MSM, Politicians, Desperately Attempt Damage Control Over Jan 6 Videos


 by Daisy Luther

Instead, it's footage of a man who was supposedly murdered by the crowd going about his business. It's a video of that dude with the bison hat, calmly and submissively walking along with Capitol guards who clearly escorted him into the building and took him around to different doors to "breach" the Senate floor.


I've largely stayed away from coverage of the incidents that took place on January 6th, 2021. I felt that we weren't getting the whole story and that it was incredibly biased, but it also really did appear that people were behaving badly. Since we weren't getting accurate information, I left it alone for the most part.

However, watching this footage and comparing it to the public narrative that is seeing these people prosecuted, imprisoned, and severely punished is mind-blowingly destructive to that work of fiction that the Congressional January 6 committee is trying to pass off as fact. The report is filled with breathless rhetoric about the fear the members of Congress felt, and how they were told to take off their lapel pins to make them harder to identify.

After watching this other video that has, up until now, been hidden from the public, their "findings" make me want to vomit.