China Is Completely Infiltrating America's Culture and Government Using Soviet Style Infiltration Strategies


This article is a work in progress. However, enough information has surfaced to suggest that there is a clear link between the old-stye Soviet Union strategy of infiltration of the United States various political and social institutions deisgned to cause the collapse of the United States and the CHICOM entry into this strategy. The CSS is receiving information that the Epstein blackmail operation of American politicians is at the center of this infiltration. 

The Franklin Scandal

I previously interviewed Nick Bryant the author of the ground-breaking book, The Franklin Scandal. In the book, Bryant appeared on The Common Sense Show multiple times and covered in detail on how many politiicans are blackmailed the moment that they arrive in Washington DC. His word also extended to the vast pedophile ring in Nebraska known as "Boy's Town", although his Nebraska-related assertions of trafficking in children extended far beyond Boy's Town. It was Bryant's contention that the covert portion of the CIA's operation was largely behind the blackmailing of newly elected Senators and Congressmen. 

Basically, many of our elected representatives were invited to multiple social events. At these events, there were endless temptations. However, I have also learned that many of our elected representatives were not always compromised, but video evidence could be constructed and doctored to give the appearance of compromised behavior. Thus, many of our elected representaties were bought and paid for before they ever cast a vote. And of course, on the backend of the blackmail was a small pot of gold for "going along, to get along". The best example of this compromise in action has to do with Senator Diane Feinstein. She entered the Senate over two decades ago as a millionaire, and will retire as a multi-billionaire. Feinstein has played nice with the Communist Chinese and their cartel interests. More on Feinstein later.

My very close and late friend, CIA intelligence agent, Bill Pawelec confirmed and added to my knowledge in this area with regard to compromised voting. By the time that Jeffrey Epstein. 

As many have speculated, Epstein's operation was a blackmail operation designed to compromise Congress and other key governmental figures. Clearly, this was also an operation that was international as well. 

With the help of a former intelligence officer, I am now able to piece together the history and scope of the Epstein operation. I am both stunned and shocked by enormity of this method for controlling politiicans. And what is surprising is that this plan is using the model associated with the "Scissors Strategy" as revealed by former Soviet Union defectors on their covert plan to infiltrate and cause the demise of the American government and culture. 


High-profile Soviet defectors have been telling American intelligence agencies for decades that the Russians have engaged in a multigenerational plot to destabilize America prior to the takeover in which both the Russians and the Chinese will unleash a ferocious military assault upon our country.

The high-ranking defector, Sergei Tretyakov, who repeatedly warned Americans that Russia’s core government had never abandoned the Cold War and still aimed to destroy the United States. In his later years, he said his main goal was to “wake up” the American people to the deadly threat posed to them by the former Soviet Union. His death was reported as a cardiac event, however, his family remains suspicious. Tretyakov joined a plethora of others who defected from the former Soviet Union in order to warn the American people about a planned attack sponsored by the Russian government with assistance from within the American government by the American left. And today, that would be the Democratic Party cartel of Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff, Harris, Warren, Biden, Clinton, Biden, et al.

Former Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, a well renowned media/propaganda expert defected to the United States. in 1970, and subsequently exposed the KGB’s subversive tactics against American society. Yuri Bezmenov has conducted a number of interviews in which he explains how Marxist ideology is deconstructing America’s values by controlling the media and which would ultimately serve to demoralize the country, destabilize the economy, and provoke crises in order to Sovietize the United States.   Bezmenov is well known for revealing Russia’s doctrine of “ideological subversion”, a slow, long-term multi-decade process of media-based brainwashing in which the sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and destroy the moral base of America. Can anyone argue that our country’s values represent a debasement of our national sense of morality? Every perversion known to mankind in now honored in our media. Christians are out and hedonists are in. Loyal husbands and fathers are out and a philandering lifestyle is a honored “virtue.” On this point, the Russians have won.

Former Russian Colonel Stanislav Lunev has the distinction of being the highest ranking Russian military officer to defect to the United States after doing so in 1992, after Boris Yeltsin came to power. Lunev’s information was considered to be so volatile, but accurate, that the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA placed Lunev, where he remains to this day, in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program. Lunev reported that Russia’s military, despite “losing the cold war”, continues in its war preparations which are designed to conquer the United States by stealth Anatoliy Golitsyn, a high-ranking KGB defector who fled to the United States in order to warn Americans about the secret Russian plan to attack the United States. Golitsyn is generally considered to be among the first and most revealing on the subject of the secret Russian plans to attack. Having authored The Perestroika Deception, in which Golitsyn wrote about the deceitful intent behind the Leninist strategy in which the present-day Communists are actively pursuing as they fake American style democratization efforts in Russia. According to Golitsyn, the short-term strategic objective of the Russians is to achieve a technological convergence with the West solely on Russian terms and mostly through a series of one-sided disarmament agreements. According to Golitsyn, after the United States military is eliminated as a strategic threat to Russia, the long-range strategic Russian plan is to pursue Lenin’s goal of replacing nation states with collectivist model of  regional governments as a stepping stone to global governance. In order to achieve their final goal, Golitsyn states that Russia, after lulling America to sleep, will join with China in order to attack the United States from both the outside and inside as he detailed that the Soviets and the Chinese will be officially reconciled and enact a “scissors strategy” in which China will attack the US through the southern border and Russia through northern border by way of Alaska. As the reader will clearly see in the following paragraphs, Obama was the prime mover in making these long-range communist plans come to fruition.

Did the Russians ever use Epstein style bribery? Yes, but they preferred political compromise because it carred more stiff penalties for the American political participants. However, the Chinese, as I am learning had direct involvement in the Epstein compromise operation along with the Americna CIA and the Israeli Mossad. 

Enter the Dragon

Today's strategy of weakening America prior to the attack upon America by combined Chinese and Russian forces, under the auspices of the United Nations, has been somewhat transferred to Communist China. 

The Chinese have been able to ban South Park, hold the NBA hostage and exercise editorial control of media productions which might portray China in a negative light. This exemplifies the penetration that the Chinese now enjoy into the American government and culture. 

The following is an accounting of CHICOM and US relations through the eyes of many of my sources. In an article written by News Target, the essence is captured by some of this transfer of power from the Russians infiltration to the Chinese.

From News Target:

The Chinese picked up on Clinton’s initiative and used it to not only buy influence within his administration (via the 1996 campaign finance scandal) but also as a way to access American technology…one way or another. In fact, as The Wall Street Journal noted in March 2017, “China was Bill Clinton’s Russia.” (Related: Clinton-era State Department official headed to prison for taking money, gifts from China.)...

One of Clinton’s foreign policy priorities was integrating China into the global economy. He looked at China policy the way Barack Obama looked at the Iran deal: Clinton was willing to do just about anything to improve ties with Beijing and bring China into the international order.

The Chinese picked up on Clinton’s initiative and used it to not only buy influence within his administration (via the 1996 campaign finance scandal) but also as a way to access American technology…one way or another. In fact, as The Wall Street Journal noted in March 2017, “China was Bill Clinton’s Russia.” (Related: Clinton-era State Department official headed to prison for taking money, gifts from China.)

Thiel, as a long-time Silicon Valley investor, has long been in a position to watch Chinese infiltration and influence mount in the U.S. tech sector. During his time there, several Chinese spies — including one who drove for Sen. Dianne Feinstein for two decades — have been caught in California’s tech capital. 


Please allow me to ask a pertinent question: Isn't it interesting that Russia and China are unscathed by the Epstein scandal, but much of the G20 European and North American politicians are gravely compromised? 

In fact, I have learned from my sources that much of the Epstein operation also operated out of Ukraine and it ensnares the Bidens, Mitt Romney and other American Democrats. I am limited in what I can say about the scope of involvement of "others" because planned action is intended. What I can say, and what I have previously reported is that Nancy Pelosi met with Chappo Guzman's wife while traveling with "the Squad" in Italy. 


This conclusion should be entitled "the beginning". It is abundantly clear that the CHICOMS are taking a page out of the Soviet infiltration strategies. I am beginning to receive clear indicators that the CHICOMS helped to manage the Epstein blackmail empire in the West for their own manipulation and benefit. And even more disturbing is the fact that the Chinese are in league with the Democratic Party leadership in this area and part of this operation is coming out of the Ukraine. I am also getting indicators that the Epstein operation extends into organ trafficking as well. There will be a part two on these open questions. For now, we can clearly see the players who are participating in this coup against America and it is being facilitated, in part, by the Democratic Party leadership on behalf of the Deep State.