Soon the Compromised Supreme Court Will Be Closing America's Last Escape Route As the Tyranny Is About to Begin In Earnest


All the escape routes are being closed and soon all Americans, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, occupation, persuasions, and political ideology will not save you. Some of you fake Democrats thought that joining the winning team would save you. Some of you think that flying the CHICOM flag and preparing rice for our soon-to-be-invaders will save you as CHICOM tanks roll down your street. Some of you thought if you just took the vaccines, you would be left alone and life would get back to normal.  Some of you morons thought that supporting a demented old man and his harlot assistant would save you. You are all deluded. Most of you have allowed yourself to be separated from your neighbors based on political ideology, race, income, etc., and soon you will be faced with the reality that you bought into the Deep State’s divide and conquer strategy that was kept in place just long enough to keep Americans, from all backgrounds from uniting against the Satanically inspired tyranny that is expressing itself as Bolshevik Communism! When you supported the present administration, in any form, you surrendered this country to the Democrats on behalf of the Deep State in servitude to the Globalists cabal who actively serve Satan.

Some you think that the Supreme Court is going to save you by overturning the mask and vaccine mandates. Really? In the past when we have spoken about the dumbing down of America by the government schools, we should have realized that the consequences of failing to home school our kids is now coming to fruition. Most of you think that America’s institutions are still OK even if this administration is compromised. Nothing could be further from the truth…and when the Supreme Court maintains the kill shot and mask mandates, you will have lost your last avenue of rescue.

The Supreme Court Works for “Them”

 Attention America, do not put your faith in the Supreme Court. They have disappointed before and they will disappoint again. Remember, as recently as in the Obama administration, the Supreme Court made Obamacare mandatory by ridiculously calling the mandate a tax. Justice Roberts popularized this illegitimate interpretation. At the end of the day, we will find that the Supreme Court does represent the Constitution. It does not work for the public interest. It works to pervert the interpretation of laws that allows insidious globalist-inspired communism to consume this country. And these justices know full well that depopulation is at the core of all the evil they bring to the court.

In a recent article, Mike Adams fully documented Life Insurance executives who note that our death curve is well over 100,000, per month, in excess of what it should be. Celeste Solom predicted this dramatic rise in the death curve over a year ago on The Common Sense  Celeste said the curve would be over 300,000 a month and she recently stated that the Insurance companies are in league with globalists but they had to give some number, a much lower number than it really is in order to cover up the trend. People are not dying from covid, or the variants, they are dying from the fatal latency effects from the vaccines. In other words, people are dying from the vaccines in far greater numbers than they are the virus.

It is well documented on The Common Sense Show website that it was stated by the then Commissioner of the FDA, that they were not going to require third party validation of the so-called covid test. Without third party validation, there is no test and that is what the Deep State wanted. Further, the Fauci persuaded Trump to pay federal money for each covid diagnosis and 3 times more for each covid death. There is not medical reason for this other than to falsely elevate the death curve in order to justify the lockdowns. And then the lapdog media presented daily briefings on these greatly inflated fake numbers as if they were the daily sports report. This was designed to whip the country into a severe state of anxiety and fear so the population would conform to the takedown policies that destroyed our country. The fake pandemic led to fraudulent voting practices that allowed President Dementia and high heels Harris to come to power and finish the deconstruction of America.  Please keep in mind that all along the authorities wanted to greatly inflate the numbers of covid infections to justify the lockdowns which gave way to the destruction of the middle class and the Constitution. In order to get the money, health officials lied about the rates and they are still lying today. This was made possible by the use of a test that was deliberately designed to detect the common cold and we ended up with millions of false positives. And then officials like DeBlasio and Cuomo sent covid elderly to nursing homes where they killed, through transmission of the virus, high numbers of elderly which were the only vulnerable part of our population that could succumb to covid. Fake crisis-fake numbers-fake interventions (vaccines don’t stop transmission)-fake election led to real enslavement.

I have interviewed the Frontline Doctors attorney, Tom Renz, three times. He said the Frontline Doctors agree with the content in the previous paragraph. In the discovery process for the Frontline Doctors lawsuit which is before the Supreme Court, found that the majority of hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated. We are being massively lied to as the kill shot is leading to a mass die-off.

The Supreme Court can be divided into four groups as follows:

Strong Constitutionalists

  1. Alito -Unwavering advocate of the rule of law
  2. Thomas -Unwavering advocate of the rule of law
  3. Gorsuch- Mostly an advocate for the rule of law but he could be flipped

Anti-Constitutionalists, UnGodly, Satanically Driven Servants to the Globalists who site on the Supreme Court

  1. Sotomayor- At her core, she is a Godless woman and has much in common with Hillary Clinton. To her, Constitutional principles are a speedbump to her participation in the betrayal of our Constitutional Republic. She sits on the Supreme Court, yet, the truth is a stranger to her as she knowingly lied by saying the vaccine stops the spread of the virus and that 100,000 children were on respirators in ICU’s. Despite these blatant lies, the media did not even challenge these gross representations.
  2. Kagan is a Godless Communist who frequently follows Sotomayor’s lead.
  3. Breyer is the senior liberal on the bench, enough said.

The Trojan Horses Who We Thought Would Be Conservative

  1. Kavanaugh-He is cast as a conservative. Nothing could further from the truth. He has more skeletons in his closet that specialty store at Halloween. Kavanaugh is categorized as an opportunist. His past will be used against him and compromise his decision in all likelihood. He will vote conservative, only until it really matters.
  2. Coney-Barrett- She has wavered on conservative issues in the past. She is clearly anti-gun. She cannot be counted on, and her vote could either way.


  1. Roberts-Should be a conservative and he is on the less important issues. However, when it comes to important issues (eg Obamacare), he is clearly compromised. With regard to Roberts, the worst kept secret in Washington is his fondness for children. He was linked by many conservative voices in the death of Scalia who threatened to expose him. I am confident that his alleged association to Epstein, is accurate because the stories are overwhelming in volume and content. He will betray the Constitution if he is leaned on and he will be here.


This is not just another case. The Supreme Court knows that this decision will ultimately impact 200 million Americans at minimum. If more than one Justice has their hand on the chicken switch, they may rule that Biden and OSHA do not have the authority to order the mandate and refer the issue back to each individual state to decide.

This is not the primary option, however, it remains as a second possibility.


If the court refers the case back to each state to decide on mandates that’s a good thing right? Wrong! Most states have very similar mandating power as what Biden tried to achieve. In tomorrow’s article, I will present Arizona’s version as to what is typical in most states. Well then, you might ask, won’t some states be safe refuges for patriots? Yes, but only for a while. With money from Communist China and Soros already has bribed dozens of DA’s and County Clerk Recorders in order to rig elections and release criminals into society. They will do the same to local and state officials to push a mandate if one does not exist in one’s own state.

With all the exits soon to be closed, Americans will be faced with a fate experienced by the Jews in Nazi Germany. They have begun the genocidal process with the unvaxxed, soon, it will be everyone’s turn as the vaccine caused death curve continues to accelerate.

 Stay tuned for the holocaust coming to your neighborhood….