‘We’ll hang with Satan instead’: Target receives MASSIVE backlash after woke pride month merchandise designer is exposed to be a Satanist


by Megan Benton republished from DCEnquirer.com)


School board candidate and activist from Wisconsin, Scarlett Johnson, took to Twitter to expose the new line for what it is. In a shocking tweet, Johnson exposed the new “Abprallen" line.



Why did @target hire a Satanist to design pieces for their recent "Pride" clothing line?

WTF??"Satan loves you and respects who you are... LGBTQIA+ people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God's will, so fine. We'll hang with Satan instead." pic.twitter.com/FLsNZNzHNa


— Scarlett Johnson (@scarlett4kids) May 20, 2023

On their website, Target offers multiple items with “pride” messages on them that are available to be shipped. These bright-colored items have messages on them like “Too Queer for Here,” “We Belong Everywhere,” and “Cure Transphobia.”




The designer of Abprallen has many Instagram posts with “pro-satan” messages on them and questionable comments. Johnson drew people’s attention to the comments with her Twitter thread, and many have retweeted and expressed their concern.


By all metrics, this line of clothes and accessories espoused a very anti-Christian, pro-Satan message along with its promotion of the LGBTQ movement. One post on the designer’s Instagram account says, “Ho ho ho! Santa loves all the good boys, girls and non-binary people (and the bad ones too) and he hopes this holiday season treats you well, that your family don’t misgender you, and that you feel the love and support you deserve!” Underneath in a different paragraph, the designer explains, “Of course, this piece based on my infamous “satan respects pronouns” design, but with a Christmas twist! (twistmas?)”


Earlier this week, in another Instagram, the designer said, “Being able to sell my stuff at Target stores is incredibly exciting, knowing that people are seeing it without (necessarily) explicitly seeking LGBT-related stuff is wonderful, and see it, and I hope that in some way they’ll feel a bit more comfortable in themselves, as we all deserve to feel.”


This type of content being pushed by big companies like Target draws concern from Americans across the country, and activists are doing what they can to expose these growing trends.


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