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Save Lives From CV-19 by NOT Surfing! Deploy More Cops to the Beaches



A Los Angeles man was arrested at a First Point Malibu for ignoring orders from local lifeguards to exit the water after Los Angeles county had closed beaches in response to the Corona Virus pandemic.
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       He probably just lost his job and landlord is gonna evict him for not paying rent, free food and rent in jail

    • The world is safer from the Coronavirus because the LA County Sheriffs are on the scene protecting the fish from the virus. Please note that the Sheriffs were not practicing safe social distancing!!!  Of course, this is incident took place in a Democratic Count

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but as you pointed out it is a clue of some of the things that life under socialism/ communism would be like. So, in the end watching this makes me feel really sick to my stomach. A spiritual ache in my stomach! God help us, make it possible Lord to defeat these monsters! SELAH!


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