Will You be Ready as Satan Is Making His Move on Humanity?

satan's nwo

In order to effectively cover the threats against the Republic, it is now not just a matter of linear coverage. There is the immediate threat (ie the public shootings, the drones in Colorado, the coming Virginia roadblocks, the impeachment fiasco, the coming 25th Amendment mental health disability hearings against Trump, planned false flags, et al., which needs detailed and daily coverage. However, and as I indicated in an earlier article today, there is the heavy muscle lying in the wings.

It is the belief of some I speak with in who fight in the frontlines everyday against the Deep State interests who believe we will soon see a sea change in strategy. Civil unrest leading to civil war will lead to foreign troop intervention (ie UN foreign national troops brought to America via the Kigali Principles) and then the fight is on. This is the tame version of what could be coming. However, the Deep State Democrats have seemingly hit a wall. And we have to remember, that the real ruler of this planet is running out time. That’s right, I am speaking about Satan and he fears the Second Coming and he knows he could run out of time. Lying in the wings are the Chinese and I have come to view them as the most malevolent entity on the planet outside of Satan’s Third Wave option. The use of China as a subjugating and genocidal force is coming into full view. 

In this morning’s article I spoke to the fact that desperation being displayed by Deep State will soon give way to much more serious and deadly tactics from those Satan has chosen as his world policemen, the CHICOMs. In order to bring people up to speed on what is coming, because the Deep State is going to fail, it is important to assess what the Second Wave will consist of. One might ask, what is the First Wave? The First Wave is what most people think the entire New World Order is compromised of. It is not. The First Wave is the part of what Satan is bringing to bear against humanity in the present moment. In large part, it is the old Rothschild/Rockefeller empire. The Second Wave is the group that has been groomed and prepped to complete the task of installing the New World Order (Satan’s Kingdom).

Even experienced federal LEO's are seeing what is going on from a spiritual perspective. I have had discussions with many from ARSOF, FBI, and DHS who are seeing what is going as morphing into a decided spiritual war with real physical consequences. I just had such a discussion with a Federa LEO, from 330AM to 6AM last evening/early morning as I had this exact discussion with a long-time DEA source. We talked about how the known is soon going to be giving way to the unknown. The following contains many of the elements of our discussion.

The occultists, servants of Satan, dominated the Third Reich. The Third Reich morphed into the 4th Reich when their leaders escaped capture and migrated to Antarctica and America following World War II. As we know the Nazis took over America's space program and much of the defense industry. The New World Order is laregely directed from Antarctica. Again, I recommend Steve Quayle’s book,  Empire Beneath the Ice for a more complete description. This group controls the secret societies, in which all of them carry out their respective assignments, but they have failed to deliver the planet, under one order, the Satanic order, to Satan himself.

My source told me that he new that I was aware that there were two different flavors of the New World Order. What many people do not realize that is that China has been groomed to become the “final solution” should the Rothschild/Rockefeller empire does not come fully into fruition and Christianity and free will are not completely extinguished. As long as the Constitution stay in play and Christians are free to worship, there will be no (Satanic) New World Order. In short, we both agree that if Trump cannot be removed without fanfare and major blowback, it will be time for real controllers of the world to play their next hand. So, even if we are to defeat this initial wave of a New World Order takeover, there will be the next and much more deadly phase.

The two of us discussed the forms that it is will come in. We both agree that a major bio-event is coming and we are beginning to see clear signs of this. As Steve Quayle calls them, the “infectons”, and they are coming and we are beginning to see a mobilization from Trump’s administration against this. I will be reporting on this tomorrow. The evidence is compelling and this coming attack from the infectons, we both believe, is the manifestation of the commencement of the Second Wave. This will be China’s show, but they will have a lot of help. If the Second Wave does get rolling, what they have planned for humanity will make the First Wave look like the good ‘ole days, where millions died in wars for profit and power, but people largely died with their souls intact. Things are about to change dramatically. When the Bible commands you to put on the armor of God, this is much more than a euphemism for mobilization.

My source and I discussed the Third Wave. Who are they? They are Satan’s private army. If I were Satan’s military tactician, I would say they are being held in reserve to fight against the Second Coming of Jesus. Whether they will use the Brahmastra, or something more powerful, some humanity who are alive today will get to experience true hell on earth and it is called the Tribulation.

I used to have doubts that we are living in the last days. I no longer hold that belief. Satan is out of time and his desperation and timetable is increasing exponentially. My source and I talked about how, in our bones, we feel the Anti-Christ is awaiting his moment like an actor in the “green room” waiting to come on stage.

What’s the solution? That is easy, he is called Jesus.