Proof That the Clintons Are Tied to Epstein, Cartels but the Fix Is In -No Justice for the Victims


Justice will not be done when it comes to obtaining retribution for the children sexually abused, with some being murdered in hunting games played out by the elite on Epstein's so-called "Orgy Island". We know and can prove that the Clinton Foundation is tied to Epstein at the operational level. A case involving a Clinton Foundation associate surfaced south of Tucson in the summer of 2018. The authorities, despite overwhelming evidence, were able to bury the case. The sex trafficking camp they found at the Tucson site was linked to Soros, Rothschild, Clintons and the former President of Mexico. the Tucson site was a cartel operation operating on American soil. 

We have new information that ties the Epstein sex trafficking empire into the Tucson case and Hollywood's NXIVM. My research makes it clear that Epstein's empire was part of a bigger trafficking operation that was global and was associated with household names in the Democratic Party, business and industry, banking (eg HSBC), and globalists yet to be named. As I am discovering, the empire of Child Sex Trafficking is huge and spans the entire globe and goes right to the tops of governments and the so-called elite. 

The Tucson Tie to the Global Sex Trafficking

 A very telling case surfaced in Tucson a year ago which demonstrates how high up the sex trafficking operations and subsequent cover-up goes. Previous news reports noted that Veterans on Patrol, in 2018, a local advocacy group in the Tucson region that seeks out homeless veterans in washes and desert areas, found a strange encampment and concluded that it was being utilized by sex traffickers to exploit children. 

The group posted photos and video online featuring straps attached to trees that they claimed were “restraints” used to assault children sexually.  In addition, the group noted that a small hastily-made shelter at the camp looked as though children had been held there against their will. “Dear Cartel: You have entered our backyard & harmed our children. We are coming 4 U,” says a note taped by members of the group to a post at the campsite. SGT Report noted that a video posted by former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer on Twitter purports to show a “holding cell” and other signs that children were being sexually exploited at the camp. #Anon on 4Chan noted that veteran group investigators believe that the camp was being operated by four-to-six men “at any given time.”  “A cartel member responsible for the camp showed themselves earlier and attempted to scare us off the property despite having no legal right to do so,” #Anon posted. “Needless to say, it didn’t work. After it became clear to him how screwed he was, he disappeared on horseback into the Tohono O’odham [Native American] reservation.” The post, which was featured by SGT Report, went on to note that local media was treating the find as though it were nothing.

Nothing? Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, a former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper and founder of Vets 4 Child Rescue, investigated the scene himself and said the media’s denial of what likely took place at the camp regarding children is baffling. He noted that he and others found the bizarre tree restraints, an underground septic tank — a perfect place to keep children hidden from which they could not escape — dozens of boxes of hair dye, and sex lubricant to be indicative of more than just a homeless camp. “It could have been a homeless camp, where the people were just weird or mentally ill. But there are a group of trees that look like rape trees,” Sawyer previously told The Hagmann Report. “Rape trees are essentially what the drug traffickers, coyotes, tend to want to use to rape people. They tie them to it and take their undergarments and hang them up on the trees as some sort of trophy. We found in this camp a group of trees with all manner of fire hoses nailed to them and loops and different straps and different types of rope.” 

As The Gateway Pundit reported, “The land on which the bunker was found is owned by Cemex Construction Materials South, LLLC., a multinational building materials company in Mexico and partner of the Clinton Global Initiative. 

From: VOP Alpha Co -  ...The following contains a trace of Cemex's associations and history. The Mayor Tucson is implicated by name (ie Mayor Rothschild, no, I am not kidding). The Illuminati is implicated. The Federal Government is implicated and their has been at least one Federal investigation into Cemex, according to Reuters.The land in question is owned by Cemex and they are a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative. Cemex is linked to Haiti through the Clinton Foundation along with the theft of $2 billion of UN relief aid intended for Haiti. The report states that Cemex is a $100 million donor to the Clinton Foundation (Editor’s Note: One has to wonder if this payment was a pay for play? Read on because this speculation will make more sense). Cemex is also owned by Bronfman-Rothschilds. That would central banking heads of state so to speak. Sara Bronfman’s husband became the head of Libya-SA trade initiative after the Clinton/Obama led overthrow of Ghadaffi. So the people tied to sex trafficking are some of the most powerful people on the planet. Interestingly, Cemex is under a US DOJ investigation according to a 2018 Reuters article.

The investigation comes after the company said in December that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) had asked it for information to determine whether it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the construction of a new plant in Colombia. Editor’s Note: It is not clear what they are under investigation for. It is not clear what this “plant” in Colombia is all about. Is it tied to child-sex-trafficking? That question cannot be answered at this time because there is a media blackout on this investigation except for a brief update on May 18th by the Wall Street Journal. However, the articles did not reveal anything significant related to the specific crimes.

Emillano Salinas is the son of the former President of Mexico. Salinas is an ex-member of NXIVM, the nasty Hollywood cartel with sex trafficking ties. Salinas is tied to CEMEX as well. Don't be surprised because every Mexican President is on the payroll of the cartels. You may recall that former Smallville actress  Allison Mack who had self-admitted involvement in the controversial NXIVM organization. Salinas worked for Lazard Investments. Lazard Investments is connected to George Soros. Jonathan Rothschild is the Mayor of Tucson. I have known for years that the Pima County Sheriff is controlled by the Rothschild-Greenberg cartel.

The Clinton ties become obvious as one delves into the details. As we know that CEMEX paid the Clintons $100 million, we can consider this to be a middle man fee paid to the Clinton Initiative, aka the right to do business, which is a common cartel practice in their version of pay to play. On the other side of CEMEX-Clinton association is Epstein. NXIVM tied into this central hub of sex trafficking as a result. Some of my sources have indicated that this is the largest business on the planet. It is bigger than nuclear arms production, drug sales and gun running. HSBC banks launders the money for these groups as revealed on the CSS by John Cruz, former HSBC Vice President. 

The names associated with this unholy operation are beginning to leak out as evidenced by excerpts from the following article:

QUOTE: the cult’s "ally" Chuck Schumer was compromised because the cult possessed all of his financial records.
QUOTE: In addition to Schumer and Clinton, the sex cult had deep ties with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
QUOTE: There is more to come on this shocking story, involving a large number of Democrat Party leaders and donors, Hollywood, and some storied American families.
Trial of the cult’s leader reveals some shocking ties to the Democrat party elite. And the cult’s crimes from sex trafficking to child pornography threaten to destroy the Democrat Party because the despicable sex cult had close ties to Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats. Keith Raniere, the founder and leader of the notorious NXIVM sex cult has been found guilty on all counts against him.Included in his crimes was sex trafficking from Mexico and child pornography. The jury at Brooklyn Federal Court reached its verdict after only brief deliberations Wednesday.
Raniere violated young girls from Mexico he brought illegally into the U.S. and imprisoned them on threat of deportation by the cult. He was also convicted of charges stemming from human experiments and Satanism-inspired rituals that took place at the cult. According to the mountains of evidence exposed by this historic trial there could be repercussions for a number of leading Democrats, including some 2020 presidential contenders.
"The defendant tapped into a never-ending flow of women and money," the prosecution said of Raniere after his conviction, calling him a "crime boss with no limits and no checks on his power." In addition to the shocking evidence of sexual depravity, kidnapping, torture and worse, the records presented at trial also show NXIVM’s involvement with major players in the Democrat party.
Evidence presented shows how the NXIVM sex cult illegally raised money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, how it counted Clinton friend Richard Mays and Kirsten Gillibrand’s stepmother as active members of the cult and Gillibrand’s father as an employee. And in breathtaking fashion it was proven that the cult’s "ally" Chuck Schumer was compromised because the cult possessed all of his financial records.
The NXIVM sex cult had deep opposition research files on its political enemies, including Roger Stone, according to documents from the trial. Documents from the NXIVM archives are also shedding light on how the sex cult stored data on top politicians including Chuck Schumer — whom the cult viewed as a "friendly" ally, and Hillary Clinton (Editor's Note: This is only part of what came in the NXIVM trial)...

Pausing to Connect the Dots

We can follow the logical chain of command from the evidence presented so far:
Rothschild family interests-NXVIM-CEMEX- Mexican Presidents-Cartels- HSBC Bank
On a parallel leg we see the following:
Rothschild interests-NXVIM-Clinton Foundation-American and Mexican politicians paid to look the other way-HSBC 

From what I have found, I am certain that these two legs of compromising a criminal enterprise is only a small part of this overall criminal family tree. For example, I am certain that I will stumble upon a prominent UN connection as they are deeply embedded into the new Mexican National Guard. I am convinced that one of the reasons that the Mexican National Guard was created was to bury the criminal associations of the Federal Police with the aforementioned groups and individuals. In other words, this new force helps to bury evidence from the past law enforcement activities of the Mexican government. 

And as we will see in a moment, a compromised legal system designed to derail the Epstein probe into his criminal associations with identifiable elite. For example, it is being widely reported the Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express over 70 times that we know of. 

Of course, there will be justice and the evil-doers will go to prison, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. It's not that simple. 

The Fix Is In-There Will Be No Draining of the Swamp Arising Out of the Epstein Case

Talk about the fox watching the hen house. You will not believe who is on the prosecution team in the Epstein case. 

From the Washington Examiner:  

The Justice Department team that is leading the prosecution of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein includes the daughter of former FBI Director James Comey…Maurene Comey, an assistant U.S. attorney, was named alongside Alex Rossmiller and Alison Moe as the prosecutors assisting Berman with the case.

Many of you just gasped at this shocking revelation and obvious conflict of interest. 

In my interview with John Cruz, when he revealed Clinton Foundation complicity in the laundering of child-sex-trafficking funds through HSBC bank, it was revealed the James Comey was on the Board of Directors at HSBC Bank. Following the crisis of revelation, Comey was fast-tracked to the FBI to become its director. As all know, Comey also failed to close the loop on Clinton's criminal handling of 33,000 classified emails which should have landed her in prison. Comey admits that he and his daughter strongly supported Hillary in the 2016 election. Need I say more about the fix being in. 


Are you holding your breath for revelations as to who all was involved in the Epstein case? You better have good lungs, because nothing is going to be coming out of a significant nature. Those of us, a very small percentage, will know much more about how criminal many of our leaders are. However, nothing will change. The fix is already in in this case. However, the revelations, which will be unreported in the MSM, will be interesting to note.