The Drones Are Only the First Wave: The Principalities of Darkness Are Coming Against All Americans

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​​​​​​Yesterday, the CSS published and article entitled, The Noose Is Tightening Around the Necks of Pelosi, Brennan, Schiff, Biden and the Other Deep State Democrats.  The article exposed the blatant criminality of Democratic leadership with regard to the fiasco in Ukraine the far reach that the drug cartels have over certain politicians, such as the ones that were mentioned in yesterday's article (eg Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, Kerry, et al). One politician, in particular, that deserves credit for her economic creativity is California Senator, Diane Feinstein. You remember Feinstein don't you? She had the driver, for two decades, that was a CHICOM spy! If the readers will refer back to yesterdays summary of the latest legal action filed against Democratic Party interest with regard to their affairs in Ukraine, one will see the Bank of China listed. This brings in Feinstein as she and her husband have had a long-standing and very profitable relationship with the Communist Chinese government.

Today's article will take a slightly different twist with regard to the present situation in Colorado where the nation may have just have witnessed the most unpublicized divine intervention in our nation's history. 

Christian Today is reporting that a former Satanist, John Ramirez, has offered support to the power of prayer from Christian intercessory groups. Ramirez stated that he was prevented from carrying out his satanically evil plans when he first met a group of intercessory prayer warriors during one of his satanic missions of evil.

  1. Perhaps, or more likely, when a recent drone operator tried to unleash a hellfire missile in order to start the intended violence on the path to civil war, it would appear that one of two things just transpired: (1) President Trump’s men are two steps ahead of the Deep Staters behind this intended provocation; or, (2) Divine intervention just bought the American more time to get their house in order. Which one of these two possibilities is more likely? Did a drone operator really attempt to launch a hellfire missile from a done? According to a deep cover source communication with two entities, the answer is an unqualified yes and this comes from a source with a track record of breaking stories that are 100% accurate!

Let’s consider what some other insiders are saying at this point as many experienced operatives will tell you that the drone strategy being employed in Colorado makes a great deal of sense from an operational perspective.

  • First, the operational cost of this plan is minimal and the method leads to plausible deniability. However, let me say for the article’s sake, there are multiple sources that place this operation under the command and control of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and former CIA Director, John Brennan who is under investigation for perjury related to Ukraine.
  • Second, a rural area represents the easiest kind of tactical advantage.
  • Third, a swift Blitzkrieg attack is the best kind because the area can be quickly secured before “prying eyes” begin to bring a different perspective to the desired Deep State narrative. 
  • Fourth, from my perspective as a former Colorado resident, I can accurately state that the ranchers are a tight knit group. This is especially true with the estimated 25,000 ex-special operations forces known to call Colorado home. They are well-armed and would constitute the most formidable opposition to what is coming from the Deep State. It is the equivalent of being confronted by a group of thugs. If you have to fight, you take out the biggest one first (PKA training 101).

Perhaps this plan will be thrwarted and perhaps divine intervention will continue to rule the day. However, it is clear that the Deep State is making their move before Trump and Barr can make their legal moves and begin to indict these people. With so much of Washington DC on the take and with so much riding on the overthrow of the United States, we can rest assured that the "drone scenario" is not the only play up Brennan and Pelosi's collective sleeves. We know that the globalists work with contingencies in mind and they scheme on multiple levels. If there MMA fighters they hit you with a left hook, while executing a front kick to your groin. And on that note, it is fair to warn America that there are two more dimensions to the attempted overthrow of the US government that have been exposed and this will be the topic of the next article on this topic. 

The intervention in the drone-firing demonstrates that this is no longer just a physical battle, but we are in a universe changing battle with Satan himself.


In addition, there is also a saying that is emerging which accurately describes these unfolding events which threaten everyone's lives and even our continued existence as a nation and as a species from the physical realm:



And as we give God the Last Word

Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.