The Five Point Plan Which Rescues America From Our Present "New Normal" Planned Demise-- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges


America's economy is in shambles. America’s mental health is in steep decline with dramatic increases in suicide, spousal abuse and substance abuse. The Constitution lies in ruin. America cannot survive under these conditions. Americans cannot survive under these conditions. AND THIS IS ALL BEING DONE BY DESIGN. 

President Trump has allowed himself to be surrounded by a dozen traitors to the Republic who have demonstrative allegiances to forces which are behind these abuses of our healthcare and our civil liberties. America is a nation that is undergoing an internal war resulting in a coup. Trump is a participant in his own demise. His COVID-19 team has demonstrable financial ties to the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. The most notorious example include Fausi who is on the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Gates owns the COVID-19 team and we know that Gates is dedicated to the overthrow of the US government and the establishment of a New World Order regime. It is not an exaggeration to state that everyone of the COVID-19 team is directly or indirectly a prostitute for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their junion partner, Eli Lilly!

Americans have no rights and the civil liberty abuses are far worse in Democratic run societies where people are undergoing forced medical treatment after one patient was told they were not under arrest and the patient asked for a lawyer. An attorney told me that this was aggravated assault and kidnapping, but these kinds of behaviors permeate in the so-called “Blue cities.” The Democrats, at the local and state level are engaged in behaviors that are intended on punishing the masses with the hope that the resulting anger will be blamed on Trump at the polls this November. Why would these Bolsheviks engage in such treasonous behavior? Because they know that they cannot win an election with their communist approach to our nation’s problems. Further, Americans don’t like the Soviet gulags that four of Bernie Sanders staff members endorsed for Trump supporters during the campaign.

Along the lines related the context of these issues, I recently interviewed Mike Adams. Mike’s research is the best I have seen with regard to the COVID-19 virus. Mike is already banned from Facebook and Youtube. He was just recently banned from Twitter by a despot who wants Universal Basic Income (UBI). This is where you are paid for not working. This approach is indicative of the belief that the Democrats NEVER intend on returning America to normal. UBI is simply the fattening up of humans in anticipation of ridding the elite of this depreciating asset, called the common man, and these abuses are all being  prior to fully ushering in the age of Transhumanism. In laymans terms, we call this depopulation. And don't forget this is all a prelude leading into forced vaccinations with unproven and dangerous BILL GATES vaccines all in the name of saving America from the bioweapon from Wuhan, COVID-19.  I call it profiting on the depopulation program. At the center of it all, is Bill Gates, who has replaced the late David Rockefeller as Public Enemy #1..... 

In the course of our interview, Mike Adams presents a detailed 5 point plan which would basically eradicate the virus while returning America to normal. No wonder the New World Order wants to silence Mike Adams. Well, Mike is not censored here.  


The Mike Adams and Dave Hodges interview can be accessed at this link