Chris Kitze Identifies Alien Influence Embedded In Our Technology-The CSS

chris kitze

Recently, I interviewed Chris Kitze about alien technology embedded into terrestrial technology as well as the "denial of service" designed to protect and control the release of the information. The implications are far-reaching.

Steve Quayle, through Gensix, is hosting a conference on the ET influence. Fallen angels, etc., will be vigorously pursued at the conference by an all-star list of guests. I will be there. I hope to see all of you as well.

When I started The Common Sense Show, I never explored the ET question. The late Jim Mars once said to me that one cannot understand what is going on unless one pays attention to the ET question. I have come to embrace what both Steve and Jim had to say on this subject. I don't have all the answers, however, the answers are forthcoming in both the following interview with Chris or at Steve's September conference in Branson, MO. I hope to see everyone there. Here is the riveting interview with Chris Kitze on this important topic.