Agenda 21 Is Increasing the Scope of Its Enslavement of America

Dave Hodges January 29, 2014 The Common Sense Show   Agenda 21 destroys people from all walks of life. Its policies are draconian. Its unconstitutional dictates are carried out with impunity. Agenda 21 seeks to destroy the family by separating children from parents. Its allies are destroying private property rights. Agenda 21 wants to remove all people from rural areas through the enforcement of the anti-small farmer administratively contrived policies frequently concocted by bureaucrats who are outside the reach of the electorate. Agenda 21 proponents allow no discourse as to the veracity and legitimacy of its policies. Agenda 21 advocates pursue a course of extreme revenge against those who speak out against its policies. Agenda 21 is the driving force behind the ridiculous and mindless control policies besieging America under the guise of HOA regulations. Agenda 21 is the administrative arm of the climate change extremists who use pseudoscience to pursue policies related to the elimination of private property rights. As some of you already know, Agenda 21 seeks to remove nearly all energy usage from the populace. Ultimately, Agenda 21 creators seek to reduce the population by 90%. Agenda 21 is the enemy of humanity and this article is a snap shot of how the Agenda 21 forces are attacking people on an individual, a state and a regional basis.

Agenda 21 Attacks Its Detractors by Separating Families

Anti-Agenda 21 activist, Stacy Lynne, defeated several Agenda 21 proposals in Fort Collins, Colorado, which would have cost the local community hundreds of jobs. And what was her reward? Did she get a commendation from the city council? Did she get a meritorious service award from the Mayor? What she received was one of the most heinous political retaliations in recent history. Her son, Jaden, was stolen by the Agenda 21 controlled courts in Larimer County, Colorado. Her son was taken without so much as allegation of wrong doing on the part of Stacy. Despite never having had her parental rights severed, she has not been allowed to see her son in 16 months.

Agenda 21 Attacks "Off the Grid" Americans

Kim Fahey, located in Antelope Valley, CA., constructed one of the most unique homes in the United States. He received notoriety for the design of his home which became affectionately known as Phonehenge. Fahey was also living off the grid, a huge violation of Agenda 21 protocols. The Agenda 21 beholding LA County Sheriff Swat team subsequently descended upon Fahey and arrested him for code violations. He was sentenced to 543 days in jail because he could not afford to haul away the debris of his home which was demolished by the County. However, the real target, was his off the grid lifestyle.

Agenda 21 Attacks Small Farmers

  I would like to say that all of these events are somewhat operating in isolation. However, they are becoming all too commonplace. Consider the case of Martha Boneta. Martha is a farmer who has fought the Agenda 21 corrupt forces of Fauquier County, Virginia.Fauquier County is fining Martha for the following offenses: 1. Selling farm produce and advertising her pumpkin shavings. 2. Hosting a birthday party for a grand total of eight 10-year-old girls. The reality is that Martha isn't breaking any laws. On the other hand, Fauquier County is breaking its own zoning ordinances, the Virginia Right to Farm Act, and the Virginia and United States Constitution. Martha Boneta's actions are perfectly legal. However, the Agenda 21 forces do not care about what is legal as they live under the creed that might makes right. Fauquier County government is fining her with $5,500 per-day fines for hosting the birthday party without a permit. She is also being fined for  advertising her pumpkin carvings, despite the fact that she has a business license. Are you kidding me? One has to now get a permit to host a birthday party? Here's a link to a recent video with Martha Boneta telling her story on Fox and Friends. In the video, Martha makes the claim that she now owes $2 million dollars to the County in fines. Since that time, she was also audited by the IRS in her role as a Tea Party member. Subsequently, the County authorities tried to have her mortgage revoked. This is classic Agenda 21 retaliation perpetrated against those that dare to speak out. Because of the notoriety and attention brought to this case, the Virginia State Legislature is considering a bill that will hold local governments in check by making local governments accountable and will hold government officials personally liable when they intentionally violate the rights of landowners.

Agenda 21 Forces Steal A Million Acres and An Entire Town

The EPA and the Department of Justice and Department of Interior, have decided it would be a good idea if it seized an entire town, including everyone’s property and turn it over to an Indian Nation. The EPA did exactly this without telling the mayor or any other elected official.   The town in question is Riverton, Wyoming and this transfer of ownership was accomplished under the authority of the Clean Air Act which “allowed” the EPA to hand over Riverton to the Wind River Indian Reservation. This land grab amounts to the transfer of ownership of over one million acres and impacts over 10,000 Americans. In the case of Riverton, WY., the EPA has a powerful ally in the form of President Obama through the use of Executive Order (EO)13603. This EO combined with the heinous actions of the EPA have now been used to steal an entire town and over a million acres from Wyoming. If mutli-state areas as well as a state can be subjugated by Agenda 21, then none of us are safe.

Agenda 21 Attacks An Entire Region of the Country

Agenda 21 forces have become so brazen so as to attempt to destroy the farmers and ranchers in Northern California and Southern Oregon. In other words, Agenda 21 advocates are attempting to destroy an entire area of the country! At a public meeting in September of 2013, the Siskiyou County board of supervisors approved a secession declaration, designed to leave California, the Redding Record Searchlight reported. The fervor to leave the state of California was also fueled by Modoc County Supervisors who voted 4-0 in favor in secession. Federal government abuse of property rights is fueling this rebellion in Northern California and Southern Oregon. “Over the years, many rural residents have been frustrated by federal environmental laws restricting logging and other forestry activities. The local residents feel that becoming a state would finally allow them to push the Agenda 21 controlled federal government to alter the onerous restrictions on government-owned land. The residents of Northern California and Southern Oregon are united in escaping the ravages of agenda 21. Effectively, hunting and fishing have been eliminated by the Agenda 21 enforcement agent, the EPA. Farmers and ranchers are being denied previously adjudicated water rights in an attempt to depopulate the rural areas of this region. The Agenda 21 forces will not stop until the entire region becomes a dead zone.


There was a time, not so long ago, if you mentioned Agenda 21, you were labeled a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist. Only two years ago, I was at a town hall meeting and Senator McCain was asked about Agenda 21 and he said that he did not know what Agenda 21 was. Today, Agenda  21 is out in the open for all who want to see. In this article, I have traced instances of individual persecution, harassment of farmers, the theft of an entire town and the subjugation and destruction of an entire region of the country by Agenda 21 forces. And despite all  of the evidence, most people have never heard of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is attempting to turn American society upside down. If the average person could be made aware of the principles underlying Agenda 21, every city council member, every mayor, every state legislator would be too afraid to promote anything close to an Agenda 21 policy. My friends, we have a lot of work to do.