The Takedown of Nation States and the Establishment of the New World Order Is Entering the Final Stages

blue dawn

May 22, 1949 was the date on which the first U.S. Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, died at 1:50am.  Did Admiral Forrestal throw himself out of the window of the 13th floor of a hospital? Was it an accident? Or, was Forrestal eliminated for what he knew and he was refusing to play ball? In 1940, Forrestal was appointed to be the Under Secretary of the Navy and then he quickly ascended to the post of Secretary of the Navy. He was a rising star in intelligence circles as well and he was soon appointed this nation’s first Defense Secretary.

The Admiral was on the record about opposing the clandestine secrecy of the National Security Agency and the CIA, both created in 1947. Interestingly, 1947 was also the year that the Air Force was made a stand alone branch of the military and they were put in charge of all variables connected to the subject of ET’s and UFO’s. The Air Force has largely been outside the control of the President in key administrative issues. For example, in the fake research activity known as Project Blue Book, which pretended to investigate the subject of UFO’s, no President had any say or authority in the matter. My Naval Intelligence father told me that generally, the President is a transitory figure head with limited power and he occupies level 18 on the national security wrung. Forrestal quickly realized that there were people deeper in intelligence with more power that did not answer to his authority. Forrestal was in favor of advancing the hidden technology associated with this phenomenon to the public. He wanted most of the facts associated with this unique and new are exposed to the public. John F. Kennedy would have been wise to have paid attention to Admiral Forrestal because they ended up suffering the same fate for many of the same reasons. The mere fact that, what we call today the Deep State, has so much brazen power that they assassinate high level figures in our government for not going along with the public deception speaks to the fact that our government has a secret Pretorian Guard and even Julius Caesar and John Kennedy are not safe from their deadly reach. You’re either on board with the establishment on this issue, or Murder Inc. pays you a visit.  

With regard to the Murder Inc. notion, an illustrative case in point is the Vince Foster case which was perhaps the worst conceived false-flag suicide in history. The truth of the matter was that Bill Clinton set Vince Foster on a fact finding mission to determine the answer to two questions: (1) Who really killed JFK and why?; and, (2) What is the real truth about UFO’s? 

Vince Foster, a boyhood friend of Bill Clinton paid for his service to his President with his life. The question that many ask, was Foster murdered for the JFK issue or the UFO issue? The question is irrelevant because the two issues are interrelated. If one is investigating one of the questions, by default, they are investigating both.

The Deep State has such long and historic tentacles and they involve themselves in many issues. However, their core issue has always been the UFO/ET issue. Not only did this nefarious group murder a friend of a President, they intimidated another President. That President would be Jimmy Carter. When Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter was on the campaign trail, he revealed that he had seen a UFO and promised to make public all relevant information on the topic when he was elected President. When Carter was elected and his cabinet was staffed with Trilateral Commission members, not another word on the subject was uttered by Carter. I had a friend who once went to a Carter book signing after he was defeated by Reagan. As my friend Cheryl approached Carter to get the book signed, she asked him what happened to the promised UFO revelation? She said he teared up and said “I wish I could only tell you”.

How deep does this go? Captured German scientist, Werner Von Braun, the brains behind NASA issued a stark warning to John Kennedy. He told JFK that shadow government planned to carry out a false flag attack upon the Earth under the false guise of this being an alien attack and the purpose was to establish a one world government.

JFK was already a marked man because of his position on the oil depletion allowance, avoiding war in Vietnam, his anti-Federal Reserve policies and his announced intent to ban upper atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons which would cost this secret cabal, the military industrial complex, a great deal of money. JFK then embarked on a mission the culminated in his assassination. JFK was best friends with Von Braun. It is also known and has been published that Von Braun told JFK about Project Blue Beam in which this fake event, a false flag attack by staged alien entities upon the Earth designed to unify the planet due to the contrived threat. JFK and Von Braun wanted to stop this from happening.

The two men traveled together and Von Braun’s wife, Maria, became friends with Jackie Kennedy as well. The President had invited Von Braun to a formal White House reception. The reception date was 11/25/63, 3 days after the assassination. The Deep State of the day knew what Von Braun was opposed to and they had to break this growing relationship. The Deep had some difficult decisions to make. Do they kill both men to preserve the knowledge of not only Project Blue Beam, but also the highly advanced technology would be exposed as well. If this technology, which can call hyperdimensional physics ever made its way into the public forum, poverty would be eliminated and life-spans would increase exponentially. The exposure and subsequent release of this technology would take away the stranglehold power enjoyed by this secret cabal where they controlled most of the world’s resources. In order to prevent public disclosure, who does this cabal kill? If they killed both, that would attract the wrong kind of attention. If they killed only Von Braun, JFK, as President, would be in position to raise all kinds of trouble as he was already doing in several key areas. The decision was made to kill JFK and they hoped that Von Braun would fall back into line. Which he did sort of.

Through his former associate, Carol Rosin, she and Von Braun spread the plans for the New World Order of the day.

Von Braun had learned the following paradigm was to be followed in order to collapse the nation states of the world and this would culminate in a one-world dictatorship and the pretense of individual liberties would be erased forever.

Eleven years ago, I conducted a telephonic interview set up by Annie DeRiso. Rosin was a manger of Fairchild Industries,  and she revealed what Von Braun had told her was coming. I wanted to interview her on my show, however, the owner of RBN blocked me from having her on and that was one of the key reasons I left that network and went independent with my radio show. The following is what Carol told me:

  1. Rosin was recruited out of education circles and she would lead the fight against militarizing space.
  2. The Soviets would become the first enemy of choice. Obviously, this would enhance the profits of the military industrial complex.
  3. The US would subsequently build space-based weapons.
  4. The Cold War would eventually give way to terrorists and this would allow the military industrial complex to further their stranglehold on western democracies and would provide the pretext to erode civil liberties and move toward completely taking over nation states. Certainly the NDAA, EO 13603 and Patriot Acts 1&2 are living proof of this intent.
  5. Then the identification of radicalized insane third world leaders who would threaten catastrophic war. The cabal hoped this would provide a rallying point as the world would unite through organizations such as the United Nations against the threat. In reality, the New World Order was being built.
  6. Von Braun told Rosin that the alien card is a lie. The final step would be the fake alien invasion of the Earth through Project Blue Beam and this closely guarded technology would used to this end

I believe that the globalists have added two more steps between #5 and #6. The current pandemic is an example of the phrase, “never let a crisis go to waste”. A pandemic will weaken nation states to the point that they can no longer function. This is due in part because a pandemic will destroy the economies of the world and the emerging liquidity crisis is proof of this thinking.

When the world is sufficiently in a weakened state after, perhaps, hundreds of millions are dead and economies lie in ruins, the fake attack will come. It is the kill shot for humanity. The attack will accomplish two goals. First of all, the attack will lead to an “Independence Day” consolidation of wealth, power and control over all the resources. Second, the attack will eliminate any resistance to the establishment of the New World Order. The byproduct is also the preservation of keeping this secret technology that gives this secret, satanic cabal such unbridled power. I have seen this technology and I have witnessed the brutality of this cabal up front and I am going to expose what I have seen and my hope is that a few of my colleagues will join me. Stay tuned there will be a part two.