Nine Nations Are Rehearsing Their Intentions to Attack the United States

putin and maduro

Some have asked me for more information about the Russian-Chinese war games which just took place. The information is readily available and should be highly concerning to every American. All of these nations are aligning against our country. 

There are some Americans who refuse to see the Russian/Chinese threat against America. In the previous parts of this series, the case has been made that Trump is being drawn into a trap by committing military resources and men to defeating Iran. It is becoming crystal clear that Russia and China are not going to make their final stand against the western bankers in Iran. They are going to resurrect Venezuelan oil in order to supply their BRICS nations defiance of the Petrodollar demands of the West. Yet, most Americans refuse to see the omnipresent threat that is right in front of their eyes.

This article will clearly demonstrate, that in addition to the Latin American states that are aligning against America, there countries around the world that are joining forces against the US they are training to defeat and occupy this country. In fact, it can accurately be said that the sentiment against America is so high, around the world, that as the reader will soon discover, even die-hard enemies are aligning against the United States. As aside, America, please allow me to ask a question. Why does the world hat America with such a vengeance? Answer: The world’s nations do not hate Americans. They hate the American government and their cruel and deadly brand of imperialism. However, millions of us could die because our government will put us in harm’s way in the coming conflicts. Now, it is a different story with both the Chinese and the globalists. They want YOU dead! When I made this statement at Steve Quayle’s Branson, True Legends Conference, many have told me that this revelation shook them to their core. Why do the globalists want Americans dead? Because we Americans have been raised on the notions of liberty and freedom, not bowing down to illegitimate authority. The globalist can take away our leaders and can burn the Constitution, however, they cannot erase the ingrained sense of liberty that exists in most Americans. Therefore, genocide is coming.

This spirit of genocide is also coming from the Chinese government. Genocidal intention against Americans is also coming from a Chinese perspective as well. Frequent visitors to The Common Sense Show may recall the articles I wrote which supported the Chinese intention to commit genocide against America. Why? Because they need our resources in the face of starvation and economic collapse. But when I have pointed out and documented these statements, many will retreat to a safe state of cognitive dissonance and refuse to recognize what we Americans are facing.

Russia and China have difficulty in projecting military power around the globe. However, in a collective sense they already are.

The following nations just participation in joint war games:


128,000 military personnel from following countries -

The drill included the use of 20,000 combat vehicles, drones/UAV’s as well as
600 aircraft.

Amazingly, India and Pakistan, one of the most heated rivalries on the planet, jointly participated in the drills. This is how deep the hatred for America that this growing global sentiment is growing. But wait, America, the news grows more concerning. Maduro was in Moscow, yesterday, met with Putin and addressed the Russian Legislature. Please refer back to a recent and previous article I wrote in which I noted that Venezuela has amassed 150,000 troops on the Colombian border, with the support of Russia and China in apparent anticipation of attacking Colombia where 5,000 American combat troops are stationed. Could anyone in their right mind think that Maduro’s presence in Russia has anything to do with these war games? By the way, would the readers care to speculate who these countries were practicing to fight? You guessed, the United States.  

My sources tell me that the Russian theater troops will fight in Iran, but the rest will be fighting in Latin America and soon could be coming to a neighborhood near you and they will all be wearing the blue helmets of the United Nations.