It Took Just 60 Days With the Complicity of the Deep State and a MSM Over-Hyped Virus to Destroy the Most Powerful Empire In History


I have not even interviewed this person yet and I have already been profoundly impacted by her words. She formerly worked for FEMA and she is a research machine as I have been riveted to their video productions. I am speaking about Celeste Solum.

I recently called Celeste and what was only to be an invitation to appear on my radio show, became an intense review of many major challenges facing the American people. This interview will be public on Wednesday. I am tasked with the challenge of focusing in on the “important topics” and there are so many….. I have my work cut out for me in this area. I want to share with you what my greatest fear is as we proceed through this crisis, embellished or real, and I want to begin with how Celeste and myself finished our initial conversation.

As we processed just a few of the major challenges, all of which could spell doom for our country, Celeste made a series of observations regarding President Trump’s White House CV-19 briefing on Monday, April 6, 2020. First, there was no Presidential emblem on the podium. This is unheard of when the President speaks, especially in an election year when he could capitalize on being the incumbent. Secondly, my spirit was crushed when the President and his entourage kept repeating the phrase, “This is a military operation”.  There can be little question what the administration is telling the American people. We are in the beginning stages of full-blown martial law. Before I develop this thought on a deeper and more telling scale, I want to relate an answer to a question that I asked Celeste at this point:

  • Hodges: With regard to the lack of the Presidential seal on the podium and the announcement that this is a military operation, do you think we will ever get back to normal where we are free to return to work and play?
  • Celeste: I don’t think so.
  • Hodges: Is this an international martial law?
  • Celeste: I fear the involvement of China….
  • Hodges: I fear the blue helmets worn by the Chinese in this operation.
  • Celeste then reemphasized what she just stated.

After hearing Celeste’s answers, my heart sunk to a depth I have never experienced because I realized that I had gathered enough information on my own that I should be in complete agreement with Celeste. However, I’m a fighter by nature. With all humility, I was raised in the martial arts and was part of a group that taught self-defense strategies to ladies groups, businesses and individuals. I was also a college athlete and coached in college for several years. I love competition and love demolishing satanic evil in my recent work. My fighting spirit was tested in the biggest challenge I ever faced when, sixteen years ago, and for the next eight years, I helped lead a group of average, everyday Americans in a fight for our very properties against the evil John McCain and his Satanic banker confederates and we eventually won. During that time, my house was fired upon (8 shots) with my family and extended family in the house as I was interviewing the late Jim Marrs along with Annie De Riso. After a series of critical radio interviews about what the McCain forces were doing to us, I was pursued on a lonely country highway after coaching a college game and barely got away by making it to a fire station where I got help and the 911 tapes were destroyed so I could not pursue justice. I am proud to say that with the help of the Lord, I never blinked. At least I never blinked until now. I have never feared anyone in my life and have always maintained an optimistic attitude that we can defeat any challenge, particularly when we invoke the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. However, despite my remaining bravado, after this conversation with Celeste, I know, from an intellectual level all the way to a spiritual level, that she is correct in that our challenges are severe and very real and the continuance of our nation is in jeopardy like it never has been before. My position is clear in that all of us are in extreme danger and the odds are stacked against us.

My newfound pessimism is mitigated, somewhat, by the fact that I have to remember, that my small and rural community with only 300 families defeated the forces of John McCain and in the Bible we know that David killed an imposing Goliath. Miracles happen, and often God will place the right people in the midst of our struggles at the right time, and that happened for my community in our fight against McCain’s tyranny. However, it is going to take a Christ-centered resistance with the help of the supernatural powers of the Holy Spirit to overcome what has been brought to our country and I do not see a widespread revival at this time and I am left to hope and pray for something that feels like a long shot.

If we Americans are left to our own resolve, we Americans will witness the biggest purge in the history of the planet as the Deagel Report will prove prophetic as it states that 83% of will not survive by the year 2025 and one of Obama’s colleagues predicts on his site, America 2050, we will be herded into “stack and pack” communities. And this site makes it clear that they intend to only have 65 million in these 11 stack and pack communities. Presently, we have over 330 million people in our country. Do the math, and I again, I submit that we are in deep trouble as we as a nation lack the collective resolve, the toughness, or the resilience to win against the forces that have come against us.

Please allow me to better define our challenges. We have been the victims of a multi-strain, multifaceted attack on our nation that has left our economy and national spirit at an all-time low. Given that Brazil and Sweden are living life with normalcy and the COVID-19 death curve is nearly identical, speaks that we should be resisting and we are not. America is cowering in the corner while the Deep State thugs, from Gates to Fauci, have done what the Brits, the Germans (2 times), the Japanese, the Communist Chinese and the Soviets were unable to do…they have conquered America in less than 60 days. How many of you will cross the line into the camps prepared for you and me because we have not prepared and are unwilling to resist?  America, conquered by an over-hyped virus and embellished by the Deep State and their underlings in the mainstream media.

I am interviewing Celeste Solum today. The interview will be available tomorrow on Wednesday. How many Americans will have the courage to listen to that interview. I can just smell the cognitive dissonance oozing out of every pore of the many and those that lack courage and faith in Jesus.

It took 60 days for the Deep State and their MSM minions to destroy the most powerful empire in history. The Deep State is now in mop up mode. With 50% unemployment looming and our economy in ruins, can anyone see a way out of this. Here comes the digital currency, RFID tracking, vaccine monitoring by the mark of the beast, her comes what some are saying is the beginning of the end for humanity in the present age. Is Biblical prophecy being played out?

Celeste Solum will be appearing at the virtual GEN SIX conference in May. Click here for details.