The President's Ten Sins of Omission


Is it true that the Trump administration is done? No! Is it true that the Trump administration is completely and utterly paralyzed? Absolutely yes!

Trump Has Become a Laughing Stock

Great damage is being done to Trump's 2020 campaign by his inaction. The Russians and the Chinese, as well as other heads of state are mocking the President as they are sticking the title of President before Pelosi's name? Even California Representative Karen Bass (D), stated that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, should deliver the State of the Union Address. This is by far the lowest moment for this President and very quickly, the polls are going to reflect the growing level of awareness by the public as to the President's inaction and acquiescing to the radical and lunatic left. There is, however, a rumor that is getting legs among reliable sources that may explain some of the President's hesitation. Before getting to that in tomorrow's article, let's first briefly examine the President's failures as it relates to his seemingly refusal to exercise his power as President.

The President's 10 Sins of Omission

  1. The failure to curb the illegal actions of social media censorship of the only media that supports conservative candidates and the President. As Doug and Joe Hagmann are my witnesses, I addressed a person who has direct and regular contact with the President while we were at the Steve Quayle event in Branson, MO. in mid-September of 2018. I detailed for 35 minutes the social forum illegalities of Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Their infractions ranged from violations of open forum laws to anti-trust violations. The person I was speaking with took notes. I expected nothing to come from the conversation. However, in the next week, the President tweeted and spoke about going after social media and some of the phraseology was in evidence in Trump's statements. Since then, the President has done nothing. This was over 6 weeks before the midterm elections. Had the President acted immediately, as he should have, the House may have been saved from a take-0ver of the Deep State Socialist Democrats. Without our full participation, the Independent Media was the deciding factor in the 2016 Presidential election. The proof in the pudding is what happened in the 2018 election as we were shadow-banned to death. Trump lost the midterm election when he failed to exercise his power as President to regulate the social media monopolistic gestapo.
  2. Obama and Clinton et al could be sitting in a prison cell today if the President had released the infamous dossier which would have shown illegal collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Obama as well as a lot of Deep State minions. The DOJ refused to release the files. Trump should have personally gone to the responsible department and fired and arrested one attorney after another until he found an attorney that wanted to keep his pension and freedom, who would release the documents. They would have made good reading at the scheduled State of the Union speech.
  3.  Hillary and her 33,000 illegal emails are lowest hanging fruit that I have ever seen. And this the courtesy left behind by Comey and the FBI. Hillary has no defense and each offense carries a five year prison term. Why haven't you prosecuted her Donald? You say the DOJ is not willing. Then you fire attorney after attorney, until, once again, you find and attorney who wants to save his pension.
  4. Robert Mueller is a criminal of the worst kind. He helped HSBC facilitate its money-laundering operations along with Hillary and Comey. This is so well-documented on this site. Also, it was Mueller who delivered the first batch of Highly Enriched Uranium to the Russians on behalf of Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. I have published the two documents, one State Department and one Russian which independently confirms the allegations. If I can find this, why can't Trump? And what about Mueller's association with Mafia murder king Whitey Blodger? Again, this is low-hanging fruit and the President refuses to act.
  5. If Trump was not going to indict Mueller, then why hasn't he fired him as Special Prosecutor? Why hasn't he cut off his funding? Why hasn't he given this phony Russian-collusion-delusion nonsense a deadline of he was going to shut it down. Not one indictment over collusion from Trump or his close associates in the campaign. All charges are off of Mueller's mission which is illegal. Trump's failure to fire Mueller has been his biggest short-coming. Two years of a nothing burger and the insanity continues and Trump has the power to stop it. If I were Robert Stone, I would be really pissed off as his deaf wife was made to stand on the concrete street without shoes at the time of Stone's arrest.
  6. Two years ago, the President should have shut down the border as one of his first actions. He should have declared a national emergency in February of 2017. How many cartel members, ISIS and MS-13 gangsters have been let into the country since that time?
  7. Trump has become a laughing stock in the international community and here at home by letting the mental midget who occupies the Speaker of the House, cancel the SOTU speech. And even after the government was reopened, Trump is still be denied the right to make the speech by the #3 ranking official in the government and Trump is supposedly the #1 person in the government.
  8. After the arrest of Roger Stone, Trump tweeted a complaint about the DOJ and their failure to indict Podesta, Clinton et al. Unlike Ocasio-Cortez, I understand the 3 branches of government. The DOJ is in the Executive branch of government. The President is the head of the Executive Branch. As such, the Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President not the other way around. Why has Trump conceded his Presidential power to the DOJ?
  9. The arrest of Roger Stone in the manner in which it was done, constitutes a gross violation of abuse of power. The leadership of the FBI should be fired by Trump for these gestapo tactics and the head of the FBI should be relieved of command. Again, crickets are chirping.
  10. Trump's collective failures in these critical areas have led to the continued loss of the rule of law. We are finding ourselves increasingly living a free-for-all where there is no rule of law whatsoever. We are quickly descending into third world justice where only liberal social justice prevails. Trump's inaction has one silver lining, it has exposed the fact that one of the primary goals of the left is the complete and utter evisceration of the Constitution and all civil liberties. At the end of the day, Trump's failure to exercise the power of his office has resulted in millions of Americans being safe. More on that in tomorrow's article.


I think Trump came into the White House with the best of intentions and he has been beaten down. His most trusted advisers cannot be trusted. They have brought in appointees who are Deep State and loyal to the liberal agenda. William Barr is the latest proof of what I am talking about. This is not a hit piece on Trump. I am hoping this article reaches the desk of Trump or someone in power who cares about restoring the Republic. Trump can win everyone of these battles. If he is waiting for a mandate from the people then we need to give him that. I would vote for Trump in 2020, if he survives this term. He is the only conservative left standing who can do what he needs to do. We need to get behind him now. More on that and the fact that false flags are brewing in great number and that will be covered in tomorrow's article.