HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government


There are 22 days before the second most important election in American history. At the end of this trail, lies extreme danger for every conservative, Constitutional-loving citizen and Christian. I feel compelled to say that I feel I am watching the roll out of 1930's Nazi control of the German government. The German people though Hitler was just a fad and he would fade away. The only thing that faded away were the Communists who were diametrically opposed to the Nazis. The communists became the first guests at Hitler's "Final Solution" camps. There is clear evidence that the Democrats plan to hand this country off to the United Nations and the predictions of Bill Ayers, Obama's mentor, of putting 50 million Americans into re-education camps and needing to kill 25 million will come to fruition if the Democrats take over the government. To some, they will this is hyperbole. To some others they will say this is delusional paranoia. Please allow me to remind the readers that it Hillary Clinton, when asked about the deplorables, who said they needed to be put away in "fun camps" (ie FEMA camps).

Extreme Tyranny

The Democrats are clearly planning to sign on to the United Nations and use their collective might to subdue and subjugate the United States. Before we go to to the proof for my bold claims, there are three stories which provide proper context and begin to connect the dots on this outrageous claim.

UN Peacekeepers In Seattle

Well-respected talk show host, former Green Beret John Moore, has told the story of his daughter, living in Seattle, who answered and ad to buy a puppy. When Moore's daughter showed up to the address to pick up the dog, she noticed that the residence was in an upscale neighborhood. After several minutes of playing with the puppy and talking with the soon-t0-be-former-owner, asked the homeowner what she did for a living. She promptly answered, I am a UN Peacekeeper. It doesn't provide much comfort as we realize that we are extravagantly paying for own demise and housing these "enemies" on American soil. As I have discovered, this is an action that Obama initiated.

CALEXIT and the United Nations

The following was taken by Russia Today. This was the press conferenced, held in Moscow, which announced that CALEXIT was opening an embassy in Moscow. This event was well-covered in Moscow, not a word of this was reported in the MSM. This is sedition and it is a felony for a state to conduct diplomatic agreements. This a delegated power to the federal government. It should also be mentioned that former Obama henchman, Eric "kick'em in the face" Holder is the spokesperson for CALEXIT.


Editorial Use Courtesy of Russia Today

The Kigali Principles

I have written extensively and often about the Kigali principles which gives the UN the unilateral right to invade a country in which the citizens of that country are deemed to be in danger. This is the same excuse Hitler used when he marched his troops into Czechoslovakia in order to protect the "German speaking people". The Kigali Principles provide the United Nations with the same ability. The UN, thanks to Obama, now has the right to enter the United States based on its own judgment. From the very liberal, The United States Institute of Peace:

Communities expect U.N. peacekeepers to protect them. (EDITOR'S NOTE: AMERICANS DID NOT CONSENT TO THIS TREATY. I DON'T NEED UN PROTECTION. IN FACT, I NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM UN INTERVENTION FOR WHEN THE UN INTERVENES TO "PROTECT CITIZENS", MILLIONS DIE. I DON'T RECALL THE SENATE PASSING THIS TREATY. THEY DID NOT! THIS WAS AN UNILATERAL ACTION BY OBAMA). Currently, 97 percent of uniformed personnel in U.N. peacekeeping operations serve under mandates to protect civilians. The “Kigali Principles on the Protection of Civilians” are a non-binding set of pledges to implement certain best practices in peacekeeping. They were issued at the conclusion of the High-Level International Conference on the Protection of Civilians held in Rwanda on May 28 and 29, 2015. Since then, the Kigali Principles have been referred to and discussed in several meetings including the Leaders’ Summit on Peacekeeping which was convened by President Obama and other world leaders during the 70th United Nations General Assembly. 

Perhaps, my original claims might appear to be a little less extreme, just over suspicious. However, after readers absorb the following, I could be accused of understating the problem.

Democratic Leadership Have Expressed the Intent to Hand Off the Country to the UN

After connecting the dots, presented in the abovementioned paragraphs, it has become my belief that the Democrats are indeed determined to destroy America as we know here.

"A left-wing group deleted an online questionnaire showing that Democrat Harley Rouda supported radical policies such as “Medicare for All” after Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) drew attention to it, the Washington Free Beacon reports.
Rouda and Rohrabacher are running neck-and-neck in California’s 48th congressional district in coastal Orange County. The Free Beaconnotes that Rouda, like “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), once supported “Medicare for All,” i.e. single-payer, government-run health care. But Rouda’s allies seem to realize that the policy is a liability in the 48th district:
Rouda, who is running in California’s toss-up 48th congressional district against incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R.), answered the questionnaire for the Progressive Democrats of America, which is used to determine whether a candidate receives the group’s endorsement. If candidates answer “yes” to a question—and wins their election—they are pledging to immediately co-sponsor reintroduced legislation in the 116th Congress on bills that include:Establishing an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity; an expanded and improved ‘Medicare for All’ Act; Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2017; Automatic Voter Registration Act; Raise the Wage Act; Jobs for All Act; and the Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act, among others. "  (EDITOR'S NOTE: OK, WE GET EXTREME SOCIALISM. ALL THE TRUMP ECONIMIC GAINS WILL BE GIVEN BACK WITH THIS SOCIALIST AGENDA. ADDITIONALLY, AMERICA'S SOVEREIGNTY IS IMPACTED AS WELL. PLEASE NOTE THE DEPARTMENT OF PEACEBUILDING ACT. I DID! AND THIS IS CALLED TREASON).
Until one of my readers sent me the link, I had never heard of the Department of Peacebuilding. I went through the text and it is clear that they UN plans to take over education in this country and that control even extends to the service academies. The document makes it clear, that  at this point in time the US Peace Academy would be tied to US Military Academy.
The ground work has been laid for the UN takeover of this country.
..."create school and community cultures where students and staff do not feel threatened and are free from bullying and harassment by developing and implementing curricula in nonviolent conflict resolution education for teachers, students, parents, the school community, and the community at large;
(6) maintain a public website to solicit and receive ideas for the development of peace from the wealth of the politically, socially, and culturally diverse public;
(7) proactively engage the critical thinking capabilities of students and teachers of pre-kindergarten schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, and institutions of higher education through the Internet and other media and issue periodic reports concerning any submissions from such students and teachers;
(8) create and establish a Peace Academy that shall—
(A) be modeled after the military service academies; and
(B) provide a 4-year course of instruction in peace education, after which graduates will be required to serve 5 years in public service in programs dedicated to domestic or international nonviolent conflict resolution; and...
(E)'... an Assistant Secretary for Arms Control and Disarmament;"...
"104. Office of Peace Education and Training
(a) In general There shall be in the Department an Office of Peace Education and Training, the head of which shall be the Assistant Secretary for Peace Education and Training. The Assistant Secretary for Peace Education and Training shall carry out those functions of the Department relating to the creation, encouragement, and impact of peace education and training at the pre-kindergarten, elementary, secondary, university, and postgraduate levels, and disseminate applicable policies and research in consultation with entities of the Department of Health and Human Services, including—
(1) the Administration for Children and Families;
(2) the Administration on Aging;
(3) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and
(4) the National Institutes of Health."
It goes on and on.
*This one is interesting.  And, especially on duckduckgo, there are many.

A Notable Book Review

I was told that I could find some relevant information off of Google. Query off of Google that had a  link from Amazon for a 2016 book, We Need a Department of Peace, Everybody's Business, Nobody's Job .  Six 5 star reviews with one notable comment:
Thank you, Charlie Keil, Bill Benson and all contributors for pulling this book together and getting it published. What a joy it was to see it after someone heard Charlie being interviewed on Ralph Nader's radio show about it this past summer. I have been part of the grassroots campaign to establish a Department of Peace[building] since 2005 and have been yearning for this information to be all in one place somehow. I appreciate all of the perspectives presented. I am currently serving on the Peace Alliance National Department of Peacebuilding Committee, advocating for current legislation (H.R. 1111) that would establish such a Department. I have been saying for over a decade, that we've got to make peacebuilding somebody's job in the U.S. government. Our National Committee has been in touch with Charlie Keil and appreciate continued conversations on how to present the 21st Century update, since legislation was introduced on July 11, 2001. We'll be working on that in the coming months, but for now, they'll make wonderful holiday gifts to remind us that peacebuilding is where it's at, especially now, and to insert a card on how to get involved now. We'll be creating a customizeable card and post it to the campaign website soon. See [...]".I was told 
​  Karen B. Johnson in Nov. 2016.
Last night I took this information to every reliable source that I could contact. One source said they were keenly aware of it. I was told that the consensus was that a major false flag will provide the context for the UN to enter the United States in force with blue-helmeted foreign troops.


You'd best vote. The facts presented are irrefutable. For those that have eyes to see, and ears to hear the truth, one better take a friend to vote on November 6th. We are facing a Bolshevik revolution. In the short-term, we have a choice, ballots or bullets. My thanks to Selena for greatly contributing to the article and to my friend in the FBI who puts country ahead of self.