A Pandemic Is Now Unavoidable!!! Tens of Millions at Risk

dhs pandemic warning

The grainy thumbnail document is from DHS and it is written in the tone that a pandemic is inevitable. The document is written for DHS agents in a manner so as to advise them how to minimize exposure. To re-emphasize, this document tells me that a pandemic is unavoidable in the United States. 

What does the term “pandemic” mean? The word pandemic comes from Latin and Greek. Pan means all or across the planet. Demos means people or population. So pandemic refers to any disease that spreads across to many populations. Most frequently, pandemic refers to influenza (flu) which is a virus and is highly contagious and possibly very deadly like the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919.

The origination of a virus is very simple. Animals, such as pigs (swine flu) and birds (avian flu) develop new viruses on a regular basis. At the point that an animal virus combines with a human virus, then the spread of the virus is imminent.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) Model for Transmissibility

WHO keeps track of all identified viruses, animal or human, through a set of phases or stages.

  • Phase 1: In this stage, viruses are only passed animal to animal. There is no human transmission.   
  • Phase 2: The animal virus strain is transmitted to the first humans. Misdiagnosis is the rule of thumb which prevents the authorities from acting decisively from stopping the spread.
  • Phase 3: Small clusters of human beings have contracted the virus in one community, but it quickly spreads to other clusters. In this scenario, 2 becomes 4, becomes 16, becomes 256, becomes 65,356, becomes in excess of 4 billion. This is what we mean by “spreading exponentially”.   
  • Phase 4: now, human-to-human virus transmission are causing outbreaks in many areas. This is where the exponential spread begins.
  • Phase 5: With international travel, human-to-human transmission is taking place in at least two countries in one WHO region. This phase is the point where most governments will implement counter-measures.  Governments and health officials must be ready to implement their pandemic mitigation plans.
  • Phase 6: A global pandemic is underway. Don’t worry, most viruses have an approximate 10% immunity rate, so even in the worst case scenario, there will be significant numbers of survivors. This is where we typically would see martial law implemented.
  • Post-Pandemic Considerations: At some point, there becomes “burn out” where transmission rates decline. The focus at this time is to prevent the echo effect of a second wave. 

The time span for phases 1 through 6 may take place over several months to many years. This one fact makes this particular virus and its mutations and spread to be very suspicious.

Transmission is increased due to today’s level of increased international travel. An international flight could have several domestic “patient zeros” in place, after landing, before ethe world ever knew what hit them

The near open border status of the United States makes containment, mostly through our southern border, all but guarantees the entry of pathogens into the United States for which most Americans have no immunity. Our southern border is a ticking time bomb and something catastrophic will eventually cross our southern border with catastrophic consequences. Oh, but it you talk about this, the liberals will call you a racist!

The Present Crisis

The present situation is anything but normal. I have managed to get two epidemiologists to speak with me on conditions of anonymity. One said she was afraid for her life, the other stated that his academic career would never survive his “hitting the panic button,” but hitting the panic button is exactly what it is time to do.

Both sources are convinced that there is nothing normal about the rapid mutations which are leading to pandemic conditions. Both stated that the CHICOs are talking a good game, but with over 20 million quarantined citizens, extreme measures to stop the spread (eg cutting off of inter-province travel), should have already been strictly enforced. Martial law should have been employed by troops in hazmat suits. What had both sources concerned was the rapidity of the mutations. They were also concerned about the World Health Organization’s lack of uniform and strongly recommended containment practices. If the Chinese were as inept as it appears, the UN should have had personnel on the ground instructing them on proper containment techniques which are not in place.

The lack of standard information regarding the Corona virus was also a point of contention. As of today, we have no firm guidelines on basic information such as the standard incubation period, the primary method of transmission, other than the standard set of very generalized suspects (eg lack of hygiene, sneezing, shaking hands, etc), the anticipated death rate and the migration patterns of the virus. Amazingly, for the United States, a person near ground zero for the virus can still board transportation culminating in boarding an international bound plane and end up in the United States. Both sources were shocked that we, as a nation, have not already cut off both primary and direct plane routes out of China, as well as secondary routes (eg Beijing to Mexico City to Los Angles. And of course there is the 800 pound elephant on the room, international trade). Tens of thousands of products and people enter our country each day, many from China, as part of the international trade genre. We know that if the authorities were to acquire information that the Cascadian subduction zone was to blow up and 18 vicious volcanos were to explode, nobody would be warned in advance because of the threat to property values, insurance and the general economy. The same is true with regard to the containment of a pandemic. Business must go on and any curtailing of international trade would likely occur after it was too late to do anything about it.

Because of the incubation effect, we can now assume that the virus has spread to every continent. Add to this that most pandemics spread exponentially, once they get going, there is nothing that nation states can do to stem the tide. The only option, even at this early state of the problem, is to impost medical martial law, which really translates to actual martial law.

This is where things get very critical. I have learned from a confidential informant that Pete Gaynor, acting FEMA Director, has told the President the only way to stop the spread of the virus is complete medical martial law and generally, this entails the following:

  1. Nobody can travel outside their home, even in a medical emergency.
  2. Suspension of all public gatherings of any type. No school, no church, etc.
  3. Enact geographic quarantines for cities until the crisis is over. This means troops will isolate every single metropolitan area.
  4. To try and lessen the inevitable food riots, FEMA in hazmat suits go house to house, in wealthier neighborhoods where there is the likelihood of excess food storage. Excess food will be taken rom raided homes and distributed as best as can be established.
  5. Checkpoint Charlies’ will be established and extreme measures will be employed to ensure containment. There will be multiple concentric zones imposed with various perimeters, all designed to contain a pandemic.
  6. Under EO 13603, all medical personnel will be conscripted. They will not be used to treat the public, but to treat that martial law enforcement personnel.
  7. As the crisis unfolds and becomes a staple of daily life, containment camps (ie medical FEMA camps will be established). Treatment will not be an option, these camps will be one big hospice. Burning dead bodies is a likely outcome as is late-stege euthanasia..
  8. Military forces, including all nuclear facilities will be on high alert because this is when America is most vulnerable to attack.
  9. This one will make most people cringe. Extreme border control policies would immediately go into effect. People crossing the border run the risk of being shot!

No political leader will ever follow these guidelines until it is too late because of the unpopularity of the approach as well as the economic ramifications. Unfortunately, there is nothing in place to keep the Corona virus from running its course.I recently read a memo from DHS which advised personnel on how to iminuze their chances of contracting the virus. The memo was written in a manner which indicated inevitability of transmission


Part two of this series will examine the definite possibility this is a manufactured illness and a planned pandemic. Some sources are saying this is the first of many to come, some are just learning how to perfect the process.