Melania Chastised Because She Refuses to Be a Spokesperson for Vaccines


The First Lady, without comment has steadfastly refused to be a spokesperson for vaccines. Now, the tremendous criticism is coming her way. Again, this issue shows us all what life will be like if this batch of liberals ever capture the White House.

CNN went on to criticize the first lady because she refused to speak on behalf of vaccines and then cited the multiple measles outbreak. What CNN intentionally forgot to tell its dwindling viewership, was that the measles outbreak would not be touched by current vaccines because the strains of measles are not American based and are being brought to America by illegal immigrants crossing our border. This has been acknowledged bin t several health departments in several states. This is just another event in the long line of lies perpetrated by the MSM. 

Here's the rest of the story as being perpetrated by the MSM which tells us what Melania knows that the rest of us should...