Leftist Science Denialism Strikes Again: Stacey Abrams Claims Fetal Heartbeats Are 'Manufactured


  By Ben Bartee   THE DAILY BELL

From there, it expanded to include the numerous pseudoscientific and contradictory oddities of the Public Health© COVID-19 guidance we've been treated to in the past two+ years, such as that natural immunity following viral infection somehow doesn't occur with COVID like any other coronavirus in history.

Then the science denialism purveyors moved onto the "climate change causes heart attacks" narrative – even though the cited "experts," once the reader gets past the sensational headline*, admit they actually have no idea how the two might be causally linked:

"Experts say it's difficult to directly blame individual heart attacks on heat waves based on currently available data… It's not clear exactly why temperature shifts are correlated with higher rates of heart attacks. Experts believe that temperature shifts affect the body's ability to regulate normal body temperatures in response to the extreme temperatures."

(*The corporate media understands that, unfortunately, some huge percentage of readers – 80% of them by some estimate — don't, in fact, ever get past the headline. So they can write whatever misleading headline they want, save the facts for the 12th paragraph and still maintain plausible deniability.)

Sometimes the corporate media get extra woke and throw in their own social justice angle just to spice things up. The end result is a mix-and-match progressive word salad that somehow connotes empathy and enlightenment and assures the reader of the moral superiority of the corporate state – "people of color" being the ultimate catnip clickbait to the midwit suburban liberals who still uncritically consume legacy media.