Deep Cover Insider Describes the Choosing Up of Sides for the Coming Civil War (Part Two)

civil war

To protect his identity, we call him "Wrecker" and he defends the Homeland. In Part Two of our interview, on the loss of domestic tranquility and where it is all headed, we discussed how America will be divided in the coming Civil War. 

One striking aspect of this interview happened when the guest predicted that any assassination would run contrary to the President's already established healthy physical report from his doctors. The interview was pre-recorded HOURS before the President went to Walter Reed Hospital with chest pains. If one does not know that heart attack weapons are common, then one has not been paying attention. In other words, this guest predicted that this healthy President would be assassinated, not by a lone-nut assassin, but rather by medical means such as a heart attack. Within hours following the interview, we were exchanging frantic text messages after the news broke about the President's condition. 

This is a fascinating interview which details the choosing up of sides for the coming Civil War.