FEMA Camps of the Mind

mind control

I have a friend, his name is Vance Davis. At one time,ance Davis existed in the upper levels of power in the world. He was an NSA agent attached to NATO. Of all the people I have known, Vance reshaped my world view. I came to fully understand Steve Quayle’s admonition that one cannot solve the dilemma that has become the New World Order, with physical strategies. Physical strategies must be employed, however, as Steve states “this is a spiritual war above all else”. When Steve made that statement on my radio show, I knew he was correct because I heard the same from my father (1984-1986). And then came along, Vance Davis.

The Late Great Art Bell

The first time I have ever heard to the Art Bell show was in 1993 an it was quite by accident. The show formerly aired on Phoenix’s largest station, KTAR. With my wife out of town on business, I had just listened to a sporting event on the radio as I was working on a proect, and with the radio still playing, I laid down and I had my first exposure to Art Bell. His first guest was Vance Davis. Vance had recently been released from prison because while working at NATO for the NSA, he discovered a plot to effectively destroy humanity. He and some of his colleagues deserted their post, refusing to participate in what they had been tasked with doing. You might be wondering what would cause a loyal American to desert? Vance learned about a plot that had initially failed to alter the soul of a human being, so transhumanism was ushered in as a strategy and it had an ET connection to it. Someday, I will ask Vance to reveal the primal details. For now, let’s just suffice it to say that Vance refused to participate in the early days and the ushering in of the transhumanistic agenda. Those of you who missed Steve Quayle’s conference in Branson, MO., last year, missed a great opportunity to fully understand Satan’s transhumanistic agenda which is designed for all of us. For now, let's just say the words "depopulation" and "dehumanization" will suffice.  

Following his desertion, Vance and his colleagues were caught and thrown into solitary confinement in prison. Eventually, one of the most evil men to ever serve in the White House, George H. W. Bush, will pardon Vance and his colleagues. They had hoped that a CIA psyops already in place would totally discredit their story.

At the same time, I was in my 9th year of keeping the secrets my father revealed to me regarding his work in the R & D component of reverse engineering Nazi scientists’ technological breakthroughs. To a man, the Nazi scientists told my father that aliens were the source of their breakthroughs in physics. My father told me that the scientists, themselves never claimed to have met these aliens, but they said their supervisors did. My father thought it was a cover story. However, my father did not live long enough to learn what I have about the topic.

In the interview with Art Bell, Vance revealed the secret agenda to take down humanity. Transhumanism was not yet in our lexicon, but that is what he was describing. After listening to the interview, I was convinced that Vance probably knew what my father did about the Nazi connection to our military and our secret space program. I was handicapped by my promise to my father to not to publicly reveal what he had told me because my mother would lose his pension and probably all material assets that he had accumulated. However, I did reach out to Vance, because I surmised that he knew a lot more than what he revealed in the interview.

I eventually tracked down Vance and left a message. Instead of calling me he had an associate, Bill Pawelec reach out to me. Bill, at the time was the owner of a cable TV company in the Albuquerque area. As I was to learn, Bill Pawelec was ex-Air Force Intel and did contract work for the CIA. As coincidence would have it, Bill actually worked with my father for a year at Sundstrand Electric in Westminster, CO. When Bill called me on Vance’s behalf, he put me through an intense interrogation. Eventually, he put Vance and I together.

As I have revealed in a previous article, the three of us along with former astronaut, Ken Anderson, began to work with CEO, Ken Lay, from Enron and we were working on what we could now call, Zero Point energy. We had made plans with Enron to publicly reveal this technology through the creation of a community to be constructed in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. However, before the project could be brought to fruition, the Deep State swooped in and framed Ken Lay for crimes that I do not believe he committed. All of us connected to this project, had a our lives disrupted. Bill Pawelec contracted cancer and died very quickly and I never believe that this was a coincidence. Ken Lay, the CEO of Enron, did NOT commit suicide as this false narrative was sold to the public.

Actually, what happened to us was not the first time history has witnessed the suppression of this technology. Tesla was a victim of this coverup as well.

The development of this technology would have produced a free and independent humanity. The planet could have sustained a population of billions of more people than currently exist. This is antithetical to the depopulation agenda being forced upon humanity.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the TV show, Colony, which is in syndication on Netflix accurately lays out the plot as laid out in this article. Whoever, produced this show completely understands this agenda and its ultimate implications for humanity.

Senior NATO Non Commissioned Officer, Robert O. Dean

Those familiar with Robert Dean may be shocked to find out that our group had intimate contact with NATOs Senior Master Sergeant Dean. As NATO’s senior Noncom, I am certain that people with a military background will appreciate that Dean had the power of a high ranking general. In a series of closed door and private briefings, Dean revealed the ET connection to NATO, which in part was formed to control the Europeans “accidental” revelations of these facts and the accompanying agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, FEMA camp incarcerations and eventual genocide is coming to America along with a devastating lost World War (III). See the Deagel report which is, in part, published on The Common Sense Show. However, before this modern day version of Stalin, Mao and Hitler can commence, there is a definitive psyops that I learned from Bob Dean that is in play. Make no mistake about it, humanity is on a countdown for total rendition.

Prisons of the Mind

The New World Order goal to reduce the population and to brainwash the survivors does not have its origins from human entities. I have extensively covered the work of Jose Delgado and eventually what would become the beginnings of the CIA's mind control program originally run out of Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

I have also covered the fine work of Nick Begich Jr. (Angels Don't Play This Haarp). However, there is someone I want to introduce the audience to and her name was Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde. This scientist, in 2015, attended a European conference on the topic of mind control and the use of vaccines to achieve this objective.

Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde's last words at the conference:

    ...Today microchips of the size of 2 micromillimeter (hair diameter is 50 micromm) are inserted into general population without their consent e.g. in vaccinations-like the "swineflu" vaccin for their total control.  Medical personnel working in the field get different information of vaccine content than researchers and "insiders" who follow UN Agenda 21 for depopulation by 85% of the world population with various means.

    All medical schools teach that one is mentally ill if you hear voices in your head, feel that you are surveilled (often by neighbors), poisoned, beamed with microwaves and laser attacks, feel that your thoughts and dreams are read and reacted to by strangers and if you experience contact with the energy of a deceived relative, which according to European values, Gallup Poll, already 41% of Icelanders do.

Never do medical schools teach the differential diagnose of MK and the fact that this military technology exists and has been used for over half a century in total secrecy.  In military mind control is listed as a "nonlethal "weapon but in psychiatry the whole subject is tabu and considered as sign of mental illness to cover up unethical research on humans.  Under the UN Institute for Disarmament Research in Geneva has the year 2002 in which it listed mind control as a weapon of mass destruction along side with atom bombs!  

We have to help ourselves.  Nobody is going to help us.  No institute, no government, because we are under the government.  And these are government crimes, crimes against humanity.  And it is on the very highest level in every single country.  You can go up to the prime minister or the president . . . and they are behind false flag operations.

So what can we do?  First of all it's awareness, awareness, awareness.  Talk about it to anybody.  And people told me who are not victims they will not listen, and they don't want to listen because they are afraid.  Because if they listen they know they may become victims.  So they just deny everything.  But we have to.  Because one thing that helps us, I think.  We know there is no death, we have an energy body.  And it does keep us going and if it doesn't keep you going, it keeps me going because you know you cannot die.  And that's why I am not afraid. (Editor's note: Perhaps she should have been afraid, Kilde was murdered immediately following this conference).  We are talking about FEMA camps for the mind and this is ongoing as I write these words. This will not be the last work on this topic. In the meantime, make plans to attend Steve Quayle's conference in Branson this September.