Trump Has Mounted a Counter Attack Against the Attempted Deep State Overthrow of the Government


Our country's fate is being decided as I write these words. Some believe that we are seeing the final days of the Republic. I am not so sure. There are forces at work to turn back the coup being perpetrated by the Democrats. This article sets the for major announcements that will be forthcoming this week. 

President Trump has resisted engaging in a full-scale war. He has blustered and threatened many foreign powers, in an attempt to placate the military industrial complex. However, he has not committed to full ground war because the current President knows that moment that we commit the majority of our forces to a ground war on a different continent

Ony three years ago, The Common Sense Show detailed how leaders from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and Russia declared their intention to establish a means of continuous dialogue “to discuss and synchronize positions on international issues.” CELAC includes thirty-three countries in the Americas, but the United States and Canada are excluded. This is the breeding ground of a “Red Dawn Scenario”. Oh by the way, China just pledged $150 million in aid for El Salvador. Do the math!

President Trump did the math and he has developed new forumlas to deal with a United Nations plan to launch a 7 pronged, multinational and multifacted invasion of the United States. This was the United Nations fail-safe plan should Hillary Clinton not get elected and complete the takedown of the United States that began in earnest under former President Obama. 

By the end of the Obama Presidency, the most treasonous President in American history, had passed the mantle of tyranny to would-be-President, Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, for those hoping to witness demise of America, Donald Trump happened and Hillary was left in the rear with all of her useless edicts which now sit dormant. However, it would be both naive and dangerous to believe that the Clinton threat to American sovereignty has been toally abated. 

Relevant History

Sometimes it is necessary to look back at circumstances associated with crisis. To use a baseball analogy, Obama was the 8th inning set up guy. He was the metaphorical pitcher brought into to hold the lead. Then he was hand of the ball to the 9th inning reliever called "the closer" Hillary Clinton was to be the closer and she was armed with legislative and executive powers bestowed upon her by the Obama administration. The readers who are new to this fight are probably wondering what powers would those be?

The National Defense Authorization Act

This 2011 Nazi legislation allows the executive branch of the government to declare someone to be an enemy combatant and have them arrested, without due process and place them in any location they desire. The person is not entitled to an attorney and if they are granted a hearing, hearsay evidence is allowed. Adam Schiff is treating the President as if he has been arrested underthe NDAA. The President is not allowed an attorney and he has no right to question his accusers. 

In reality, this is FEMA camp legislation. THe NDAA allows the government the authority to mass arrest and if needed execute citizens without a trial. This was a power that Obama had bequeathed to Clinton should she had been elected. 

Executive Order 13603

This EO allows the Presdient to seize control of all food, water and industry in general. It permits the President to conscript civilan labor and separate families. In short this legislation allows a President the ability to totally enslave the people of this country.

HR 1111

I covered the content of this legislation a couple of weeks ago. This is a bill that lies dormant in the House. However, it can be acted upon anytime. This legislation is awaiting a coup against the President to be completed and then it will be introduced. 

The bill creates a Peace Institute that places all government and industry under its authority. The the bill gives the United Nations the authority to rule the United States without regard to the Constitution. 

Current Events

Because the Clinton bid to become President failed, a Plan B was initiated and it consisted of 3 parts:

1. The Russian Collusion Delusion which failed miserably.

2. The current Ukrainian nonsense which is not even close to meeting the standard for illegal activity. 

3. Assassiination.

I have been informed, as this past Saturday, that there are suspected foreign assassination teams that are suspected of entering the country. No other details are available at this time. 

I have also been informed that Trump is looking to dump Mike Pence. Has anyone seen the recent signs at Trump events. The name Mike Pence appears nowhere. Pence and his Presidential PAC to run for President may have finally caught up with him. I have maintained all along that Mike Pence is part of the plot to remove Donald Trump from office. 

I have also learned that a person known to me, who will remain unidentifed was asked by the Trump administration to file a law suit against Adam Schiff for his unconstitutional behavior. This task was refused and has been passed on to another but it is going to happen. In addition, Attorney General Barr is looking into filing charges for aiding and abetting fraud with regard to the secret hearsay whistleblowers. They are all lying and Schiff is a part to this. Schiff may be the first to be indicted. 

The Plan

If the Democrats can get Trump removed from office, Hillary will finally ascend to the Presidency through a series of previously described manuevers. By design, she will be the new American President and the last American President. Hillary's plan is to throw this country into a total state of civil war. When that happens, American will be so weakened, that we will be attacked. However, President Trump has taken steps to thwart a Red Dawn invasion and these steops are hiding in plain sight. 

In the next part of this series, I will describe the 3 steps Trump has taken to stop a Red Dawn invasion in its tracks. The moves were brilliant and Trump even suckered John Bolton into helping him. This is why Bolton is so angry at Trump. 

America hangs by a threat and the future of our country is being decided right now. We are all living in historic times. I have been told by more than one source that major events and announcements are going to be taking place this week.