The Degree of Coronavirus Censorship Is In Proportion to the Danger the Virus Poses to Humanity

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How quickly and at what rate will the so-called Coronavirus spread? I say the “so-called” Coronavirus because many immunologists and virologists are baffled by our seemingly inability to get a firm handle on what we are dealing with. One expert privately stated the following:

“it is like shooting at a moving target and the continually changing of the of the projections, transmission rate, incubation period and expressed symptomology are so variable that only human manipulation could explain the variance in these variables if preceding reports are accurate. Are we dealing with five separate viruses or one that is mutating in an unprecedented fashion?  In short, we are clearly dealing with a bioweapon and what adds fuel to the fire is there seems to be a near media blackout on the topic. I have covered 5 various outbreaks and I can tell you that this level of media repression does not happen if the pathogen is going to be controllable in the short-term which is usually 90 days or less. Therefore, I must conclude that for those that are processing and analyzing the data, they do not see any end in sight.”

And yes, I have heard messages that are not as strong in their conclusions. I have heard, “It is too soon to say” and, “If I step out on to the limb you are pointing to Dave, I will lose everything that I have worked for”.  In other words, there is fear and intimidation. I know that various academics have been warned to say nothing in public and that we should “focus on what we can control”.

These are all “let’s bury our heads in the sand” kind of comments”. From a scientific perspective, scientific inquiry has been totally politicized and we are re-entering the Dark Ages. Whether its quantifying our “97 genders” or, attempting to definitively describe and assess the risk of the Coronavirus, we live in an environment where truth and scientific inquiry are fast becoming strangers. We are easily well into the third month of this pandemic and nobody is allowed to talk about it. By this time, we should have clear data regarding the following:

  1. Expressed symptomology?
  2. Promising and not-so-promising treatments?
  3.  Initial transmission rate?
  4. Transmission rate past, at least, the first generation of mutation?
  5. The nature of how the virus is spread (eg is it airborne, spread through bodily fluids only, can it be passed through food consumption, central and recycled air, is it transmissible after one dies….?). The lack of consistent information at this point in time clearly speaks to the coverup being perpetrated by the powers-that-be.
  6. Reinfection rate?
  7. Ancillary causes of death related to the virus(es)?
  8. Primary cause(s) of death?
  9. Is this virus race-specific, or, does the virus symptomology express itself difference according to race/ethnicity?
  10. Who is most vulnerable to succumb to the virus and does it vary by cause of death tied to gender, race, age of the prevalence of other health risk factors? I have not seen one multi-regression analysis figures done on the virus. This statistical/research technique is a pre-requisite to answering any of the question posed in the first sentence of this variable. I guarantee you that this research has been done at Ft. Dietrich, but this again, is part of the deception and censorship that we are seeing that is surrounding this virus.

In the past, I have written much about how electronic frequencies can impact human behavior. The science of bio-acoustic biology also sheds light on the nature of illness by looking at the expressed frequencies, that are used in both diagnosis and treatment. This is a 60 year-old science, but every time a private figure has a breakthrough, the researcher goes to work for DARPA or the CIA, such as was the case of Dr. Jose Delgado. Dr. Sharry Edwards has engaged this area of study and is a public pioneer in this field and here is an interview I conducted with  Sharry in the last few days. This could also become the next frontier in integrative medicine if only Big Pharma would permit it.  Admittedly, the interview does stray from the intended purpose of this article. However, the related implications are omnipresent.

I suspect that this technology has formed part of the basis of life-extension technology which allows many of the elite to live into their 90’s and well beyond 100 years of age. Further, the application of this technology would be much cleaner, cheaper and more efficient in looking for a cure for said virus using frequency technology. Unfortunately, this will never come to light in the present environment even if hundreds of millions of lives hang in the balance.

We should be using all modalities to attack what has been loosed on the planet and this technology will never be mentioned because Big Pharma and Bill Gates do not control it.

Coincidence or Conspiracy Theorist?

When one looks at the confluence of variables associated with the outbreak of this virus in Wuhan, China and look at the “coincidental” emergence of other factors, one has to answer the question if events in life are generally contrived or a result of a series of accidents. Here are some questions to ponder as we consider how we will assess the answer to this conundrum.

  1. It is an irrefutable fact that the Chinese military had a very low-level of bioweapon technology. If this (smart) virus is as sophisticated as it appears, then how is it possible we are seeing sophisticated intricacies associated with this “release” or “accident”? Many experts I have spoken with believe that answering the question of origin is a pre-requisite to understanding the nature of the virus and formulating a treatment protocol, assuming one could become available.
  2. Isn’t it interesting that Wuhan activated 5G on the same day that the virus supposed “leaked out”. We return to the potential frequency nature of the virus that could be addressed in a more enlightened and honest scientific community.
  3. I have previously published articles in which two senior Chinese government officials have stated that they intend to unleash a race-specific weapon upon the United States and induce general state of genocide with the intent of occupying the United States for its resources. We know that the Chinese have an expressed need for America’s vast resources and this is their grand plan.
  4. If the Chinese did not develop this bioweapon, then who did? Back in 2012, I exposed a chemical and biological weapons program through a FEMA counter-terrorism agent and it involved the assistance of Israel. The Chinese have stated that they have race-specific bioweapons courtesy of their work with the Israelis.
  5. If the Chinese did not develop this bioweapon, and most that I talk to, do not believe they did, then how did the Chinese gain possession of this weapon in their Wuhan bioweapons lab? The best answer I have to that question is best answered through inference where we look at past bad acts to predict future behavior. As previously discussed, Alexandra Daley and myself are quite comfortable in stating that Hunter Biden transferred F-35 technology to the Chinese out of Ukraine. We know he used an official government plane for the transfer. I have conflicting information. Was the technology transferred on Air Force One, or Air Force Two, or both? Not coincidentally, Senators Grassley and Johnson, on the day of the acquittal of the Impeachment charges, launched two separate investigations through their Senate Committees. Both Committees have obtained Secret Service travel logs of Hunter Biden’s travels to Ukraine AND China. This is a matter of public record and has even been reported in the MSM.  I believe that these Senators already know what Alexandra and I know. I believe they also suspect that if Hunter Biden would have transferred F-35 technology, why not bioweapons technology as well? I am convinced that at this time we will not know the results of the Senate’s investigation. Like everything else connected to the virus, the results will be censored.
  6. I have several supposed leaked accounts out of China in which I am told that Blacks and Americans of West European extraction are not succumbing like the Chinese. This is not proof, but an anecdotal analysis of individual accounts is the first step in research in formulating a testable hypothesis. The analysis is beyond the scope of this article. However, we will explore this in Part Two. Suffice it to say that gets into the subject of Chinese motivations.

 I submit that this information is much closer to the truth than the rumors being floated as fact by single sources with no collaboration. At this point in time, I have taken the origin of the virus as far as I can. My presentation of the known facts is honest to the point where I expressly identify the limitations of what is being claimed here. I am not a virologist and I do not pretend to be an expert in things that I am not. My academic wheelhouse is psychology, sociology, research methods and statistics. Therefore, as I employ the ethics of what should be demanded of every journalist, I freely admit I must seek out the advice of experts because when it comes to medicine, I am no more than a lay person. It is notable that the experts I have consulted with are frightened. I have talked with experts who are scared to death on two fronts. They are frightened by what is unfolding and they are not certain how bad things will get. And if these experts do not know, it is not likely that shadowy, secret sources, who are spreading their speculative material on the internet through third party sources, do not know either and we should take their accounts with extreme caution and a grain of salt. The second area of their fear comes from the potential discovery that these sources may get caught expressing a professional opinion that could end their academic and/or medical career, if the information could be traced back to them. This kind of intimidation clearly speaks to the fact that there is an ongoing coverup. This fact alone lends itself to the fact that as a human race, we are on our own and organizations such as the CDC, HHS and the World Health Organization cannot be entrusted to act in humanity’s best interest.  As was exposed over 5 years ago, the CDC owns the patent on Ebola and Bill Gates exercises undue private influence on the treatment protocols (eg vaccines) and has undue influence over these so-called alphabet soup health agencies who are supposed to be, but are not, acting in humanity’s best interest. These are just two examples of why we cannot trust our health organizations to act in the best interest of the public.  Politics, money and power takes precedence over the duty to protect humanity.

The fact is, that something has been loosed upon the planet. The related information is buried within media and social media censorship. We know that this virus is behaving in a highly atypical manner. On this date in February of 2020, we are living in the great unknown. Is this something that will burn itself out as most viruses do? Or is this relative calm before the storm and the Chinese are showing us how bad it is going to get?

Before the reader walks away from this article with a foreboding sense of the fear of the unknown and the frustration that humanity has probably been attacked and mechanisms are being obfuscated from the public, I have an announcement of a breakthrough. In Part Two of this series, and with the assistance of experts, I have used my research and statistics skills to build two over-simplified models related to transmissibility. The projections are frightening and the fact that the projections are strictly linear and only account for one intervening variable, an assumed herd immunity rate of 10% (which may or may not be accurate, but it is a gross average for all viruses). 

In my work as a journalist, I have learned that the degree of censorship that a story attacts is usually in proportion to the seriousness of the threat associated with the related story. The Coronavirus story is the poster child for this concept. 

A special note of thanks from Mike Adams who is able to tune out the naysayers and continue to report the facts connected to the Coronavirus.