM has always had a kind of lawless, outlaw culture; consequently nearly everyone is armed for self-defense. Concealed carry requires a permit, open carry is totally lawful. It's not uncommon in rural areas to see people with sidearms, and it's a good bet any pickup contains a loaded weapon within driver's reach. In fact, an NMSP officer was adamant that I needed to have a gun on my person any time I went outside my house, even in my own horse pasture because it's too dangerous not to! That patriot camp near Sunland only has 4-6 people on rotation at a time so of course they need to have effective weapons handy: right across the river is coyotes and cartel with their own army and lots of automatic weapons and they operate when it's dark. They may be getting reamed in the media, but those guys are pretty brave to be there at all, let alone facing hundreds of border crossers at a time of unknown character. Those patriots wear camouflage and ghillie suits for a reason, they aren't just playing army.

With MLG and her AG making such a fuss about anyone stopping the crossers where the fence ends near Sunland, I figure they are smoothing the way for the invasion.

LEO-Confidential Informant

I spoke with a Sheriff's Deputy in So. New Mexico, under a condition of anonymity. He told me that the cartel has their own representatives in play in his department. One has to be careful, at work, with regard to opening up and getting to know any Deputy not previously known. He also told me that my interview with Marilyn Rupar caused him to come forward. He begged me to not identify his community because he was certain that this would be traced back to him. He told me that several, at least four people, have moved into their community and have assumed leadership positions in the community despite the fact that nobody at the local level knows "who the hell" these people are. He informed that he no longer has access to the "evidence lockers" where seize drug evidence is seized, prepared for entry as material witness exhibits in court cases against the cartels. However, on the way to court, the evidence mysteriously disappears.

The Origins of Cartel Crime in Local American Communities

For decades, the Chinese controlled much of the drug trafficking in Central and South America. However, to maintain respectability, the Chinese began to employ local gangsters in Central America to control drug, gun and child trafficking. As a DEA agent told me nearly five years ago, the Chinese found it more efficient to set up an "Air America" type of operation. In doing so, the Chinese were able to expand their reach by using local thugs. The drug cartel wars in places like Mexico is an outgrowth of the fighting for local control by the cartels. However, the Chinese are sitting at the head of the table and letting nature take its course. As trafficking of all kinds began to make its way into the United States, the Chinese, through employing groups like the Sinoloa Cartel, were able to maintain plausible deniability.

The proof for this unholy alliance is in evidence in the CALEXIT movement which is designed to remove California from the United States and operate as a protectorate under the United Nations. Such a move would devastate the economy of the United States. Contained in the membership of CALEXIT are the Chinese and every drug cartel operating within California. This is not a spurious relationship. When we talk about the Sinoloa drug cartel controlling drug and sex trafficking operating out of Humboldt County, we are talking about Chinese control of the process. Remember, the Bank of China is involved in CALEXIT. This is indeed the new business model. I dare anyone to watch the five-part documentary, Murder Mountain, and be able to not state that the cartels control the Sheriff and the local politicians of that county. The coverage afforded to the murder of Garrett Rodriguez is the primary exhibit in this new model for crime. I would also dare anyone to state that Senator Dianne Feinstein's Chinese spy on her staff was a coincidence. Of course it wasn't but the MSM simply swept this criminality under the rug. Another issue that is no coincidence has to do with Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum, buying up distressed California farm land and selling it to communist chinese buyers for pennies on the dollar as the Chinese ship California agriculture to China. This is how a senator begins her service as a millionaire and will leave office as a billionaire.


This introductory analysis of the cartel takeover of local communities, is merely the opening act. In the next part in this series, we will clearly expose how the cartels have compromised American post-secondary education. Also, cartel-related candidates are running for office as Republicans. For this new part, we will draw upon the extensive research of Marilyn Rupar.