Welcome to the Normal! The Constitution Is Now Dead On Arrival

distressed american flag

The United States has gone through a coup. Nobody was assassinated this time around. Nobody was marched out of the Oval office under guard. There is no proclamation of a regime change, however, it is increasingly clear that Trump and Pence are no longer running the government. Some of this was inevitable due to the width, depth and height of the Deep State.

The Deep State is anywhere and everywhere at once. I have reported on Trevor Louden's work, the enemy within, 11 times in the past 4 year. Trevor identified 80 Democratic members of Congress that belonged to front groups for the American Communist Party and the world's largest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. I even ran a total of 4 articles about Obama's DHS appointments with individuals with Muslim Brotherhood associations. The 80 members of Congress was confirmed for me by former 6-term Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney. This was also confirmed by former Congressman, Alan West. In total, what they are saying was that a significant amount of our government were absolute traitors to the Republic.

What was to be a coronation of a modern-day Stalin, by the election of Hillary Clinton, was briefly interrupted by a freak of nature, as the people of the United States defied the mainstream media and all other political pressure by electing Donald Trump. This was the "Hail Mary" of all time. Like a submarine at war, the Deep State was previously rigged for "silent running" so their existence would not alert and alarm a sleeping American public. However, beneath the scenes, America was no longer governed by publicly known and elected officials. The ongoing and growing bureaucracy, controlled elected officials. Many were compromised at very interesting events that took place as scandalous inaugural events and the happenings, and implied happenings were used to control votes on key isssues (see the Franklin Scandal). Then there were the insider trading deals followed by mysterious "dark money" given to political campaigns for private gain. This explains how CHICOM ally, Senator Diane Feinstein and her husband, could come into the Senate as millionaires, but will leave as multi-billionaires. It explains how Mad Maxine Waters from So Cal Dome, can live in the most expensive house in her congressional district on a public servants salary of approximately $170,000 per year. Our legislative branch has become the biggest and most profitable whore house in the world!!! Do you have free healthcare for life? No, but the prostitutes on Hill do. Do you have a lifetime pension that is guaranteed by government, forever and a day, no you don't, but they do. And Congress tells us to follow the 15 day mandatory social distancing policies, while they congregate in small places to cast their votes on a giveaway to many special interests with your money. Who are they fooling?

Trump was to save America, make it great again. However, when Trump was inaugurated, it was already too late. The patient in declining health, the United States of America, had stage four cancer. Attention America, your civil liberties, your very Constitution is on life-support. Congress is bought off in a corrupt campaign system and through rampant insider-trading. The Supreme Court knows just how far they can go. Even Justice Roberts could not and did not stand up to the illegal and unconstitutional requirement that Obamacare should become mandatory! Our entire government is under the spell of the Deep State. And who is the Deep State? They serve the globalist bankers. Ultimately, their purpose is to destroy American populism and replace it with a modern-day, globalist form of Bolshevik communism, where the state rules all. This has already been accomplished through the virus mitigation. We now see businesses being divided up in government approved essential businesses and government disapproved non-essential businesses which can no longer stay in business. Trump wants these businesses to open up by Easter but he is being shouted down by the very people who have overthrown this government, the CDC, the State Department, or as Trump recently told us, the Deep State Department.  

The whims of the so-called New World Order are being carried out by the radicalized Democratic Party, where they have never seen a private property, an earned wage or a civil liberty that they have liked. 

You might ask, where's the proof for such a bold statement? Simply take a look at local containment policies in response to the Covid-19 threat. In Democratic Party controlled cities they have closed gun stores and liquor stores, while Pelosi pushes for an expansion of federally funded baby-murdering abortions as she fights to keep all abortion clinics open as "essential businesses".   Criminals are being freed from prison, while law-abiding citizens are imprisoned in their homes. Meanwhile, the actions of closing liquor and gun stores begs the question, "What the hell do nitrates and alcohol have to do with the virus?" They don't but they have everything to do with establishing an unconstitutional control over the American people and their property interests while the common people, in the words of Marie Antoinette, are "eating cake". On that note, will we see a French (counter) Revolution come to our shores? Not likely, as No Child Left Behind and Obama's "Communist Core" have left us with a nation that barely survive in order to get to Friday, much less be able to decipher the events of the day in any kind of historical context. In the last three weeks, America has had its country stolen from it, its job base destroyed, right to travel curtailed, even drinking a Corona beer is in question, much less target shoot, or dare to protect one's home and have any say in their future fate--which is utterly destroyed. Right now, America is the second most repressive government in the world, next to the CHICOMS. Food riots are coming and we will see a CHICOM response from bureaucracies controlled by the Deep State. 

For awhile, Trump was seemingly able to stop the spread of the cancer we call the Democratic Party which are nothing but communists in drag. The economy, under Trump, immediately improved because Trump reveresed the effects of the free trade (traitor) agreements. We became energy independent under Trump. For working Latinos, African-Americans and women, Trump was the best President ever, economically speaking, that these three groups of American stakeholders had ever seen. Despite baseless accusastions from the communist left of being racist, this President became the best leader for ALL the people that this nation had ever seen as well. In effect, he is the best civil rights President in history. He reduced food stamps, welfare and empowered inner city youth with job training programs. In three years, this President restored dignity and self-respect to people that have been under the spell of the Democratic Party for the last several decades. However, all the social, economic and political progress made by this President in the last three years has been wiped out in three weeks by our reaction to the Coronaviruses. How bad will it get? I am predicting 50% unemployment as the Deep State minions led by Fauci, who has, in writing professed romantic love notes, from afar to Hillary Clinton. Talk about no accounting for taste. It could be expected that Fauci would disagree with Trump on containment protocols, but all disagreements should have been handled in private as Fauci is an at-will employee of the President. Trump should throw this bum out on his ___.  However, Fauci flaunts his disrespect for the President and does so in public in complete disrespect for the authority of the President. This is illustrative of the revolution being led by the extreme left against, not just Trump, but all of America. 

The outcome of the Coronavirus will be that the whole of America is being bought and paid for by the so-called elite. This morning America awakened to a nation where they sold their freedom for a $1200 stimulus check. The Deep State now has complete control over your finances, property, health and freedom. They now control your food and transportation as well as your ability to pay your bills and put a roof over your family's head. The last time the takeover of a society was so great, was during the establishment of feudalism. And would you care to guess what role you will play in this post-modern neo-feudalism society? You are a serf and your children are now condemned to the life of a serf. Not to worry, many of them will not live long lives, as we still chemtrail the skies, consume GMO's and are brains are being lit up by 5G. Can you say, GAME OVER, or will you say SMITH AND WESSON in Jeffersonian style? Franklin warned us what would happen if we ever traded liberty for security. Jefferson warned us what would happen if we gave up our rights, particularly the Second Amendment.

If I trusted our leaders to only impose unconstitutional restrictions until the virus was under control, I would comply. But who could ever trust these institutions that are corrupt and behave as modern day brothels? I amnot saying this virus is not readl, but with this criminal leadership, we'd be better off risking catching the virus, than sacrificing our liberties because a lot fewer of us would end up dying. In the words of Eric Holder, "Never let a good crisis go to waste". Welcome to the new normal my fellow comrades.