Infowars Interviews Dave Hodges Regarding the True Nature, Origin and Lethality of the Coronavirus


Recently Dave Hodges appeared on Infowars. The topics discussed included the following:

  • 1. The New California 51st State Movement
  • 2. The general nature of the Coronavirus
  • 3. A sudden increase of "Infectons" (ie Chinese nations) showing up at the Southern border
  • 4. The coronavirus is most likely a bioweapon that China did not have the expertise to produce 
  • 5. The possible/likely complicty of forces within the United States that transferred bioweapons to China (eg Hunter Biden)
  • 6. How the Coronavirus will impact the global/national economy
  • 7. How the Corona virus will impact America's health and well-being especially those with chronic health conditions requiring medication
  • 8. The Communist Chinese Party's motivation for carrying out a bioweapons attack on its own people
  • 9. The nature and composition of mandated Martial Law Medical FEMA Camps for those suspected for "catching" the virus
  • 10. The Defense Minister's (Wei Fenghe) declaration of the intent to eventually use "race-specific bioweapons" on the United States in order to wipe out as many Americans as possible.
  • 11. Provided documentation that the World Bank has taken out Class A and Class B bonds as insurance against a "pandemic" and what this means in the short-term and long-term economic and financial health of America


The interview can be accesed here

Please note the interview was interrrupted for a breaking news report. To hear the Dave Hodges portion of the interview, it can be accessed at the following time breaks:

Part 1:   1 hour 24 minutes- 1 hour and 42 minutes

Part 2:   2 hours - 2 hours and 5 minutes