Who Pulled Off The COVID Plandemic?


  By Neenah Payne

Dr. Martin explains that SARS COV 2 was engineered by Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina in 2002. He explains  the Rockefellers' destructive role and why the World Health Organization is a criminal organization. Yet, the WHO Pandemic Treaty threatens to rule the world if ratified this month!

The Courts made unambiguous declaration that we were in a public health emergency and the WHO CDC were the ONLY arbiters of facts. If a Medical Doctor attempted to argue the facts, they were taken before the medical board and censored.

Bill Gates basically owns the WHO as his donations account for 88% of ALL the donations the WHO receives. Remember when Trump said he was cutting the WHO funding? Where did Trump send funds? To GAVI – "The Vaccine Alliance" – a Bill Gates Foundation. They were removing licenses just for telling their patients they should take more Zinc, D, and C.

The doctors are now busy treating all kinds of Blood Clots and wondering why they are increasing. They never associate illnesses with vaccines. You have DoD involved in the greatest conspiracy of all time. They were in control and ordering Big Pharma to do this. What do we do when EVERY Single Agency developed to PROTECT us is trying to KILL us and at the very least CONTROL us?

When we look at this Great Conspiracy, we need to go back to 1913 and look at what the Rockefeller Foundation and the Welcome Trust did. These are the colluding parties that authorized Allopathic Medicine. The Flexner Report came out and said that if you attempt to heal people in ANY other way than the Industrial Pharmaceutical way, you will be banned and have your license removed and be forever labeled in history as a QUACK.

In 1947, the Rockefeller Foundation put the WHO on the map. Then you had a UN CHARTER that said you cannot be prosecuted in ANY way for ANY crime as long as your actions were performed under the Umbrella of the WHO. The WHO has nothing to do with Health. It is a criminal conspiracy that was put in place by two foundations who had a commercial interest in building a criminal liability shield for themselves. It LITERALLY is a Criminal Organization.