A Failed Schiff/CIA Led Coup Against Trump Will Bring Hillary Into the Presidential Race with Dire Consequences


On the way to writing an article, I received a call from an insider source that confirmed and expanded upon what I knew about the latest attempt to impeach President Trump and who is behind it.

On three occasions that I am aware of, President Trump has threatened to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. It seems like a good idea. Our presence, in America’s longest war in its history is accomplishing nothing from a national security standpoint. However, to say that it is not accomplishing something would be to miss the real reason why we still have troops in that country. It also explains, in part, why ISIS was formed.

Let’s begin with ISIS. In many different ways, I documented, on the CSS, beyond a a shadow of a doubt that Hillary and McCain started ISIS. Hillary made the first move, as I previously documented, by paying “blood money” to a small band of terrorists when she was on the board at LaFarge. This gave birth to the financial backing that ISIS needed to get started. Their money was used to entice other impoverished Muslims to join ISIS just like how American teens join street gangs. This is not a secret and has been widely reported. McCain, while he was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, blocked the destruction of American military equipment left behind in Iraq. This was deliberate and illegal, as by law, when the American military abandons a theater of war, the weapons are destroyed so our enemies, or potential enemies cannot procure needed muscle. McCain’s actions led to the small ISIS remnant suddenly appearing out of seemingly nowhere, to become armed to the teeth. Previously and with the help of former PSYOPS officer, Scott Bennett, I was able to piece together this scenario. However, many other outlets reached the same conclusion.

Why was ISIS created? ISIS was a transportation arm and a protection arm of drug trafficking coming out of Afghanistan. They protected some of the distribution points while carrying out terrorist activities which serves as an effect cover for their drug operation which is their main duty. They have also evolved into an effective and well-armed militia, thanks to the CIA, John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

The only thing that has changed since the war in Afghanistan began is that the heroin traffic has grown to the world’s biggest supply. Our US troops serve the purpose of protecting various drug lords drug distribution centers. How does this operation escape the scrutiny of Congress? It doesn’t, to be perfectly blunt. The reason that we are still in Afghanistan is because the Epstein/CIA/Mossad operation has compromised key American politicians. In a sense, Epstein’s Island was the center of the new (1984 style) Ministry of Truth. Entice key politicians like Adam Schiff, photograph him with underage girls, and you have a powerful ally in Congress. Multiple this strategy several times over and there is no danger that the war in Afghanistan will ever end. For George W. Bush, his complicity covered up his cocaine habit. For “Bathhouse Barry” as he was called, his seedy underworld Chicago lifestyle remains hidden as long as he leaves the war alone. At the center of all of this complicity is Jeffrey Epstein and spin off operations which exist to exact compliance through the blackmailing process. Hillary’s connection to ISIS and ultimately the Epstein empire keeps her out of prison. These forces extracted Epstein from prison and this explains why the guards were not in position when the extraction occurred. It is explains why the video footage, which was required in a suicide watch situation, are “not available”. It explains why Hillary has never stood trial.

Now, here comes Donald Trump. In two recent occasions he has threatened to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The infighting that would occur between the existing Afghan drug lords would collapse the system and cut into the might profits of the heroin empire. Hence, we have yet another attempt to remove Trump from power because he is not fully on board with these types of CIA led operations. And make no mistake about it, according to long-term sources, when we are talking  Afghanistan, we are talking about world domination with many key politicians. This is a Deep State operation.

Why not just kill Trump? The answer is simple. In 1963, there was no Independent Media (IM) except for the likes of people like Josiah Thompson and the late Jim Marrs. These men never let go of the assassination. Jim taught the first class on JFK assassination of the University of Texas. It took 30 years and a major movie to fully awaken the American people, that on behalf of David Rockefeller, Alan Dulles, LBJ, J Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon orchestrated the plot to kill JFK because of the threat he posed to the Federal Reserve, the nuclear arms race and of course JFK was opposed to the heroin cash cow known as Vietnam. The South Vietnamese President was assassinated three weeks before JFK because both men were not on board with sending troops into Southeast Asia to protect the drug trafficking of the Golden Triangle run by covert operations of the CIA. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia was Afghanistan, before the Afghan war. If there was an IM in 1963, this crime would have been solved by Christmas of the same year (30 days after the assassination). If Trump were to be assassinated, the IM would be all over this and the American people would more than likely rise up and the Deep State cannot afford this. So, covert operations must be employed by the CIA. This President must go before the election. This was the same exact thinking when JFK was assassinated. If JFK were to get a second term, he could irreparable harm to the Deep State of the day. The same is true for Trump. His border policies alone, could cost the globalists drug-trafficking trade, run by the CIA and the Mossad, billions of dollars.

Since the Russian collusion did not result in impeachment, the Ukraine plot was hatched. The plot is being led by Adam Schiff. Why Schiff? Because he is compromised, deeply compromised as in Deep State compromised. He is implicated in Epstein Island according to my best source. Because Trump is not fully on board and never has been with the Afghan War, he has faced the Russian collusion and now the nothing burger of Ukraine-gate and Schiff is leading the charge. The complicity of every American politician is being brought to bear. If you have noticed that until the past few days, Pelosi was dragging her feet on impeachment because she knows if it fails, her party is dead. Pelosi is implicated in border drug trafficking and stealing water out of Northern California and sending it to Communist China.  Even Bill Maher is opposed to this course of action by the Democrats with regard to impeachment. He sees the end of the Democratic Party if impeachment fails. Clearly, Maher did not get the memo. It is impeachment at all costs. The Deep State is reeling, and this is their Kamikaze attack. It is all or nothing.

These facts, listed above, have been fully communicated. However, what follows is not as well-known and is serving to fuel the Ukrainian frame up of Trump. I have information that comes out of the intel community that has shed light on this situation. In fact, this information is reverberating in the intel community. It is suppressed as I write these words and CNN and the rest of the MSM are scrambling to create a diversion that will take eyes off of what you are going to read right here.

My insider source, and the info was partially confirmed by another source, implicates Congressman Adam Schiff in a plot to overthrow the US government beginning with Donald Trump. Schiff is part of group, fronting for CIA/Mossad interests in drug trafficking.

Schiff is a compromised man. He is deeply implicated in the shenanigans of the Epstein child-sex-trafficking empire according to the source. As many world-wide politicians are, Schiff is being blackmailed by Epstein-related interests with a political agenda.

Schiff has another issue that he needs to cover up and it has to do with Ukraine. I have been told by this inside source that Adam Schiff was in league with Hunter Biden and corrupt Ukrainian officials and that Schiff received hundreds of thousands of dollars to steer Congressional oversight away from Ukraine. Why? Because the Ukrainian revolution was CIA inspired. Why? Because the CIA and the Mossad wanted their drug trafficking to extend to the Silk Road and Putin told the CIA where to go and what to do when they got there. Subsequently, the CIA initiated a coup in Ukraine and installed wholly corrupt EU figures in the power base of the country. This was something that the CSS reported on extensively when this was occurring. Ukraine is one of Russia’s main source for natural gas and the loss of Russian revenue related to this revolution in Ukraine. And what did Putin do, he retaliated and occupied Crimea. The previously identified Democrats moved into the vacuum and began to profit from the criminal enterprises that sprang up as a result of what was happening in Ukraine.  Some of these figures includes Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and Hunter/Joe Biden. 

The readers may have noticed that Mitt Romney has seemingly come out of nowhere to enter this controversy and go after Trump. If that seemed out of place to you, as it did to me, there was a very good reason for this. Mitt Romney has been after Trump since day one. Additionally, Jeff Flake who mysteriously resigned from the Senate and did not seek re-election has periodically surfaced to attack Trump and he has done so again over the Ukrainian issue. Why? Why are Flake, Romney and Schiff all on the attack? Why were 500 words deleted from the transcript of the call between Trump and Zelensky in order to create the illusion that Trump was obstructing justice? The answer is that Flake and Romney were involved in Hunter Biden’s criminal enterprise in Ukraine. They are all at risk. That is why these people are taking front and center against Trump.

My insider source did not give me the following information, but it must be related. It was announced, or should I say, purposely leaked, that Barr and Trump are looking for an international conspiracy with regard to American Deep State interests. This goes back to an Epstein international blackmailing operation. Trump is playing chicken with the Deep State. I recently scoffed when it was suggested to me that the Deep State was in a near-collapsed state. I am no longer skeptical. I am certain that Joe Biden, former President Obama, the late John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and many others are deeply compromised and it is on the verge of coming out and the Epstein blackmail enterprise may not be able to stop the disclosures.

And what about Schiff? Why is he leading the charge? Because he is willing to commit treason than risk going to jail for the rest of his life.

I will conclude these revelations with tweets from Trump that clearly shows he is in agreement with what is reported here.


“Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people. It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?” tweeted Trump.


Donald J. Trump





Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people. It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?



5:12 AM - Sep 30, 2019

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Donald J. Trump





The Fake Whistleblower complaint is not holding up. It is mostly about the call to the Ukrainian President which, in the name of transparency, I immediately released to Congress & the public. The Whistleblower knew almost nothing, its 2ND HAND description of the call is a fraud!



5:03 AM - Sep 30, 2019

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Twice, the President mentioned arresting Schiff for treason. He knows of what I have written about in this report. 

Also, Joe Biden is done. As these facts surface and his complicity in covering up for his son, Hunter, further surfaces, Elizabeth Warren will emerge as the candidate for the Democratic Party. What a joke!  She cannot win!  That is why Hillary, as I have said 22 prior times in print and in podcasts, will emerge as the candidate. If she cannot win, civil war will follow. We are in the middle of a Bolshevik Revolution. 

Oh, and one more thing. The CIA changed its whistleblower forms in late August to allow so-called whistleblowers to use hearsay statements.  Wouldn’t we all agree that this is a little bit too coincidental? And in the musical words of the late Tom Petty, which fully applies to the CIA's complicity here "Let's get to the point and roll another joint".  These CIA demons are killing our children with their drug operations.