Update On Trumps Unscheduled Walter Reed Visit



Civil War Just Took One Big Step Closer-What the Alt Media Is Saying About the Rule of Law In America

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By Marilyn Rupar

Senior Staff Writer

The Common Sense Show

November 17… more

To protect his identity, we call him "Wrecker" and he defends the Homeland. In Part Two of our interview, on the loss of domestic tranquility and where it is all headed, we discussed how America… more

The Art of Resilience: Learning to Persevere


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The CSS Prediction of An Attack Upon PEMEX Has Come True



America is in the midst of becoming Amerika. There are 7 stages to the Bolshevik takeover of our Republic. History is clear and America is going down the path of Communist China, Nazi Germany and… more


I believe it’s wrong for powerful corporations to “own” medicines. Medicine should belong to the People, and patent protection should be prohibited for all medicines, since such… more

In a case of "Rules for Thee, but Not for Me, Roger Stone is going to prison, perhaps for the rest of his life. He is guilty of a thought crime, nothing more! Make no mistake about it "Amerika"… more