The United States of Google and the Rise of the 4th Reich

google united states

Technocracy expert, Patrick Wood, contacted me last night regarding the Project Veritas revelations in relation to the latest criminal antics emanating from Google. And before I recount the conversation and its very profound implications for every American, I want to once again review an event which took place last year when I was attending Steve Quayle’s conference on Transhumanism in Branson, MO.

Doug and Joe Hagmann, Curves founder, Gary Heavin and myself were sitting poolside at the local Holiday Inn, after the final night of the Branson conference. I was bemoaning the fact that President Trump was not acting with the legal authority and force afforded to him by the rule of law against Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for their illegal censorship of conservative opinion. Eventually, I found myself talking on speaker phone to an advisor to Trump. I was explaining the finer points of Open Forum laws and anti-trust legislation with regard to freedom of speech. Without launching into a detailed explanation of the finer points of the law, essentially, if Big Tech claims Open Forum law exemptions and also claims exceptions to anti-trust legislation, they cannot censor. And if they are not afforded these protections, they are personally liable and criminally responsible for every post (eg pedophilia, drug sales, etc) that appears on their platforms. In the course of the conversation, Trump’s advisor was taking notes and I know the message was received because the following week, Trump, in a press release, parroted one of the exact and unique phrases I kept emphasizing. I was hopeful, as were the Hagmanns, that something would happen to the illegal censoring of conservatives. Crickets chirping…..more crickets chirping….

The Branson conference preceded the 2018 midterm election by 6 weeks. Since most voters do not make up their mind until the final 72 hours before they vote, there was plenty of opportunity for Trump to act. A serious investigation into Google and the other Big Tech companies could have set the Democrats back on their collective backsides on election day. But again, all we heard from Trump was ……(silence) after one episode of blustering against Big Tech followed up by absolutely no action on the President’s part.

What was the final result of Trump’s inaction on this critical issue related to the censorship of conservatives, especially Christian conservatives? The new American communist party (ie the Democrats) seized control of the House of Representatives and the result has been nothing Trump bashing as the work of the People has gone ignored. Trump’s agenda is dead in the water. The Democratic obstructionists will do nothing to improve the lives of Americans because Trump might get credit. This was the result of Trump’s inaction.

Adding Insult to Injury

As the good people of America lost the House of Representatives in 2018, we are about to lose both houses of the Legislative Branch as well as the Presidency in the upcoming 202 election because the bulk of (ignorant) voters will never know what is about to hit them. How did this blight upon the People appear and spread like a stage four cancer? When we consider the fact that over half the country is dumber than a box of rocks, by choice, we Americans will, in part, become extinct because of our collective ignorance. Steve Quayle has stated on my radio show that many people are “DUD”; “Dumb Until Death”. The Bible expresses Steve’s colloquialism with the following scriptures:

Proverbs 10:21  

21 The lips of the righteous feed many,
    but fools die for lack of sense.


Hosea 4:6  

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
    because you have rejected knowledge…


Job 36:12  

12 But if they do not listen, they perish by the sword
    and die without knowledge.

When we look at Job 36:12, I am reminded of Representative AOC’s highly offensive “concentration camp” comment that has rightfully offended so many Jewish people. However, if America does not wake up and take action against Google and the other Big Tech companies, scripture is clear as to what will happen to America. We will indeed be “Dumb Until Death” as we are marched off to the Concentration Camps described by Obama’s political benefactor, Bill Ayers, as he was recounting to Larry Grathwohl what would happen to conservative Americans when the liberals take charge.

My Conversation with Patrick Wood

I have been familiar with Pat Wood for nearly 40 years when he co-authored the book, Trilaterals Over Washington.  I have collaborated with Pat on various things since 2004 and I have never seen him so incensed and frustrated as last night. He boldly stated that Google, following Veritas revelations, is guilty of sedition. During our conversation he read the definition of sedition and it fits with Google executives were saying when they proclaimed “There will never be another Trump…etc.”.  Google executives who are actively plotting, not just the election interference admitted to in the tape, but their intent to control all federal elections and totally subvert the will of the people. On this point, please allow me to be clear. This is an overthrow of the US government, the elected US government. Google is guilty of treason and barely anyone is noticing.

Pat and I both agree on this point. Pat expressed bewilderment at the passivity of the Independent Media (IM) on this issue. We could expect MSM silence and a blackout on reporting this issue, but the IM?

Please refer back to Job 36:12, since we do not listen, we will die by the sword.  In the course of our conversation, Pat stated “every revolution has a purge that accompanies the event”. Hear my words America, that purge will contain the descriptor, FEMA Camps.

This morning, every able-bodied American should be in the streets demanding action against Big Tech. However, on our radio show, Paul Martin said it best when he said “we are going to go to bed one night and wake up in a different world”. Americans will be shocked into violence when the majority realize what they have lost. By then, it will be too late.


Hitler, Stalin and Mao should have been so lucky to have had a Google as their partner in oppression. The country and the world are witnessing the rise of the 4th Reich. Google has declared itself your Lord and master. over our collective lives. Google will determine who gets elected and subsequently what policies will be implemented. Google has decided what you can read, see, hear and think. And just like Google does in China with the Social Credit System, what you say will one day prove fatal. Oh, you say “it could not happen here”. Again, read these words very carefully America, our elections are meaningless. Our laws are meaningless when it come applicability to the elite. It is a case of “rules for thee, but not for me”.  Our American Constitution has been replaced by Google’s dictatorial rule over us. We have been betrayed by our elected leaders and as a result, you live in the matrix. The matrix was not a movie, it was a prediction.

You might say I am over-reacting. Let’s look at some numbers. Did you know that 65% of us cannot find Iraq on a map, yet our neocon government was responsible for millions of deaths in the country? Did you know that half of America cannot name the Vice-President? Did you know that 25% of us do not even have a bank account? Did you know that 40% of could not afford a $400 car repair bill? So many of our fellow Americans are so busy keeping the wolf from the door, they have no clue what has happened to their liberties. And if they think things are tough now, wait until we have 300 AOC’s and Omar’s elected to Congress as a result of Google’s propaganda. Google is your new government, it’s just that most are still too ignorant to see it. When will America wake up? Americans, in mass, will wake up when they cannot feed their children and be able to afford to put shoes on their feet.

Google reminds me of the old west’s company town where the mining company owns the house you live in, the stores you shop in and every other business. Google and their subsidiaries will soon own everything including what few possessions you are allowed to keep, what you are permitted to know, what you are permitted to say and if you are not careful, Google will soon own your soul. I can guarantee you that the Google censors have not made algorithms that favor Jesus.

If there any hope? As long as we have breath, there is hope. However, I am not rushing to Vegas to place my bet. After some much needed contemplation, I will likely write an action plan that most will ignore. And that would be OK if my fellow countrymen would improve upon my ideas. Until then America you live in a country that is being overthrown by Google and amazingly the accompanying treason and sedition is going unpunished. Congratulations America……

You now live in the United States of Google.