Still Voting? LOL! How Arizona's "Owned" Politicians Betrayed America As We Witness the End of Honest Elections


"I don't care who votes, I only care about who counts the votes"


Yesterday’s news cycle was filled with information, posing as groundbreaking revelations that the CSS had revealed several months ago. I am not taking a victory lap. In fact, I am mourning the conquering and occupation of America by communist forces who will rob you blind, steal your elections, profit on your planned demise and this is all being done by people who will spit on your grave when it is all over.

I have a deep-insider source, with a  law enforcement background, who said to me yesterday that communists running our government are very close to controlling everything and they only have a few obstacles to overcome. The next election will solidy the coup against the American people. This coup could not have succeeded were it not for politicians like we have in Arizona. The swing states elections were all stolen in the same manner! It is always the same game plan. Below, when you see the name of an Arizona elected official sell-out, substitute the name of the same offical from your state and you will quickly see how we have a dementia patient and a prostitute occupying the Oval Office!

I want to make it clear that America cannot vote themselves out of this imprisonment. It is not a matter of having the right candidate, there is no right candidate. I have elected representatives who have provided me with intel, but these people are afraid of their own shadow, for if they weren’t, they would put their name of the truth that they reveal and not hide behind me. But instead, they hand the truth off to people like myself because they are too cowardly to accept the consequences of taking a stand for honor, integrity and truth.

Yesterday, everything that I have been saying for ALMOST 10 months surfaced in one day. Before I launch into the repeat of my earlier revelations, please note that I am not taking a victory lap. There is no joy in stating “I told you so”. Also, Arizona was supposed to be the first domino to fall with regard to exposing the undeniable fact that the 2020 election was stolen. Everything that I said in an article on May 12, 2021, and then in subsequent articles and broadcasts was just validated in one 24 hour news cycle. Don’t wave your arms in the air and joyfully shout “we won”. You have won nothing except for the fact that you know how the election was stolen and by whom. The Bible tells us the sins of the leaders will be revealed in the end days. Despite the fact that we now have overwhelming proof of election theft, not one damn thing will be done. All the enforcement officers have been compromised by the CHICOMS and/or George Soros. Both entities serve the same master.

So, what was revealed? Two things have come to light! First, video tape of Tremp ballots being destroyed has surfaced and this should invalidate the entire Arizona election. Second, a leaked, secretly made audio tape was leaked to the public which led to the resignation of a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Steve Chuchri admitted on the tape that the election was stolen. The entire tape has been obscured from the view of the public until X22 published the revelations in full. The media is only saying that Chuchri resigned because of toxic politics. He resigned because he did not want to go to jail and he must have been uncertain at the time of his resignation that the election audit would be concluded before any court-ordered evidence was ever reviewed by what I have come to call the "fraudit team". On the tape in question, Chuchri stated that there was ghost voting, dead people voting, ballot fraud and all the other things I have alleged in previous articles. In effect, Chuchri is admitting that Joe Biden stole the election from the rightful winner, Donald Trump.  

I have also alleged on many occasions, and I published the proof that most major businesses, educational institutions, public utilities are on board with a “partnership program” with our Chinese adversaries. In the Gateway Pundit, the Chairman of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, Jack Sellers, was featured prominently in this vein. But these allegiances are linked to most of Arizona’s political decision makers and ae not unique to Sellers. These public servants do not serve you!

  • Chuchri’s statements demonstrate that the Board of Supervisors have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to steal an election, at least they were accomplices after the fact and they have repeatedly ignored court ordered subpoenas to surrender forensic evidence which demonstrate their crimes and the crimes of others.
  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is both an agent of Communist China and an obfuscator of the truth having denied legislators the right to call a special session in December of 2020 to investigate election fraud (see past articles on Ducey’s rare earth minerals and CHICOM military statements and other pertinent information).   Ducey’s mission was to delay the audit as much as possible so the public would lose interest.
  • Secretary of State of Katie Hobbs is owned by George Soros and blocks all attempts at voter reform.
  • Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, received $2 million in campaign contributions from George Soros interests to defeat a loyal American, Joe Arpaio. He will never investigate the voter fraud allegations because he participated in the coverup when he falsely claimed he had the election codes.
  • Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, refused to convene a Grand Jury to investigate voter fraud when asked to do so by several elected officials. He is prosecuting voter fraud cases, one vote at a time and his selective prosecutions will make no difference in the final outcome. He is part of the coverup. The Attorney General repeatedly granted extensions to the Board of Supervisors to release pertinent information and evidence to the audit team even after the court orders  to do so were issued. He, too, joined Ducey in delaying justice so the public would lose interest.
  • Arizona State Senate President, Karen Fann, the Director of the Arizona audit, sabotaged the investigation from the beginning when she announced in no way would the election be overturned no matter what was discovered as Fann repeatedly stated “we are only interested in fixing the 2022 election.”  And because her directional sabotage of this process, Fann has indeed guaranteed that Biden has gotten away with the biggest crime in American history, as well as the treason to the American people that has followed. There are citizen groups who are looking at possible conflicts of interest involving Fann and her role as a State Senator. Is Fann vulnerable to being leveraged? There is smoke behind this allegation, but more investigation is needed. Regardless, she sabotaged the audit with her statements about not overturning the election. Why spend $8 million in taxpayers money Karen if you were not going to do anything?
  • State Senator Wendy Rogers has flip-flopped more than your morning pancakes. First, she wants to overturn the election through decertification. Second, she's on the side of say the violations were only civil and it will not happen next time. Now, that the audit fraud is complete, she's back calling for decertification. Yet, she has not introduced any decertification legislation. Rogers is the QAnon of the Arixzona State Government! When I publicly challenged her not introducing legislation to decertify and lying about 39 State's Attorney Generals who were going to decertify the election, she took to publicly defaming me, a private citizen. By the way, I have the data that her run for Congress was also stolen, away from her. I have the numbers and will soon be publishing them. It appears that if an election can be stolen from you, and crooked election can also be made to work for you. What else explains the QANON flopping. She makes Fauci look consistent by comparison!
  • Arizona Majority Whip in the State Senate, Sonny Borrelli, a fellow Rogers' flip-flopper, was once a champion for finding the truth. He had youtube videos where he was often compared to me for his bold proclamations particularly with the voter registration hack of files that took place that allowed inactive voters were placed on duplicate ballots and mail in ballots. Borrelli once stated “this is how they found voters that lived at the corner of walk and don’t walk.” He was clearly labeling the election as a fraud. By definition, election fraud is a felony. However, in recent weeks, Borrelli has retreated to the corner and raised the white flag of surrender. He recently told his constituents that the audit was only looking at civil matters, not criminal and that there was no fraud. Mr. Flip-Flop has betrayed and disenfranchised his Constituents. However, he and his fellow spineless and/or corrupt public officials are perpetrating the biggest political crime of all time.

Even with all of these revelations, there is nobody to enforce the disclosures of criminality. Oh, these phony public servants will claim victory as they promote minor findings related to voter impropriety, but nothing will change. And why won’t things change? There are 3 reasons why the fix is in at the highest levels of the Arizona State government.

  1. These officials are supported by the CHICOMS (Treason).
  2. These officials are supported by George Soros (Treason and he represents the same interests as the CHICOMS).
  3. All of these officials are benefitting from a corrupt voting system, so why change what is working? To hell with the people.

All of the above officials are guilty of one, two or all 3 reasons for the perpetrating of this fraud.

Please allow me to frame it in this matter. The Wuhan flu was brought to the United States by Fauci (Gain of Function research), his DNC colleagues and the Chinese government. Changes to balloting in the 2020 election took place that would not have happened if the Wuhan Flu had not arrived in America. Without this fraudulent atmosphere, Biden is not in the White House.  All of these parties wanted Trump out so they could seize control of the government and establish a form of Bolshevik communism. The actions of the Biden administration are purposeful, not blundering, and they are without question, treasonous. It is my position and it should be the position of every American that anyone who helped to perpetrate the election fraud of 2020, or to engage in the coverup, should be considered to be an accomplice to treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

Instead of finding justice despite overwhelming evidence, the 2022 and 2024 elections will be stolen again. Our elections mean nothing with the corrupt system we have in place. We are now a nation of one party rule, the Democratic Bolsheviks, and their RINO minions who complain but do nothing about the sellout of this country, are in complete control. They only have one major task involved, seize the guns of opposition to this tyranny.

Arizona’s audit was to be catalyst to overturn the election, Georgia was next, followed by Wisconsin, etc. However, there will be no overturn of any election. America is done. AmeriKa is an occupied nation and you can thank your elected officials. Arizona’s compromised public officials only represent a bigger pattern of Chinese and George Soros infiltration that has invaded every corner of our nation.

Voting machines and late ballots will, again, be allowed in Arizona, in order to perpetrate the next fraud in the 2022 election! Nothing is changed! George Soros and China have won again and almost every elected official in Arizona is for sale. 

Patrick Byrne just stated that America will soon be Venezuela without free elections. I maintain, that our new overlords will be from the Far East!

If Stalin were alive today, he would say this about the Maricopa County Audit that let the rest of the country down:

I don't who counts the votes, I only care about the Arizona politicians who cement the fraud

The Spirit of Stalin