DHS Agent Reveals Ulterior Motives Behind the Illegal Immigrant Invasion-700 DHS Agents Ordered to the Border


By order of Kirsten Nielsen, 700 Homeland Security agents have been immediately been ordered to the border. The order, delivered by email is effective today. The information comes from a long-time and trusted DHS source.

Officially, the duties of the DHS agents are strictly administrative and they are to provide ongoing support to the Border Patrol and to ICE. It sounds like a routine mission on the surface. However, the DHS commanders have instructed their agents to bring every last magazine at their disposal.

What is listed above is benign material that Secretary Nielsen hopes ends up being reported by such media outlets as Fox News. However, upon closer examination, the DHS agent revealed what the agents are preparing to deal in what could become the “Real Mission”.

I was informed that many of the veteran agents are on the lookout for what many have heard rumors about, a dirty bomb. I was also told that the Mexican government has been at minimum negligent and at maximum, complicit, with regard to certain cartel/terrorist groups with regard to obtaining the elements necessary to build a dirty bomb.

The agents are going to be very well-armed because they are aware of the increase in paramilitary groups entering the United States. Many readers will also be familiar with the radio interviews I have done with Kathy Rubio regarding the paramilitary training bases in El Salvador. Much to my amazement, according to this DHS agent, we have similar training bases inside of the United States, not far from the border. Some have been raided. Some are left alone. In one case, a training base in Texas was flying an ISIS flag and DHS was told that they have the right to do so. When the DHS agent told me this story, I felt I was in Humboldt County and the law enforcement personnel were told to stand down in the southern part of the county. This fact, alone, should be very disturbing when read by any American. The culprit in this treason is, or course, Obama.

Is This an Illegal Immigration Invasion or a Plot?

I was told that the number of illegal immigrants expected to cross the border in April will exceed 100,000. I asked the DHS agent a bold question. Is the immigration invasion going to lead to the need to detain massive amounts of immigrants as becomes impractical to catch and release? Let’s take a look at how well catch and release is working in Del Rio, TX., as an example. The agent told me that 2,000 illegal immigrants were dropped off by ICE in Del Rio. They were left without food or money and the receiving church had no funds to give to them. What do you suppose happened to the local crime rate? Federal agents are being told not get gas in Del Rio, not to eat out either, in short, they are being told that Del Rio is very dangerous.  The local crime rate is up an estimated 100%! As this situation unfolds, and at some point in time, the American people are going to demand action to protect the country from desperate people who have neither food nor money.

During Jade Helm 15 and 16, I reported that DHS agents were showing up at federal detention centers and were ordering the release of MS-13 into the general public after being captured. I had two Border Patrol agents tell me that they witnessed these events. The DHS agent I spoke with last night, told me that these “DHS agents” were likely cartel members using fake ID’s. At the same time in Del Rio, TX., I was told that three Border Patrol agents, while at their homes, encountered men wearing Border Patrol and DHS uniforms. They entered the homes, raped the women and children and beat the agents. One agent now has brain damage. This takes the border situation to a whole new level.

Constructing FEMA Camps for Illegal Immigrants

Almost 8 years ago, I had a written communication from KBR regarding the ability of the company to construct a makeshift FEMA camp within 72 hours. The communications were later published on the CSS. What the spokesperson told me was the camps would be meant for illegal aliens. I did not believe him. However, I do now. Yet, the real purpose of any future camps will be fraught with deception and hidden motives.

I believe it is entirely possible to build FEMA camps in the near future will be built to  handle the massive amounts of immigrants. However, I believe that a future administration will indeed release these illegal immigrants. And then the real purpose for these camps will become known. Many believe that the present illegal alien invasion is a plot to overwhelm America forcing the construction of FEMA camps to deal with the crisis. However, this is a Trojan Horse. The objective is to get the FEMA camps built without arousing suspicion among millions of conservatives. Then, the real fun will begin following the release of illegal immigrants. The DHS agent agreed that this is certainly one of the major options that is likely in play.


Former FBI special agent, the late Larry Grathwohl, told me that after he penetrated the Weathermen Underground as an undercover agent, asked the leader, Bill Ayers, what he would do if his group ever took over the country? Ayers told him that they would put 50 million Americans in re-education camps but would have to do away with over half of them. Ayers later launched Obama’s first political campaign and visited the White House often during Obama's two terms in office. Any questions where this is headed?

Stay tuned, because this DHS agent has promised more near future contacts.