The President of El Salvador Was Correct: World War III Has Begun


Two days ago, I was sitting on my porch talking to one of my neighbors. The discussion was not about the coronavirus, it was about war and defending our area. We are relatively remote, more than 6 miles off the beaten path and our access road does not have an outlet. Most of our neighbors, because we are 20 miles away from the nearest grocery store, shop in bulk. Therefore, most people, out of necessity and geography are well stocked and everyone I know is well-armed.

Our discussion centered around two things: (1) How to deal with unprepared neighbors; and, (2) World War III.   We discussed in detail the fact that if the CHICOMS come to our spread-out and rural neighborhood, it is a fight to the death because neither side can afford to take prisoners.

The obvious question is: How do we know war is coming? Because I grew up and around military bases and through my extensive conversations with my father and later, with experts, I have become sensitized to the signs of war. Here are a couple of anecdotal examples derived from personal observations.

  1. The people west of Luke AFB, last Sunday, reported anywhere from 50-100 major troops carrier helicopters landing late at night. There could be as many 1500 to 3000 troops at Luke. They are there to defend the base. Why? Because Arizona is on the southern border, we are in what will be the next battlefield. Why were these troops brought in late at night? Simple, to avoid alerting the masses.
  2. When I was on the porch on my neighbor and we were discussing community defense, we watched the F-35’s fly overhead and their massive engines interrupted and delayed our conversations. The air traffic, in the past 3 weeks has increased by at least five-fold and there has a been a distinct change in how often they are flying and how they are flying. Eight miles away from house, the F-16’s, then the F-35’s fly directly over my house on their way to an ILS instrument approach over an abandoned auxiliary field called AUX One. The flights are single file and only occur, intermittently over small span of time. Three weeks ago, the planes started flying around 8AM until after dark, which they are not supposed to be doing. How they fly has dramatically changed. As my neighbor was sitting on my porch, one single plane flew over my house. I told my neighbor, that 8 minutes later, we would see 2 planes in the next air lane, several miles to the north. Right on time, the pair of F-35’s appeared. I told him the 8 minutes later 4 planes would appear in the next land, followed by 1 plane in the most outer of the lanes. The single planes were flying ILS. The next lane was a strafing run. The next lane was practice for a missile run on a ground target and the outer lane was another ILS. It is the same pattern, day after day. Why am I sensitized to this? Because, the last time we went into Iraq, I saw the same pattern with F-16’s as this was in advance of operationalizing the F-35. We are in war mode, at least as far as training is concerned.
  3. I have a multitude of videos showing massive movement of armor into the Southwest.
  4. I have a multitude of communications from personnel who are part of the mobilization. Although one call-up does not tell the entire story, dozens paint the picture of war.
  5. Ex-Pats in both Central and South America are warning of massive importation of CHICOM civilians and military construction projects.

Here is the video, I prepared yesterday morning warning that we are in war mode in the United States.  


One would refer to my observation as being on the micro level. Mike Adams, less than one hour apart from my publishing the above video wrote an article in which he detailed three distinct reasons why he believes we are going to war. They are summarized below from Mike Adams article:

Sign #1) President Trump activating one million military reservists with medical skills to treat battlefield injuries. Details of this order are found in the EO text at

Sign #2) The Pentagon ordering high-level staffers into deep underground bunkers in Colorado. This was announced by NORAD and NORTHCOM in a Facebook town hall meeting. Obviously, you don’t order military staffers into a 2,000-foot deep bunker just because of a virus.

Sign #3) Secretary of State Pompeo just ordered all Americans living overseas to return to the US “immediately.” The cover story for this is that the coronavirus is collapsing international flights. But that alone would not justify all Americans returning from living overseas, since many Americans would just hunker down where they’re living. But Pompeo wants all Americans to return immediately, which is the kind of thing you do before a war breaks out (with China, most likely). Via The UK Independent:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Americans abroad who still wish to return to the United States to do so “immediately,” saying commercial and government-chartered flights could soon cease amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Donald Trump’s top diplomat urged any Americans abroad who want to get back to US soil to contact the American embassy in the country where they currently are to begin making plans “immediately” to get a flight back to the States.

That’s because Pompeo doesn’t want to end up negotiating for the release of American prisoners being held by the communist Chinese regime

There is some overlap in our reporting, but basically, Mike Adams is presenting the organization protocols with preparing for war on a macro level. I am reporting on a single point-in-time micro level regarding one base and its changing protocols which indicate they are training for an immediate and imminent engagement.

There is more….


General Terrence J. O'Shaughnessy, USAF, has exited Peterson AFB, in Colorado Springs, and has set up shop inside of NORAD. This accomplishes two objectives. First, the commander is removed from being the victim of a widespread coup attempt, that could be launched against the President and his top military commanders, in which I fully expect to be launched in advance of a CHICOM attack upon the United States. Second, the leader of NORTHCOM is better protected when actual war breaks out. The Coronavirus is the cover for this move, however, being on a war-footing is the real reason.

Also, this email just came to me from Colorado Springs' Ft. Carson:

I just received notice from Department of Veterans Affairs that all contruction projects have been asked to halt on Fort Carson and will be notified at a later date when we can return. We are building the new National CTC training facility and they are escorting our workers off the base today as we speak. Something is ramping up big time. I have done alot of projects on Fort Carson and seen alot of crazy equipment.  But I have never seen anything like this before. They staging alot of stuff everywhere on base. Just creepy.

Admiral Fuller, the Commander of SOUTHCOM, has disappeared. I have been told that he is in an undisclosed location, and you guessed it, underground. Did you know that Fuller and O’Shaughnessy are actually first cousins and are both considered to be very loyal to President Trump, which puts a Multinational Deep State bullseye on both of their backs.

El Salvador

Everyone knows that El Salvador’s new government is sporting a new alliance with Trump. I have seen tweets from the President of El Salvador which says “World War III” has begun. This was accompanied by a video of American military equipment being sent to El Salvador’s borders to assist in their defense for they will surely be invaded because of their alliance with Trump. Additionally, the CSS has learned in the early morning hours, that members of SOUTHCOM, have been dispatched to El Salvador.

I contend that this is why we are in lockdown in ways that make no sense (eg no jogging, no golf, no tennis, etc.), as these activities have nothing to do with the virus.

Tomorrow, I will explore the multi-national attacks upon the leadership of China, America and Russia. Macron and Trudeau are on board with this tyranny. Merkel is not and she has the virus and one of her top finance ministers was murdered, presumably for their opposition to what is coming.

While the stores still have food and basic supplies, I strongly suggest that everyone stock up, because very soon, everything is going to be in short supply.


Finally, it is safe to say that the Deep State is on the move and is threatening the combined leadership of China, America and Russia. The three nations have been thwarted in forming an alliance. Last year, Macron spoke about this. There is strong speculation that the President of China is no longer calling the shots in his country. In other words, there is no one to negotiate with if this true and war is inevitable.