With DC and Colorado Gone, Continuity of Government Mandates Kansas and Nebraska Step Up-DHS Secret Meetings with Kansas and Nebraska Legislators Continues


Don’t Go Around Tonight…Cause It’s Bound to Take Your Life, There’s a Bad Moon On the Rise

Creedence Clearwater Revival.


There is indeed a “bad moon” on the rise.  This morning I published the fact that Hal Turner was reporting that Kansas Legislators were put on National Guard busses and briefed on an undisclosed topic. The CSS has also learned that the Nebraska (Unicameral) Legislature did the same thing, but they just tried to keep it quiet. What could they have been talking about in order to evoke national security non-disclosure agreements with the Legislators from two different states?

The CSS has backtracked to every conceivable and reliable source and a picture is beginning to emerge. First, we have to remember that there are two missing nuclear weapons on American soil. This is no secret.

The Main Mission of the Drones

The CSS has learned that the discussions with sources centered around Continuity of Government (COG). The drones which were previously reported in Colorado eastern plains also extended into Western Kansas and the panhandle of Nebraska. The drones were primarily looking for the missing nuclear weapons. Several months ago, two nukes went missing. Recently, a major sting of 96 MS-13 and related terrorists occurred in Washington DC. At this point, let’s connect some dots. The plot on Washington DC involved a nuclear weapon. If Washington DC were to be taken out, under COG, Colorado would become the new headquarters for the government.

COG for Colorado was rehearsed in Operation Mountain Guardian in 2011. However, if a nefarious group of co-conspirators were to take out DC why stop there? Why not take out the backup capital as well? This is what the drone search was trying to prevent. The results of the search are not known. However, it does not take much common sense to realize that if DC was taken out, then why not take out Colorado as well? This seems very much to be the case. If DC and Colorado are taken out, it would make sense that the legislators from Nebraska and Kansas would become the emergency capital. Hence, the need for the briefing.  And how convenient this scenario would be. Blame a patriot group, actually when it could be a group like Antifa and the crackdown (eg FEMA Camps, gun confiscation, etc) on Patriots and the alt media would take place. The US is destroyed and the opposition is blamed and eliminated. But wait, there's more!


The CSS has also learned that the difference between medical grade nuclear material and military grade nuclear material has to with amount and how it is packaged. Enough medical grade material could be gathered to produce a military grade nuclear weapon. Federal agents assigned to the border have been trained, for years, to be on the look out for such material. It is very had to detect and to stop the transport in the country, or simply gathering the material in the country in the amount needed to assemble a nuclear weapon. Therefore, this is a multi-dimensional threat. Where is all this going?

Let’s do a geography lesson. What is next to Washington DC? It is the  “Blue Communist-leaning counties” of Northern Virginia. What is happening this weekend? Communist style gun confiscations and there is bound to be trouble. Will trouble spread to DC? Will a nuke be set off? Patriots be falsely accused in this modern day version of the Reichstag Fire? DHS is meeting with the Kansas/Nebraska legislators for a reason. This where another piece of intelligence information is coming to the forefront.

Antifa has long been rehearsing the belt-buckle strategy. This is where Antifa will dress up as Trump supporters, wearing MAGA hats and start trouble against the Left, or Northam’s storm troopers at the roadblocks. There will be hell to pay. How far will this go? Will it end in nuclear detonations in Washington DC and Colorado? Did the drones fail to find the missing nukes so the Kansas and Nebraska legislatures had to be prepared to become “the man up” under COG policies?

This just in from Paul Martin in Northern Colorad. In an area reserved for training and drilling near La Porte, Colorado, there is a huge gathering of DHS, FEMA, Larimer County Sheriffs. Never before in this area has this number and concentration of law enforcement personnel been spotted in this area. Something is definitely going on and it is most likely related to the present set of mysterious events. 


This is story is really starting to get legs and let's just say that many federal officials are freaking out taking extreme defensive action. Stay tuned, a story of the magnitude will break sooner rather later.