Hong Kong's Date With Martial Law (Pt 1)- America You Are Next!


The specter of martial law is going to rear its head all across the planet as the spirit of populism and popular uprisings is upon us. What is happening across the planet is also happening in America. What’s going on in foreign lands is also going to happen here is the extreme Left gets there way.

Three Types of Martial Law

There are three basic kinds of Martial law and recognizing the difference can play a very important role in survival, Here is a brief summary of the three broad type of martial law

1)  The first type of martial law only involves the military. In America, this ties in closely to the Military Code of Justice. In short, it is the law of the discipline and control of only the military. The civilian population, in this type of martial law does not directly impact the civilian population.     

2)  The second type of Martial Law is utilized in a time of war. Typically, the ruling authority governs any foreign land in its military occupation, or it can be used to deal with civilian dissent. The governing authority is characterized by a military commander. There is no Constitution and the people are governed at the whim of the military establishment. In this type of martial law, the goal is the repression of some type of civil unrest or even a revolution. The government becomes totally militaristic. Justice is typically severe and very brutal. There is no due process or even a check and balance on military power. For example, there is no Supreme Court to challenge the validity of military actions. Many bad historical moments have happened under this type of martial law including the imposition of the mass executions of protestors like what we are going to witness in Hong Kong.  

3) The third kind of Martial Law is the type that is enforced by the military. However, this type of martial is far different than the one described in the previous paragraph. This is an occupation form of martial law. Think Stalin, or think Hitler as anyone who is anyone who is deemed to be a potential enemy of the state will be exterminated. China’s prisons have been a long-term manifestation of this type of perpetual martial law For example, forced organ extractions of political enemies has become a way of life in Communist China.   

The people of Hong Kong can be admired for their resilience as a people trying to achieve independence. However, many of the people who are now protesting and even being responsible for the shutdown of Hong Kong’s international airport, will be dead or in a Chinese prison within six months.

The people of Hong Kong will first experience the second type of martial law. In two months, the Chinese are celebrating their Maoist Revolution. The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) may wait before dropping the hammer. For now, they are simply trying to intimidate the people of Hong Kong over the next 60 days. However, if the CCP feels that this uprising is turning into a full scale revolution, they will move swiftly and in a single night as they did in 1989 in Tiananmen Square.

Many have asked me if the I think that a Tiananmen-style crackdown is coming. I have said without a doubt. This is mostly due to the fact that the CCP cannot trust local law enforcement to do their/ job and do what is necessary to stop these riots. In short, the CCP invasion is coming because the 30,000 Hong Kong police officers are not capable of carrying out such a crackdown.   

Chinese Political Authorities have already signaled their intentions. Yang Guang, who is a frequent spokesperson for the Chinese government’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, has issued a strong  warning to the Hong Kong protesters. Guang has called these people “criminals” and he has issued a stern warning to the people of Hong Kong to not “take restraint for weakness.” He then reiterated the government’s “firm resolve in order to safeguard the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.” There are three major factors underlying Guang’s statements. First, as many know the Chinese, in particular their CCP will go to great lengths to avoid saving face. Second, they need to send a clear example to the people of China that any dissident behavior will be dealt with in a severer manner. Third, the CCP understands that Taiwan will be watching these events with great interest. The CCP needs to send a strong message. 

What Is Coming to Hong Kong

In order to predict the future, we must first examine the past. More than one million pro-democracy protesters occupied Tiananmen Square in April 1989 and began the largest political demonstration in communist China's history as it lasted six weeks. At first, the CCP seemed content to just contain the protests. However, when the protests spread to cities and universities across the country, the Chinese military unleashed all hell upon the people at Tiananmen Square.  

The demonstrators called for greater freedom and democracy and an end to what they called a dictatorship. Other students complained about inflation, wages and access to adequate housing. Like most young adults, these people were politically naive. They were calling for the overthrow of the CCP without the means to back up their demands. What did they think was going to happen? This will be Hong Kong's fate as well. 

On the night of June 3, 1989, CHICOM tanks moved in and troops opened fire, killing and injuring many unarmed people in Tiananmen Square. Afterwards the authorities claimed no-one had been shot dead in the square itself.

The Chinese government has never said how many protesters were killed, although estimates range from the hundreds to thousands. Most sources in the West place the death toll at 10,000. History may not repeat as Mark Twain once said, but it sure does rhyme. 


This is Hong Kong’s immediate future. In Part II of this series, an examination of phase III of martial law will be offered. The suppression of the rebellion by the people of Hong Kong will give way to an occupation of the city that will represent the third type of martial law, perpetual occupation.

There will also be a Part III of this series which will tell Americans why we need to be paying close attention to Hong Kong because what is about to happen to Hong Kong will be coming to America and it was already rehearsed in the Obama years. Pay close attention America, because we change course this is what is coming.