It Appears that the US Government Is Totally Corrupt


  By Paul Craig Roberts

On October 4, 2018, Bud Cummins brought evidence to the attention of US Attorney Geoff Berman of criminal behavior by Vice President Joe Biden.  Instead of investigating Biden, Berman investigated Cummins.  This is the Department of Justice today.  The DOJ is just as corrupt as the FBI, which is part of DOJ, the CIA, NSA, FDA, and all the rest.  Try to find an honest federal agency or institution.

If you don't believe the FBI is corrupt, consider the Hunter Biden laptop.  The information on the laptop revealing clear criminal behavior has been known for years, and nothing has been done about it.  The corrupt FBI even declared the laptop to be a Russian plant in an effort to influence a US election.  Really.

The corrupt FBI refuses to release information, thus blocking the House Oversight Committee from oversight and revealing, yet again, the utter weakness of the legislature in holding the executive branch accountable. Basically, Congress is powerless.  All the federal government needs to do is to utter the words "national security" and Congress collapses.

The FBI's coverup of the Biden father-son crimes enables the corrupt Democrats and their media whores to allege that the reports of Biden family crimes are "anonymous innuendo."  But, of course, the information on the laptop is not anonymous and neither is former federal prosecutor Cummins. 

To protect Democrats from real crimes federal officials commit perjury, and to falsely accuse President Trump they commit perjury again.  One wonders if Republicans understand the fight they are in. See this and this.