On Monday Morning, Will Trump Pull the Trigger on Full-Scale Medical Martial Law?

medical martial law

For the record, I am having a difficult time acquiescing to the notion that the nation is going to be under “lockdown (LD)” procedures as early as tonight of the first thing in the morning.

In the last 48-72 hours, I have seen an amazing number of events and documents which tells me that America is at a pivotal point and is about to change forever. One of my former college basketball players sent me video and audio of multiple troop helicopters landing at Luke AFB, last night. He estimated at least 30 helicopters were involved. I have numerous versions of the similar documents which gives an individual to pass through checkpoints. I know that some of the troops at 29 Palm Base in California have been told to report to work in their combat gear. The most amazing thing that I have seen is a video of a long train that is carrying both UN and US tanks. This was the most bizarre thing I have seen and it speaks to the possibility that the UN could soon be "managing" our health crisis. 

I am still finding it hard to believe that it is entirely possible the nation is entering into full-scale martial law. It is possible that I have finally reached my level of cognitive dissonance and we all have that level, as the condition is realized at differential points. If you think you are entirely hard-wired for the truth, I can tell you that we are not. I am receiving repetitive reports from fairly reliable sources which states that as of 0300 Monday morning (Eastern), the nation will be in some enhanced level of medical martial law. I want to state for the record that the sources of this information are not my most trusted and highly placed sources. My most trusted sources know that something is coming but many of them are being left out of the information loop which makes them highly suspicious that something very big is coming.

This article is the first of a multi-part series which is going to examine the relatively unannounced framework for medical martial law. And as Celeste Solum has repetitively pointed out, the founding fathers did not have an understanding of health issues that we take for granted today  and largely left out public health issues out of the Constitution. Global entities are seizing on the gaps of the Constitution related to public health and are taking advantage of the lack of coverage and protection and are seeking to exploit these gaps much to the detriment of the American people. Keeping in mind that the founding fathers left left health issues largely out of the Constitution, we are subject to generalized tyranny through the opening of public health. Subsequently as Solum has stated that when you hear the words, health, safety and well-being, your Constitutional rights are suspended.

Before this article launches into what could be coming, it is important to understand some realities of what we are dealing with based on what we have already learned.

The 911 of the Modern Era

Based upon what we already know, the “Novel” Coronavirus is not a natural entity. The word “Novel” means that this virus was genetically altered, it is new, it is a binary bioweapon. Based upon the research of Alexandra Daley and myself, it is easy to conclude that in 2015, and aboard Air Force One, Hunter Biden, through Burisma’s affiliate corporation, Rosemont Seneca LLC, transferred F-35 weapons technology as well as bioweapons to the CHICOM bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China. It is interesting to note that the CSS is working on a story in which an unusual number of Air Force One personnel, who served on the crew during Obama's second term, have committed suicide. 

For the reasons discussed in a previous article, the top officials in the United States Democratic Party, in conjunction with unseen figures of the Deep State and the CHICOM government are engaging in a political doomsday operation to defeat Donald Trump because they had no chance of defeating him in the next election so long as the economy remained relatively healthy. With the Novel Coronavirus, the economic condition of the United States has changed dramatically and is swinging the political power in the direction of the Democrats as the move to complete their Bolshevik Revolution and the CHICOMS would get Donald Trump, who restored a favorable balance of trade with China, much to their chagrin.

What has been unleashed upon America is another 911. What has been unleashed upon the world is the ultimate false flag designed to collapse economies, and send the citizens of the world into a tailspin with regard to health and economic security. As Solum has pointed out, the concept of “nation-state” and notion of “sovereignty” are being destroyed right before our very eyes. Make no mistake about this, the globalists have declared war upon the world.

The Viability of the Constitution

It strongly appears that the Constitution is about to be put on life-support as the globalists exploit the one major weakness of the Constitution, public health. This is classic Hegelian Dialectic strategy at work where the problem is manufactured and a desired globalist outcome is introduced. In short, the world, and very soon, the United States is trading national sovereignty for global governance and this is going to be achieved through the globalist takeover of our health care system as the sheep trade liberty for security.

Why are the Globalists Making Their Move Now?

At the time that the Coronavirus first appeared in November of 2019, 40% of the nations of the world were in some form of political resistance against the globalist forces ruling their country. The most notable examples were the Hong Kong freedom fighters and the Yellow Vest movement in France. The election of Donald Trump was the crown jewel in this global populist uprising against globalism. Globalism was being defeated and something desperate had to be done.

Does anyone think it was a coincidence that a study entitled, Event 201, largely funded by Bill Gates, suddenly appeared in October of 2019 and only a short-time later the major CV-19 outbreak occurs in Wuhan? Additionally, the World Economic Forum has devoted much of their web space to the idea that CV-19 is going to change the world in every conceivable manner. They have published elaborate articles related to the effects that the virus will have on employment, health, education, government and our social lives. These elaborate articles further illustrate that this was a planned event. Anyone that does not see the connection to CV-19 being a false flag, and to see this event for what it really is, has morphed into an amazing coincidence theorist.

Globalism was in full retreat and they needed a game changer and this plot, as Celeste Solum has identified as sitting their waiting in the wings. According to the globalists, we are going to have globalism over our dead bodies.


This is how we got to where we are today. Later today, I am releasing an analysis of the various types of martial law, ranging from voluntary shelter in place to full-scale martial law.

One side note, Celeste Solum, who is often cited by researchers such as myself, will be a guest at the Branson virtual conference in July. Click this link for more information.