Is God Collectivity Warning Us Through Disturbing Dreams and Visions?


If you are having dreams of impending disaster, you are not alone. I recently had such a dream and I shared it with my audience in the following broadcast. I requested that people send me their dreams and I received an overwhelming response! Following the video is a small cross-section of what I received. This experience has shaken me to my core and I will discuss my reaction in the conclusion of this article. 


In the first day, I received a total of over 200 dreams and visions. I couldn't print them all, so here is a small sample size. 

Dreams and Visions

I had a dream I was in bed when the EAS on my phone went off, announcing the nukes were on their way. My new husband and I were holding each other and I was so scared and hysterically crying, I couldn’t get the words “I love you” to come out of my mouth. I woke up and held him so tight it woke him up. It was a terrifying dream.

Well Dave you wanted dreams and visions I've got plenty. I won't type all of them out just the first vision and the last dreams as of Jan. 2019. 3 &1/2 years ago I had an open vision (my first and only prophetic vision). I saw a white map in front of me and suddenly there were many ants on the bottom left of the map (California) they moved east across the USA. When I saw these ants moving I knew that whatever it was it would be THE EVENT. At the time I thought Islamic terrorists? Now I know what they mean and I know they are sent here to take America down. After that I started to have dreams, at first once a month then they came closer together and more often. I've had many rapture dreams of being in a waiting room watching a door (Jesus represents the door) and the door would get brighter as Jesus got closer to the door. I had dreams of missiles flying across the black sky but the missiles produced fire they were white with a red tip (China?) I saw a large missile that was brown and in my spirit it was Russia, I even touched it.

Fast forward to Jan. 2019. Early Jan. I had a Matthew 24:37-39 (1) dream 4 days in a row. I was walking down the streets of Israel and everybody was talking and laughing and shopping. This meant they were eating and drinking and then the flood came. Jan. 19th I had the Rev. 12 dream. This one was about a pregnant woman she was running through this large room she was sick and hungry but could not eat she was being chased. Suddenly her water broke and was shimmering on the floor. She ran to an open door (Jesus) and went inside and hid. Everything in the room was black except for a little bit of light. The furniture was black and the floor (everything). I asked Jesus to send me a dream only if it was significant and just before He returns. It was a short dream on March 24th. I heard the trumpets and I went outside and looked up and there were angels in the clouds holding up their trumpets and blowing them.

The last dream I had was on April 6th, this dream was different than the others. My husband and I were walking outside at a swap meet and there were so many people looking and talking. We met a couple who were Christians and they were talking to their teenage daughter about the Catching up (Rapture) but she didn't want to listen. I asked the wife if she's had any prophetic dreams and she said "Yes! so many." We walked away and talked. Suddenly we were in a building/warehouse and we were all sitting, I noticed my husband wasn't there and the teenage girl wasn't there. Someone ran into the room and said "It's here!! It's the rapture" I remember saying "Thank you Jesus, for loving me and accepting me." It became stormy outside and the building started to rock and sway and the roof blew off and suddenly I was pulled up and I saw the people in the room going up too. I was so joyful I saw a bright sky and was going up and up. Then I woke up. I've lost count of all the dreams I had before these in 2019, but I never had prophetic dreams before the open vision happened. I'm on fire for the Lord. My husband has never had a prophetic dream and he's kind of luke warm. I hope you get something out of these dreams.

They are all biblical. God bless.

I was taught to hold dear to the things God shows you. Several years ago I dreamt that I was fighting a war, running thru the high desert with these kids. The earth was burnt, scorched. I had also dreamt of an angel with a staff above the earth, blood dripping from the staff, I later learned this was Rev 6, I was 13 when I had that dream. I had not read Rev. At that age. My mom dreamt of these people walking dazed and confused, covered with the dust of the earth walking from the SW, California thru Oregon and Idaho. A great earthquake. Rev. 16:18 (2) etc. Learned these scriptures later. My mom said in her dream, she could see the people's faces, clothes, detailed.

3 people in the Pastor Carl Gallups, and 3 in the Pastor Rick Wiles family had dreams that were practically identical, a short time apart, only emerged eventually in family discussions. In each case USA is devastated by extreme events; flooding, invasion, on fire, huge life loss, famine, sickness, collapse...those are just six people out of 1000s of testimonies very much the same for the last 80 years....I am talking believers, children, men, pattern to what age they were when they had the dream(s), or how many times they had such dreams in their lifetime (sometimes only once, sometimes over and over or just a few times, varies), where they live in USA (small amount in Europe or elsewhere to my knowledge), what type of Christianity stream they swim in, (Evangelical or Charismatic is one common trait), etc. God is all over it. "You cannot make this stuff up" as they say. The bible is nothing without dreams, or visions, prophecy, signs in nature to warn and to guide, yet (thanks to the Dark one, believers ended up acting like its all hocus-pocus, yes discernment needed, but its normative in the bile, not the opposite....). God bless one and all, if you live in USA, leave if you can, otherwise fast and pray.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a field of golden wheat, it was blowing back and forth in the wind gently, the presence of the LORD was upon me. Looking at it I could see that I too was one of the wheat stalks in the field and that it seemed to be mid afternoon as well as the wheat was full and very near to harvest time. I woke praising GOD. I realized how close to the harvest we must be. Repent and seek the LORD for our time has come upon us and is at the door. Love to all praise be to our FATHER praise GOD praise JESUS 🙏🏻

About a year ago, I had a vivid dream. I came out of work and my car wouldn't start, as well as all my coworkers cars. I knew immediately that it was an EMP, so I started walking home. I came to an overpass that a freeway ran below. The freeway was a parking lot, and all these people were climbing up the embankment looking dazed and shell shocked. It was peaceful and calm, but I felt it wouldn't last long before violence would break out. I prayed to GOD to please let me make it home

I shared my bad dream with a 15 year, long-time friend that fared well in the "new life". They found out they were already prepared. Never knew before. God guides connections.

I have had a reoccurring dream where my neighborhood is lined up and we are in a camp. One by one, we are taken to the Guillotines. They are being operated by Muslims and Mexicans and they are in UN attire. The guillotines are automated. In my dream I always run and am caught and I am beheaded with an ax. I have this dream several times per week.

In 2016, a week before the election, I had a very vivid dream that still haunts me. I had woke up to find a person dressed all in black with a black hood standing in my door way. It raised a pistol and shot me in the neck. I knew there was nothing I could do. I felt a certain peace as I felt the blood spurt from my neck. I asked God to forgive me. I asked my children and my father to forgive me for not doing more. It was so real. I have also had a few dreams that people were wandering through the woods on my property. Not so much a threat, more like wandering lost s I am in a forum of people who have shared their dreams. Many of them have dreamt of being in a tent City, and many are preparing tents, food, and clothing.

This was a strange dream for me , I was walking near a park in the afternoon and I saw a silver disk in the sky far off , it got closer and closer . So close that I could make it out as a silver hat shaped object.I said to myself , this is a UFO. I immediately felt a sense of pure evil .....I rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ. It slowly started to depart away from me and then disappeared . Then moments later , the entire sky turned dark and I ducked into a nearby abandoned house for cover . I remember going to the window and looked up and saw a huge black gun metal triangle mother-ship which was the size of city. I saw the underbelly of this lets call it a ship ( which had a deep humming sound , unpleasant ) I saw a huge demonic face design which covered almost the entire bottom of the craft. I also felt as if it was trying to intimidate or threaten me.......then I woke up. Very strange dream of a deep spiritual nature in my point of view.......

My dream from last night involved solar system shrapnel (sharp glass like objects) raining on my home area - like you Dave regarding how I receive dreams (do not get many dreams or recall them if I do). I see overwhelming evidence of major events like this around the globe now.

I recently had a dream where terrorists in gray uniforms came across our border and were going from city to city and killing everything in site. In the dream we were watching the events on TV. On TV, the military told us to arm ourselves and stay inside. The highways were too jammed up to escape. All of the towns and cities were in the state of Texas. I live in Dallas.


Many of the dreams shook me to my core. I am not losing hope, but I will lose sleep. People really resonated with this endeavor. This was third most responded to publication in the history of The Common Sense Show. We all feel it, something big is coming. It may have already started. Thanks to those who had the courage to share their dreams and visions. May God bless and protect all of us.


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