Revelations From the Underworld: Our Hidden History (Part 3)


The ultimate threats facing all of humanity come from above and below. This installment of this series deals with our hidden past and what we know about the threats from above which are tied to the threats below. 

In writing about the non-human entities that threaten mankind there are some basic principles that must be considered before providing details.

When a technologically superior culture encounters a technologically inferior culture, things do not end well for the inferior culture. Historical examples and sociological principles are uniform in the assertion of the principle that says one of two thing will transpire: (1) In the best case scenario, the inferior culture is absorbed by the superior culture (best case scenario); and, (2) the superior culture destroys the inferior culture (worst case scenario). As this series will demonstrate mankind is at the precipice of realizing its fate.

The Brookings Report

The Brookings Report is long considered the final arbitrator of NASA affairs as it relates to ET disclosure. In fact, the Brookings Report even states that when and if we travel out to the stars, and discover we have been there before (and we have), this, too should be covered up. The major reason listed in the report for necessitating a coverup, is that the report assumes that all of our institutions (eg religions) would fall apart because the paradigm from which human civilization is built would be destroyed. This is a fake cover story. What is really behind these planned coverups is that the global elite, through NASA, want to control the final narrative when it finally comes time for disclosure and we are clearly headed in that direction.  One important caveat, disclosure is synonymous with enslavement, and I believe will lead to the introduction of the Age of Transhumanism. By the way, we have been "out there" before. I would challenge the reader to carefully observe the  aerial photographs, portrayed below,  taken by the Viking explorer of the Cydonia region of Mars. You will note the infamous and NASA debunked “Face on Mars” and the 45 degree and 90 degree shadows. Nature is random and does not work in such a uniform manner. These are artificial creations. In fact, overlay Cydonia of the Giza Plateau and the structures perfectly line up. How do I know? I had several mutual friends of Richard Hoagland who already did the leg work and have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Using a software program called progression, one can line up where the stars would have been at any point in the past, present or future. There is no doubt that whoever, or whatever created the Giza pyramids, also created Cydonia’s structures. True to the Brookings Report, NASA maintained that Cydonia’s anomalies were due to “tricks of lights and shadows”. Yes, and Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, too! 

The Phoenix Lights, Giza and Cydonia Pyramids

After the 1997, Phoenix Lights incident, Hoagland, at the Phoenix Civic Convention Center, before an amazing crowd of 12,000 people, provided the overlay of Cydonia and Giza to a stunned crowd whose initial silence was met by a collective gasp. I was there, in the first row, thanks to mutual friends of Hoagland, and the event was life-altering. Richard Hoagland wrote a book entitled The Monuments On Mars that everyone who truly desires to begin to unlock our hidden past should read. I also refer the reader to the great work of John Anthony West who clearly demonstrates that the primitive Egyptians did not build the pyramids. Here is direct evidence of what we know to be true regarding the link between Cydonia and Giza:

Again, Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission, former NASA consultant, championed the similarities between the Mars Cydonia pyramids and the Giza Egyptian pyramids. After the Viking Explorer photos of the Cydonia region of Mars were released in the late 1970's, it became clear for anyone with eyes to see that whoever built the pyramids on Earth, also built the pyramids on Mars. Why? Because the astronomical alignment to key constellations in Earth folklore (e.g. the Egyptian Book of the Dead).

Cydonia Pyramids

Giza Pyramids



Orion stars

A striking characteristic of the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza is the way in which they are integrated into a grand architectural plan, based on mathematical and astronomical data. The two narrow shafts emanating from inside the Great Pyramid were directed to two specific stars: Zeta Orionis, one of the three stars in Orion's belt, and Sirius, in the constellation of Canis Major. Both Cydonia and Giza pyramids share this commonality. I defer to Richard Hoagland for more a detailed explanation and comparison.

The Hyperdimensional Physics of Giza and Cydonia

Hoagland, with the help of experts has made the connection between  a number of intriguing mathematical and geographical connections between Cydonia and Giza. Math expert, Torun, while working for Hoagland, was first to realize that one of the large pyramids on Mars, the D&M Pyramid, contains a variety of functions and constants used in a sophisticated mathematical system known as tetrahedral, sacred geometry which represents the Tesla science known as Hyperdimensional Physics.

Evidence of such advanced and non three-dimensional mathematics on both planets at the same relative location on each planet, demonstrates a conscious design. Hoagland and his associates discovered that the most important recurring feature found in the mathematics of Cydonia is the value 0.865 - derived from the ratio of 'e' (an important mathematical constant equal to 2.7) and pi (the mathematical constant of 3.142 used to calculate the properties of spheres and circles). This Hoagland calls the 'message of Cydonia' A trigonometrical function, that arc tangent of 'e'/pi, gives the value of 40.8 that is the Mars latitude on which both the D&M Pyramid and the NK Pyramid are sited. Amazingly, another trigonometrical function, the cosine of 'e'/pi, gives the value 30, which is the exact geographical latitude of the pyramids of Giza on Earth. Hoagland has demonstrated that the Great Pyramid of Giza contains tetrahedral or sacred geometry functions identical to those of the D&M Pyramid on Mars, and Torun has shown that the positioning of the Great Sphinx, relative to the pyramids, expresses the 'Cydonian ratio 'e'/pi. 'The odds of such correlation happening by coincidence on two neighboring planets are somewhere in the region of one in 7,000, says Hoagland. One of the key angles of Cydonia, repeated again and again, is 19.5 degrees. this is precisely the latitude (19.5) degrees north. Which is also the exact latitude of the pathfinder-landing site. These are no coincidences despite what the Globalists would have you believe.

What Is Hyperdimensional Physics?

I had a very interesting conversation in an interview I conducted with Chris Kitze. He discussed how our educational system is designed to produce inferior math and science knowledge. He claims that this is due to the ET influence that wants to keep humans locked into the most primitive existence possible. In 1985, when I was speaking with my father on a nightly basis, he said that physics went through bifurcation. It was in these conversations with my father, I was introduced to the work of Tesla. In working to reverse engineer the conceptual physics of vertical lift-off craft that could achieve orbital escape velocity, my father's research team in conjunction with captured German scientists went beyond a three dimensional approach. They employed a branch of science that will later become known as hyperdimensional physics, the same physics that underlies both the construction and purpose (ie stargate) of the pyramids. The technology is multi-dimensional and to teleport objects, energy is "borrowed" from higher dimensions. Yes, Virginia, time travel is possible and probably is occurring because all one has to do is to master the 4th and 5th dimension to make all time a single event at a single point in time. This would make moving through time as easy as walking down the street to your grocery store. 

Just prior to the end of the 19th century, Tesla discovered hyperdimensional physics. Some years later, when he told industrialist Westinghouse, that he could bring "free energy" (ie zero point energy) to the masses, he was shunned as the preferred scientist to the rich and famous. The industrialist wanted nothing to do with any idea that a meter could not be placed upon a technology in order to derive maximum profit. Subsequently, and after his banishment from the rich and famous, Tesla had no choice but to go to work for the Navy where he was involved in the development of radar, sonar and yes, the attempted teleportation of a Navy ship in the controversial "Philadelphia Experiment". This was the resurfacing of hyperdimensional physics that got Tesla banned. Again, the technology was repressed and the Philadelphia experiment was sabotaged by entities who desired to keep control of this physics. 

One might wonder how I seem to know so much about this technology? The late Bill Pawelec, Vance Davis and others were working in conjunction with Enron to develop a community in the San Luis Valley of Colorado to use free energy (ie energy based upon hyperdimensional physics). I was involved in this project and witnessed what went down with our sponsoring partner, Enron. Enron was viciously and falsely attacked by the DOJ under the direction of Weissmann. Who is Weissmann? He was the hit man for many of the Mueller witch hunt prosecutions in the Russian-Collusion-Delusion. There were actually "dead man switch discussions" that I observed with regard to this technology. The principals knew they were playing with fire. As history showed, Enron was shut down after ignoring warnings to stop the production of this technology. Ken Lay was framed by Weissmann and prosecuted and then committed he supposedly committed suicide. But he did not commit suicide. How do I know? He had a trail of dead man switches which guaranteed his survival, so his suicide was faked, just like Epstein. 

Hyperdimensional Physics Is Resurfacing

Nazi knowledge of Hyperdimensional Physics as opposed to the Newtonian model that we largely teach today is still being actively repressed by the elite and nonhuman entities. However, mainstream science is catching up with the elite as evidenced by Michio Kaku's Superstring, multi-dimensional theory in which it is demonstrated that there are least 26 dimensions. The bifurcation of science that happened with the death of Tesla is about to be reunited. However, the Secret Space Program is, no pun intended, light years ahead of the discoveries of today's mainstream physics. In reality, there is probably nowhere that certain groups of humans have not been. 

There is no way that the self-appointed demonic powers that be, can keep a lid on this technology any longer. And just like the Bible promised, all things will be revealed. Disclosure could happen at any time. The unveiling of "sacred geometry" and hyperdimensional physics is already here and is being unsuccessfully represed. The veil of silence imposed by the Brookings Report is falling apart. People are waking up to the notion that we are not the first advanced human civilization that has occupied this planet. Our ancestors were far more advanced than we are (eg Cydonia). We are indeed, as Alex Jones has stated, a Prison Planet. 

It should be obvious that what is being said here is can be simply summed up in the following:

1. Mankind's knowledge is purposely being repressed so as to control humanity for the purposes of "others"

2. We are latest generation of humans living on this planet whose existence has been tampered with as we advance to the stage of being a threat. It is clear that at one time, humans occupied both Mars and Earth before their civilization was destroyed and mankind was forced to start over, again.  

3. Mankind is facing its biggest challenge as encounter entities which directly confront and seek to overthrow God and whose intent is destroy mankind, God's most previous creation. 

The human race, the prized creation of God Almighty, faces extreme dangers from above (the topic of today's article) and below. The dangers that lie below the earth are the most serious and the most deadly. Humans, without divine intervention. face multiple dangers, in the form of extinction level events, from multiple non-human entities. These will be revealed. In upcoming installments in this series, I will be covering the attack upon China Lake and the mad rush for DARPA to occupy the "low ground" in preparation to fight the non-human entities beneath our cities in a subterranean war. By the way, extreme earth changes will quickly enter into this series.   

In the meantime, I would suggest that the readers find one of the best predictive programming events in television history, the Twilight Zone. In particular, I am referring to the episode, To Serve Man. This will give this whole presentation a very unique perspective. 


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